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Triquetra: We Must Prepare For His Coming


A few days ago, there were many publications that were concerned about the witchy overtones of Katy Perry’s ritualistic performance of “Dark Horse” during the Grammys. While it would be easy enough to claim that only conspiracy fringe groups were seeing an Illuminati ritual, there were several other trade magazines and music critics that were concerned that her performance had something sinister behind it.

While in the past there have been ritualistic performances provided by other stars and singers, it was Perry’s “Dark Horse” imagery that sparked speculation from all sorts of venues.

After the performance, there were speculations about what would happen at the Super Bowl because, over the years, there have been strange performances at the big game that gave much fodder for symbologists to try and decode. I was skeptical as to how someone like Bruno Mars would pull off some ritualistic performance at the Super Bowl and believe me there were e-mails from many listeners expecting me to give some sort of revelation about the performance. (Ed. note: Due to copyright issues, the following video may not be available. Try searching here.)

I must say that compared to Katy Perry, Bruno Mars was quite tame. His performance was flashy and thin, however there were a few things that need to be pointed out that were appropriately strange.

Many people were so caught up into his performance that they probably did not notice that just before he took the stage, there were children standing on the stage singing a chorus from one of his songs as the word “PREPARE” flashed on the screen along with an American flag dissolving into static. I was at a Super Bowl party in Washington state and many of the guests there had looked over and said to me “What does that mean?” They were curious as to what “PREPARE” meant.

I was also curious as to why those words were flashed on the screen. Then I remembered that they were part of the lyrics to Mars’ hit song “Billionaire.” In the chorus it says, “A different city every night, I swear the world better prepare for when I’m a billionaire.

NAME-Of-GOD-500x496It was just peculiar to see only the word “PREPARE” flash off and on before his performance. Then I saw something that truly had me curious and that is in the middle of the lighting I saw what appeared to be a black triangle.

Now many conspiracy watchdogs would say “there is the illuminati symbolism” and I would say that if you are quick to use that as proof, you are missing an even deeper meaning to what it is. It was not a symbol of the pyramid, but an even more terrifying symbol. It was the symbol of the tetragrammaton, the ancient symbol for the unnameable god of wrath.

It can also be seen as the sacred triangle or the magical triangle of Solomon, the key of three and the triune symbolism found in the Tetragrammaton, Primeumaton, and Anaphaxeton. Which can also be seen as a representation of the symbol believed to belong to the angel of War, the archangel Michael. The angelic divided in the 3 names of M-Cha- and EL – Elohim. Before his arrival he is heralded by the sound of the trumps that are blown to signify the war with the dragon.

Michael the Archangel of war is supreme commander in the Army of God. Is it a coincidence that the symbolism of Michael the Archangel is similar to the zodiac’s Aries the Ram or Mars the Bringer of war?

Bruno MARS uses the symbol of the unnamable god of wrath and flashes the word prepare on the screen. The tetragrammaton is the symbol that appears at the gates of heaven and symbolizes the purification and blood atonement.

marsBruno Mars also was singing the song “Locked Out of Heaven” another coincidence as he flashes the symbol that is believed to be the sign of wrath, the symbol on the gates of heaven and the mark of the warrior angel.

This angel of war is prophesied to fight the dragon, Ouroboros; which is the fictional interpretation of and eclipsed sun or moon.

The Ouroboros is a dragon that eats his tail and if he releases his tail the end of the world shall come to pass. Michael is the angel that participates in a great war in heaven and his sword will crush the head of the dragon.

Now, I know that all of this can be dismissed as nonsense and that I am reading far too much into a performance by someone like Bruno Mars, but is it all a coincidence?

The commercials that aired during the big game point to the compelling argument that it was not a coincidence, but that it was a message about how we should be prepared for something that will change us and that we will be forced to retaliate.

For example, one of the commercials that was voted the worst was the ad campaign for Maserati Ghibli. The commercial opened with a huge tidal wave, and then cut to a scene of a tornado. A child is heard saying “The world is full of giants, they have always been here.” There are more scenes of fire and disaster as the young child says that the giants are everywhere hidden in school yards and alleys. The rest of the commercial sounds like it has been taken from the writings of Sun Tzu’ a Chinese military general whose quotes can be found in the book “Art of War“. The little girl in the ad says “We walk out of the shadows, quietly walk out of the dark and strike!” We then see a car speed and hear the roar of its engine. Then we see the words flash on the screen “We have prepared, now we strike.

