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Evil Quarantined


While this week has been a bizarre week for reporting remarkable events that are happening around us there is something that has been bugging me and it may sound a little silly to bring it up after all I have said about the mainstream media.

Lately I have noticed that the mainstream media has somehow found a way to sneak in reports of paranormal activities, mainly those that show man’s inhumanity to man and how it appears that the plague of evil has been quarantined to planet earth and that there is no way to avoid it.

I received a call first thing this morning when I arrived in the office from a man who wanted to tell me that he had to tell me that he and his family can relate to the latest report of what happened to the Latoya Ammons family and how something has opened a pit or “portal to hell”.

This poor man had been plagued with various panic attacks and problems as he was of the opinion that a relative of his had been showing signs of possession. He told me that he had written it off as some psychological problem and that he was seeking help from both doctors and his church leaders.

He told me that, while he did not have to endure any kind of demonic contact, he wondered if anyone else was experiencing the shock of realizing that things that were once dismissed as mental illness or deficiency is – in reality – the soul rebelling against a toxic and spiritually chaotic environment.

When I asked him where he thought this evil was coming from, he gave me a surprising answer. He told me that everywhere we hear in conversations the axiom “playing god” and how man should not wander into that territory, but what about the possibility that man also has the ability to “play the devil.”

I never thought of that before. The entire idea of anyone “playing the devil” intrigued me because I really don’t think anyone has ever thought about man playing in the realms of some satanic science. That is if there really is any satanic science to be discovered.

Whenever we hear of the elite wanting to take control of nature or wanting to redesign it, we always call it “playing god,” but would it not be in the best interests of balancing the equation by somehow claiming that there seems to be a conspiracy to also “play the devil” where a powerful group of people can unleash some sort of virus or plague where we begin to see people participating in what can be called undesirable human behavior?

We can build all sorts of viruses that can attack humans on a cellular level, what if there is some magic bullet; some red or blue pill offered that will lift the veil and uncover the profane monsters that have been hidden.

When it was announced that an organized theft took place where a vial of the Pope John Paul II blood was taken it was immediately assumed by Italian authorities that a satanic group was involved at that the papal blood would be used in some sort of satanic ritual.

The question is why?

When Pope Francis released peace doves from his balcony and they were attacked and devoured by crows, onlookers felt that what they were seeing was evil devouring good and that peace was about to be taken from the earth.

It is also interesting to note that Pope Francis made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. This is something that some Catholics see as cringe worthy and some critics are saying that the magazine literally bashes Pope Benedict XVI. They are also a bit worried over the Pope being on the cover of a magazine that represents sex, drugs and rock and roll.
Now we can say that the Pope and Marilyn Manson have something in common, they have both graced the cover of Rolling Stone.

There also seems to be talk about how Pope Francis has abandoned many of the tenants of the church in favor of an all encompassing faith that is inclusive. Some are saying that this is blasphemy and that a satanic influence has its grip on the papacy.

Francis is also being criticized for reintroducing the “bent cross” as he uses it while he officiates. There are many people that see the bent cross pastoral staff as a broken cross and a symbol that a satanic power has once again infiltrated the church hierarchy.
As the Catholic Pundit Wannabe blog says: “Storms of controversy have always swirled around the staff’s design. Some critics of the staff are disturbed by how the corpus, the figure of Christ, is distorted and how the crossbar of the cross is bent. Some believe that the distortions are appropriately expressive of the intense weight…that Christ bore on the Cross, while others believe that the distortions and what they call the “bent cross” are Satanic in origin and intent.

The writhing body of the dying Christ has always been a horrific and the more distorted and horrific the image becomes the more people tend to think that it is a satanic reminder of a dead savior and does nothing to promote Jesus as a redeemer and a bulwark against the plague of evil.

It is important to point out that it seems that all of the old symbols, vestments and rituals are losing their power, or they are being seen as ineffective weapons in the war against evil.

This week we heard on the major networks about Latoya Ammons and three children who claimed to be possessed by demons. The mainstream media reports that a 9 year-old boy was seen walking backward up a wall in the presence of a case worker and hospital nurse.

