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2/3: Triquetra

2/3: TriquetraWatch any good symbols last night? If you saw the ceremony, the message is quite clear as to what we are up against in 2014. Whatever takes place will cause significant changes in religious and political cycles. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis unveils the ‘Triquetra: We Must Prepare For His Coming‘!



I didn’t really see any messages I could be wrong. The only thing that seemed occultic in nature was the children in a circle holding hands and the last line saying prepare and in the background in red letters it said prepare.

Gordon Clark

I’ve noticed that children are used more often in public service announcements that borderline thought control. Telling us how to think and act. Kinda creepy.
Also with regard to the Maserati commercial, their symbol is a trident.


Clyde you are so off base with your statement that you don’t need to be born again. Being born again isn’t something that people or groups came up with it. God himself told us that we must be born again to enter into the kingdom of god.


I’ll remember when I am in heaven to keep quiet when I pass the born agains– that way they won’t have to figure out that they are not the only one’s up there.


Is Jesus alone SUFFICIENT to save?


Jesus alone is sufficient. Salvation is by grace.


Watch April folks OKC April, Waco TX April, Columbine April, Boston Bombing April it might be the Month they let loose with another Crisis.


John 14:6

6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


Clyde, you are right–messages of “prepare” were everywhere, as well as rituals and symbols of the fight of good vs. evil, just like the Grammys. Bewildering game, but did you see the post-game player interviews? After that I understood what I had seen–the message that there will be a big battle ahead, but that good will triumph in the end. Not that Peyton Manning and Broncos are evil (I like them), and Russell Wilson and Seahawks are all good–but the score and game results were clearly a metaphor, just as you said, as well as the numbers, symbols, and even commercials were. Manning: Broncos (dark horse connection you mentioned before the game), famous, epitomizing worldly success and values, power, top of game (a Gothiath symbol?) vs. Wilson: Seahawks (fishing birds), young, thought to be too small, inexperienced, unlikely to prevail (a David symbol?).

But Wilson described the results as a “blessing”; he and another player gave “all the glory to God” during interviews–completely opposite of worshiping self, sensuality, or “the dark side”. Result: masterful victory from start to finish. Of course, this is looking at it metaphorically; on a human level it certainly helps to be very young, physically imposing, and superbly trained, as apparently the Seahawks were. But the outcome was by no means certain; such a strange scoring game surely must have been the result of intangible influences as well.


The Giants spoke of in the superbowl commercial makes me think of the Nephilum spoke of in the Bible in Genesis before Noah and the Ark. They were described as giants.

Carol renshaw and I have had time to think about last nite’s program. At first I thought. you had really gone off the deep end but reconsidered. My thoughts are : the music, entertainment and sports industries are pretty much sold out to satan’s control. They are so bold anymore, how can people not see who and what they are. Sadly, my own loved ones do not want to see the truth. Your program has emphasized the need to me to pray continually for those we care about because the days are probably short. An after thought– I do not like the way many use your program to pontificate either.


Clyde, please help me! Help me vomit!


Clyde… I think you are right that things will not be as obvious as we expect. We have been slip sliding our way into the end days and most people haven’t even noticed. Who in their right mind would follow the anti-christ knowingly. Most people would reject him outright. In my opinion, the anti-christ will be a movement, a state of mind – narcissism, sociopathy, etc, an ‘I want what I want’ mentality with no regard for what is right or wrong, good or evil. At that point, no one will see anything wrong, they will accept the anti-christ willingly and lovingly. To them, he will be normal.

Our minds are being brainwashed. Music is no longer about love or happiness, it’s about money, power and sex. Vampires, werewolves and demons are no longer something to be feared. Now they are objects of desire and admiration, someone with whom to have a relationship or even a child and with drugs like Krokodil, the walking dead is becoming a reality. Instead or running from these things, they are doing Zombie Walks, Vampire rituals and who knows what else.

Forget the Illuminati. This is Luciferian all the way. He is the one standing at the very top of the triangle and everyone else is just a bit player, each with his own agenda, but feeding into the devils ultimate plan. The horrifying thought is that he is destined to lose and the only purpose to any of this is to take as many people as he can with him to hell.

Keep spreading the message! Those who have eyes will see and those you have ears will hear.

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