In the book of Genesis, it is written that the giants came from the union of the sons of God and the daughters of men. These were the mighty men of ancient lore, the famous ones. These giants were known as the Nephilim the offspring of human women and the fallen angels. These giants were seen as cannibalistic warriors and an abomination to god. They allegedly lived in the times of Noah, which, of course, was another ad that was shown previewing the new film that stars Russell Crowe.

There was another commercial for another film that also warned us to prepare and that was for our own extinction. The new film “Transformers: Age of Extinction” showed Mark Wahlberg fighting a war between man and machine. At one point there is seen a large, mechanical (imagine?) dragon and the words “Prepare for Extinction.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier” ad did not help, especially with the speech from Robert Redford saying that sometimes building a better world means you have to tear the old one down.

The cherry on the top of this “Prepare for what is to come”-theme is the scene of the New York skyline with clouds parting to reveal an eclipse of the sun saying “He is here.” This was a preview for the new television miniseries called “The Strain“. Once again, an eclipse is sign and a symbol of the dragon or antichrist. While the series will be based on the story of a disease or worm that turns people into cannibalistic vampires, the preview hints at a demonic force and ends with the showing of the symbol known as the triquetra or trinity knot.

strain symbolAs points out: “The international symbol for biological hazard features the Triquetra with a circle within a circle.” While the probability of the symbol showing up in the preview for “The Strain” is because the book and the series will deal with a biological strain that changes people into cannibalistic vampires. The coincidence of the symbolism of the eclipse or black sun, a symbol of the dragon or Antichrist, with “He is here,” leads me to believe that we are to prepare for the coming of the antichrist.

While many people say that the Triquetra shares many of the same attributes as the Tetragrammaton, it needs to be said that this symbol has been known to represent the trinity inverted, the satanic trinity, or the eye of Odin. Many people have seen this symbol as it is on some copies of the King James Bible.

The Triquetra symbol is like the ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity; however, the symbol has been used as a triune symbol of the profane inverted trinity, the devil, the false prophet and the antichrist. Within the symbol can be found three sixes.

It is the stylized symbol of the equilateral triangle. The equilateral triangle is 666. Each angle equals 60, 3 6s. 360 is 36, all the numbers from 1-36 added up equal 666. 666 is the triangle of 36. The side of the equilateral Triangle formed by 666 is 36. 36 is the square of 6. 666 is therefore the union of the triangle and the square.

The symbol has been designed and redesigned for logos and trademarks with the hidden 666.

The Triquetra symbolism is also featured from different angles in the logos for the Trilateral Commission, CERN and has also been used as the symbol for the television show about witchcraft called “Charmed”. It has also been seen on Led Zeppelin albums and is even a symbol that has been adopted by Jay Z.

The symbol is also seen in tarot decks as the crosier or staff of the Hierophant or Pope.

The Hierophant is a symbol for a world that follows the imperial cult. While he most certainly looks like the Pope, he is the high priest or leader in an occult secret society. He represents the secret societal intellectual tradition of illumination, which according to many Christians is the exact definition of the false prophet.

The Hierophant while being the high priest of Illumination is also linked to apostasy. He can represent gullibility. He is the fallen shepherd who leads the flock into a new belief and gathers the flock that is disenchanted with old views. He represents the organization of Gnostic and pagan beliefs and sells them as religious dogma.

MadonnaThe symbol of the Triquetra was also seem prominently in the stained glass backdrop during the Grammy performance where Queen Latifah, Madonna and Macklemore conducted a mass wedding ceremony with 33 couples, both heterosexual and homosexual.

A disguised interlocked trio of sixes, symbolic of the Antichrist, dragons, eclipses and the words “Prepare” all stand out as a meme that was being brought forth in the entire Super Bowl presentation.

All culminating with a singer whose name is a representation of the god of war and performing with the seal of the unnamed God of wrath behind him.

I think the message is quite clear as to what we are up against in 2014.

The message that is frightening for most Christians is that what is being revealed is that the new religious thought is based in illuminist and, in some ways, Luciferian dogma. Man is now the counterpart of God on earth; as God is man’s counterpart in heaven. The numeric 666 and the triune inverted trinity must be watched and that we must aware and prepare for a war.

Whatever takes place in the future will make significant changes in religious and political cycles.