Now I know that not everyone is inclined to believe such a story, but as I said at the beginning of the year, all things that were once hidden will be uncovered. I was however not at all thinking that it would be revealed on the major news networks. I also wanted to know why this was news, when there have been many claims of demon possession elsewhere and they always wind up on specialty shows dealing with paranormal or supernatural claims.

Legitimacy, it seems, comes from authority. There is an 800 page dossier on the case and we have nurses, social workers, police officers and clergy willing to go on the record and say that the Ammons family lived in a home that was a conduit to hell.

When Police Captain Charles Austin appeared on our show, he was not at all ready to say that demons were running the show; however, there was a tremendous amount of ‘Scooby Doo’-like intrigue regarding unexplainable activity and what he felt was a direct line to something diabolical. (Ed. note: Jump to 25 minute mark for interview)

The medical and police personnel said they saw incredibly strange things that could not be explained. Of course the family and those around them, being Christians were able to interpret this ordeal as possibly the working of discarnate malevolent intelligences.

Now, it was either demons, or someone playing the devil.

The happy ending of the meddling kids in the Mystery Machine, pulling the mask off of the perpetrator pretending to be a demon did not happen.

However, what did happen gets lost in the sensationalism of the demon’s spell. The claims of paranormal activity were met with DCS intervention, a string of psychological evaluations, a police investigation and, ultimately, a series of exorcisms.

Are we beginning to see a time where reports of a demonic presence would be something common, and not exceptional?

It used to be that getting cancer was the exception, now it is common for everyone. Is this now applicable to demonic possession or harassment?

This is a very important thing to discuss, especially when you realize that the Catholic Church generally has acted as a force of skepticism towards demonic possession. I know we have all seen the movie ‘The Exorcist’ and several other movies that always depict Catholic priests as supernatural firefighters, just waiting for the call to show up and put out the fires of hell whenever a person is throwing up pea soup.

The truth is the Church has been very selective in who they decide to deprogram and who they want to cure of the demonic sickness. They actually discourage exorcisms rather that encourage them.

With all that is happening, one has to ask if this policy is going to change?

Even in the time of Christ, there were people casting out demons by various means, such as the use of sacred items, certain words or prayers, or utilizing the demons’ name.

Jesus never said that these techniques or experiences were false, only that his followers would cast out demons in his name. This method was so successful that some of the other exorcists began to utilize his name as another arrow in their quiver despite not being followers of him.

I have always been told that the name of Jesus is a cure all for every demonic pestilence, I probably sound sacrilegious when I challenge that notion. However, I have an effective analogy to explain why I say this.

We know that most antibiotics are effective in clearing up most infections. However, there are some infections that are resistant to antibiotics. So, while Jesus seems to be the best antibiotic to wipe out demonic infections, there are some demons out there that don’t seem to respond to that “old time religious remedy.”

I believe that it is unwise to actually explain away all demonic experiences with Christian bias. I know why we do it, and that is because some people don’t know better. However the demonic reality extends beyond that of Christian dogma and it needs to be pointed out that demons from other cultures may not even know of the super antibiotic qualities of Jesus and will go on plaguing people.

Would it be too much to say that perhaps a djinn could be cast out of a human being while using the name of Allah? Many Christians would not know what to do if confronted by a demon like Abyzou, Bali Raj or Ravana. “Who you gonna call” when you think that you are confronting the Prince of Darkness, and it turns out you are in contact with a demon that is vacationing from Africa?

We always hear of diseases traveling across the Atlantic and influenza ready to travel to the United States from China. Are demonic possessions just exclusively brought on by a close personal relationship with Satan or is there something deeper happening?

I pointed out in several shows prior to the announcement of the Ammond family possession that two thirds of Americans have some belief in the paranormal and on average Americans hold at least two paranormal ideas to be true. However it seems that socially, a secular skepticism is expressed where people who secretly have some sort of paranormal story to tell, hide from it for fear of ridicule.

In some ways it parallels the same attitudes people have about certain diseases like cancer, hepatitis or HIV. There are many unfounded beliefs about these diseases as there are unfounded and outrageous claims about paranormal activity, especially when demons are in the discussion.

