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1/3: I.N.G.S.O.C. w/ Joshua Abraham

1/3: I.N.G.S.O.C. w/ Joshua AbrahamWhen you decides world events aren’t spontaneous, you swallow the bitter pill of realizing that past idealistic views of what moral excellence consists of becomes a subjective blow to your faith. The frightening thing is that the revelations are not producing enough outrage or shock. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes Joshua Abraham to open the book on ‘I.N.G.S.O.C.: International Globalist Significantly Obvious Conspiracy‘!



Please elaborate on the pope being a war criminal. what is the evidence?


The evidence is in his past being involved in the Argentinian dirty war check it out you prolly won’t find much in american articles you will have to do some investigative work yourself but its there I looked to because I wasn’t certain. He supported the dictator in there country openly and even had some of his own priests killed by ratting them out because they didn’t support the regime. He was never charged him even tho the Argentinians wanted to it got all swept under the rug for political reasons. That’s how he is a war criminal

Lisa Ponto Alisea

Former Cardinal and Pope-elect “Francis I”, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is accused of helping kidnap opponents of Argentina’s military junta during the 1970′s “Dirty War”, and of baby trafficking, by lawyers and members of the Plaza de Mayo human rights group. (Los Angeles Times, April 17, 2005, “Argentine Cardinal Named in Kidnapping Lawsuit

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