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1/31: Evil Quarantined w/ Cris Putnam

1/31: Evil Quarantined w/ Cris Putnam (Photo © Chris Florio -’s been a bizarre week of remarkable events that are happening all around us as the mainstream media has found a way to sneak in reports of paranormal activities. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes Cris Putnam back to the show to deal with a little unfinished business on ‘Evil Quarantined‘!



I wanna vomit all over Louis Holder!


putnam is wrong about the horn or trumpet sounds in the sky. They cannot be a war in the heavans between the Devil with the fallen angels and Thr good angels which would imply Angel Michael and his angels. Putnsm refers to Revelation Chapter12. HE OUGHT TO READ JUST PRIOR TO CHAPTER 12 WHERE THE BIBLE TALKS Of ISRAEL UNDER SEIGE FOR 42 MONTHS. THIS EVENT HAS TO HAPPEN BEFORE THE WAR IN HEAVEN. my wife heard those trumpet sounds on 4 ocassions on lake Champlain, Plattsburgh NY in summer of 2012. I wrote the newspaper then and the said they had no reports of this. The newcomers to the sounds are a liar.


Not necessarily.

While I agree that Putnam is mistaken about the trumpet sounds (he’s making a baseless asumption) your order of events is skewed.

Pay close attention to Revelation 10:11 where John is told, “you must prophesy AGAIN about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings”

The Greek word for “again” is palin meaning “again” or “once more”.

While Revelation is indeed an orderly account for the most part, there are, however, parenthetical portions that provide extra detail. Chapters 10, 11, and 12 are John GOING BACK in time and filling in some of the details which are as follows:

Satan and his angels are cast down (Revelation 12:9).

Seeing that he has been cast down to earth, Satan turns his sites on Israel as the Church has been Raptured by this point (Revelation 12:1-5; 13).

God protects the natural Israelites, giving them refuge in the wilderness (Revelation 12:6).

The Lord even saves them from a tsunami summoned by Satan in an attempt to quash them (Revelation 12:15,16).

Foiled, Satan prepares to make war against Israel (Revelation 12:17)…

Which leads us to the beginning of chapter 13 where he resurrects his bastard son Antichrist from the sea (Mediterranean).


Oh, I almost forgot…

The Jews that hide in the wilderness for
1,260 days are not the same as the ones who flee Jerusalem when the
Abomination of Desolation is set up.

Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24
was for those in Judea–Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. (“… Then
let them who are in Judea flee into the mountains…”)

The Jews of Revelation 12 that hide FIRST in the wilderness will be from other regions–Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, etc.

Judea is where the third temple is going to be built and where the daily sacrifices will be reinstated.

Judeans would obviously have to stick around for a while to set up this
up before the Antichrist rolls thru the city to put an end to them,
declare himself god in the temple, set up the AOD, etc. (Daniel 8:12-13;


Man you seem to know your stuff. I wouldn’t mind doing a bible study with someone like you. I had a hard time keeping up with everything you said. You seemed to school Chris Putnam tho on bible facts about revelations I didn’t know.

Perfect Tommy

Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, there’s a lot of false teachings out there regarding End Times.

Understandably, since Jesus Himself told Daniel, “Danny, I’m going to seal up your BOOK until the time of the end when knowledge shall be INCREASED” (Daniel 12:4, 9).

In other words, people are only going to BEGIN to understand this stuff as we approach the end.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of objectivity, folks have a hard time letting go of out-dated teachings, such as a revived Roman Empire, or a 7-Year Peace Treaty (both are 100 year-old myths), or worse yet, let their own viewpoints–which are often conspiratorial viewpoints–shape their teachings.

Reading comprehension also pays an important role… that’s how the little (but important) details are most often overlooked.

In any case, we definitely need a fresh perspective on End Times prophecy. and a Bible study sounds like a damn good idea.

If you have any ideas on where to meet online or how to set one up I’m all ears.


The best way I Think is thru Skype or maybe Facebook. But ya I agree whole heartily that there has been a lot of myth and man made bible prophecys. I’ve always been one to search out those uncomfortable topics that would make pastors mouth drop. Mostly because they don’t wanna make a bold claim on scripture. It does say in the last days that knowledge will increase. What a exciting time to be alive to see prophecy revealed.