I reported in the article ‘Paranomalies‘ that the majority of Americans have paranormal ideas and beliefs. This would mean that the non-believers are the minority.

I can even go as far as to say that some form of paranormal beliefs is expressed in practically every culture around the world. Paranormal encounters are recorded in every culture throughout history. Different cultures found different ways to interact with the spirit world, whether speaking to deceased ancestors, divining the future through familiar spirits, or casting out demons.

Demons, like diseases, left the human form and would attempt to enter into other life forms.

The Jewish perspective can approach the subject of the paranormal or supernatural as just part of the human experience. Rather than giving a supernatural blueprint for the spirit world and then declaring all other interpretations as false, they assume that the existence of the spirit world is real. However, they point out how some other cultures interact with that realm and cautions people that “you are forbidden to do these things”.

So if certain practitioners have the keys to lock the gates of hell, who is responsible for unlocking them – and why?

This again brings me back to the idea that we all seem to be anxious to declare that mankind “should not play God” and yet we do not identify who or what is “playing the Devil.”

There is an effort out there to downplay the supernatural because perhaps people think that any kind of demon unleashing or even attack would negate the idea that “God is in control of everything”.

Perhaps we can say that the secularists and the educated can say it is all mass hysteria and the religious can have their demons. That does not change the fact that things out of the ordinary happen and must be investigated.

We can take a look at various paranormal events that have spawned religions and while many see them as spiritual miracles others see them as Satanic.

The Koran claims that Muhammad took a night journey to Heaven on a horse called Barack to speak with God and the prophets. Eleven witnesses claim that they saw the golden plates that Mormon prophet Joseph claimed were given to him from an angel.

The events are controversial to mainstream Christianity and yet both events have been the foundation for successful religions. They both have a supernatural element that can be seen as either sacred or profane.

Even within Islam, Mormonism, mainstream Christianity and Judaism there is the diseased form of the supernatural that can be called demonic. This bridges all of the human experience, even if you don’t believe in magical horses or golden plates.

I know that the skeptics may think that those who know of the demonic disease that has been quarantined to earth is directly connected to some ad man with horns that shows up on canned meat, but it is much deeper than that.

I find it somewhat insulting to think that the logical thinking person or the so-called critical thinker sees evil as something that can be personified by some bearded, leotard-clad devil with a pitchfork. It just goes to show you that the demons convincing you that they do not exist have plenty of useful idiots out there to spread the word that it is all hysteria.

Being agnostic or even atheistic about demonic causality is suspiciously naive in my opinion.


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In all my experience as a non-clerical, albeit Christian exorcist working with a team of dedicated individuals, we have never experienced a failure in 25 endeavors utilizing the name of Jesus Christ. In two cases we encountered two demons with names unknown to us, even with follow up research. If we encountered a djinn, I would be equally confident that it would succumb to the name of Christ Jesus or God. Any demonic being originally created by the One True God would be just as susceptible, even if inevitably more problematic to deal with. I would face anything outside the paradigm of my Creator with equal faith but possibly greater fear, as would most of the intrepid souls I have worked with. The faith of all of us is constantly tested, and I make these statements with true humility in memory of the indescribable spiritual struggles that have confronted us before. Please remember us in your prayers, as well as those souls caught in the thralls of possession. Thank you, Clyde Lewis, for your courage and intellectual curiousity, in confronting the Evil One and his works.


the doves were not devoured….


You drive me crazy! I’ve been listening to you for a while now, and you have such an interesting show, guest, opinions, worldview, etc. But I don’t understand how someone who says he has as many puzzle pieces as anyone else come up with conclusions like, maybe Jesus doesn’t have authority over certain “strains” of demons. If the Word was God and Jesus is the Word, and God was the creator of everything, how could he not have dominion over them? Jesus isn’t a regional supervisor! I wish you had broached the subject with Chris Putnam. I would have loved to have heard your response. Yet, I get the feeling that you are in contact with him perhaps more than just for interviews, and maybe the two of you have discussed Jesus. I dunno. Would you be offended if I asked if it’s okay that I pray for your eyes to be opened or for you to feel his calling you? I wish you all the best and love your show.

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