Thanks. The folks of true faith are indeed out there spreading the Good News.

I don’t have Skype, but the Facebook thing sounds like it might be a good idea. In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and set up a blog and will be posting stuff there:

Just trying to think of what to post first. There’s so much stuff, I don’t even know where to begin!


take the entire book of revelations break it down so people can understand use single word searches to find its passages and have a link to a study bible so they can make double sure what you have posted is factually correct from the Aramaic,Greek, and Hebrew translations.let’s squeeze all the knowledge we can out of the word . I like the set up to the blog. You should address the false prophecys to and address the extra biblical prophecies. Because there are a lot of people out there that are Christians that fall for or making the right cases for why they could be true. I’m looking forward to read your posts brother keep it up.


Brother I wouldn’t mind facing the end with you. Gives me hope that there are will people of true faith out there.

Cris D Putnam

Actually Gary Stearman at Prophecy in news has written several articles about the sounds a angelic warfare. You might want to check those out before being so sure of yourselves, I really don’t know but I think it is a possibility given other events.


I read it…. more speculation (shrugs).

Look, I’m not denying the possibility that the loud boom that woke somebody from their afternoon nap in Colorado could be the archangel Michael putting the boot to the ass of Satan.

However, let’s not jump the gun here. There could be any number of explanations as well.

Speculation and conspiracizing has, unfortunately, become fashionable in this day and age. We tend to lose sight of objectivity when we want to believe something so badly: take the recent fake snow debacle everybody is up in arms over:

As it turns out, the snow anomaly ain’t due to chemtrails or some evil gubmint plot, it’s just plain and simple sublimation, man.

Back to the loud noises, I CAN say for certainty that they are neither the Trump of God (Thess 4:16) nor are they the Tribulation trumpets.

The latter bring judgements, the likes of which mankind has never seen before.

The former brings blessings upon the Church, “setting them apart” as with the first time God’s Trumpet blew (Exodus 19). In a word, when it blows that final time, we will be Raptured out of here.

Since the angels’ trumpets bring unprecedented judgements and the Rapture is preceded by at least ten days’ worth of supernatural signs (Revelation 2:10; 6:12-17), rest assured these won’t be missed or mistaken for anything else when the time comes.

BTW, kudos for Stearman for seemingly knowing the difference between the Trump of God and the Tribulation trumpets (particularly the 7th trumpet).

Most prophecy blowhards royally screw that up.

Cris D Putnam

There is nothing in the text that implies the angelic war is precisely after 1260 days you are assuming that and we have no idea how long the war might last 100 days or maybe it has been ongoing for the last 2000 years. There is no time table given for the war in heaven and there could be all sorts of events in between. Gary Stearman at Prophecy in the News has written several articles about the sounds a angelic warfare. You might want to check those out before being so sure of yourselves, I really don’t know but I think it is a possibility given other events.

Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis 1-31-2014 — Logos Apologia

[…] talked to Clyde Friday night about the many astonishingly demonic stories appearing in the news […]


The idea that a great evil is leashed or unleashed is a belief.
There has always been bad on the earth plane and
there has always been a force for Good.

Physics has proved through lab observations that human thoughts interact
with living cells and our human reality is interactive with our belief systems.
if we think things will get worse, then we bring that energy to our collective experience.

As Clyde and Mr Putnam expose the incident of satanic possession, I did not hear them mention the remarkable story this week of a young girl surviving a skydiving accident. This was a Remarkable story as well.

Why when it’s a good story it is a miracle and it gets side-lined and
when it is bad it is paranormal and gets lots of oohs and aaahs?

How about equal time for something Good and a show asking if Good has been unleashed?
Would anyone believe it? Would anyone bother to listen? is there any evidence?

The Holy Bible gets interpreted differently by everyone. There is more than one Bible and lots of different churches because people interpret the Bible according to
their particular faith. My mamma told me, ” Honey they were coming around talking about the world ending when I was a young country girl”. She told me that folks were talking of the END before WWII . And it didn’t happen either. But lots of people wanted to belief the world was going to end. They lived their lives kind of depressed she said.

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