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[…] Watch any good symbols last night? If you saw the ceremony, the message is quite clear as to what we are up against in 2014. Whatever takes place will cause significant changes in religious and political cycles. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis unveils the ‘Triquetra: We Must Prepare For His Coming‘! […]

Annie Mountain

I truly believe that the Arch angels ate God’s hitmen. Your overview on the messages contained in symbols and words last night cannot be mistaken for far-fetched drivel. Instead, those who are carefully considering all that has occurred up til now, can see we better get “prayed up”.

Edmond Day

Jeus H Christ died for US & open heaven to all. One ‘man’. Tese freaks by the legion are trying to bring US hell.



Thanks for the interesting article on the Triquetra.
However, I have one correction: this symbol was NEVER displayed on the King James Bible (the true Word of God) to my knowledge. That would have been totally unacceptable to all of folks who have revered The Book over many generations. You are referring to the so-called New King James Version, one of the many corrupt New Age “bibles” that have popped up recently, this one in an obvious attempt to undermine the King James Bible. The only connection between the two is in name only. By the way, the triquetra displayed is actually upside down or in the occult (satanic) posture just as it appears on many occult or satanic publications. Why is that? Only after a great outcry of condemnation from many denominations it was finally deleted in later versions of the NKJV, starting in 1982, I believe. Of course, the use of any image like this depicting the Trinity or anything else in heaven is a direct violation of Commandment 4 (Exodus 20: 4).
Appreciate your time. May God bless you.


Even a drunk understands the simplicity of the truth and living your life with “NOTHING” to fear but fear itself.



Annie has it right. Praying up seems to be the solution to all this. Only God will be able to deal with this kind of stuff. I find it kind of amusing to hear the only solutions to apocalyptic doom being bandied about, are based on things we can do for ourselves. This approach seems to be a little on the short side of an unfinished bridge to nowhere, considering the circumstances.
What will it take to get many people COLLECTIVELY on our knees praying for help, as did the Children of Israel in their time of distress ? Is it DISTRESS ITSELF ? I think so. There seems to be no way around jumping from the path of the train because we seem to be focused on enjoying talking about it slamming into us. Maybe once it hits us, we will gain a different perspective on self deprivation and decide on a DIFFERENT approach…One that may actually PRODUCE some Positive Results.

Triquetra II: Loosed From His Prison | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] The international symbol for biological hazard features the Triquetra with a circle within a circle. While the probability of the symbol showing up in the preview for “The Strain” is because the book and the series will deal with a biological strain that changes people into cannibalistic vampires. The coincidence of the symbolism of the eclipse or black sun, a symbol of the dragon or Antichrist, with “He is here,” leads me to believe that we are to prepare for the coming of the antichrist. […]

Triquetra II: Loosed From His Prison

[…] The international symbol for biological hazard features the Triquetra with a circle within a circle. While the probability of the symbol showing up in the preview for “The Strain” is because the book and the series will deal with a biological strain that changes people into cannibalistic vampires. The coincidence of the symbolism of the eclipse or black sun, a symbol of the dragon or Antichrist, with “He is here,” leads me to believe that we are to prepare for the coming of the antichrist. […]

LP rulez

unconditional love is the only way ppl no fear if you believe in god with all your heart and you r aware whats goin on on this earth you have nothing to worry about we r going to go trough two deaths on this earth spiritual death and the physical death of the body spiritual death is worse because we r spiritual beings just like god is bless u all


I’m confused, do you guys actually think a dragon is going to fight an angel because a pop singer had a black triangle on stage at the Super Bowl?

gs dubs

its bigger



I wanted to add an additional point to the topic of Giants (GENESIS 6:4). According to the Book of Enoch (who God took – GEN 5:24) their (Giants/Raphaim/Nephilim) spirits were “Locked out of Heaven” (More on Bruno Mars – see below) and sentenced to wander the Earth (Demons) until Judgment Day. These Demons from the Giants are what she is referencing when she says “The World is full of Giants. They have always been here…..lumbering thru the school yards……back alleys” – it is thru humans that they communicate. It is them speaking when they say “We have prepared. Now (WE) strike!!!” The Demons are preparing for war.

To verify this we can go to the name of Bruno Mars. Mars is the god of war. Bruno means Brown.

“What can brown do for you?” At the site above Mr. Schlenker has one of the most thorough studies on-line regarding the role of Sodomy and the practice of Demonic installation. The military utilizes this thru the MKULTRA program that President Clinton apologized for here:

Ex: The Movie The Borne Identity series…..

In secret societies such as the Masons/Shriners/Skull & Bones (Among many others) they refer to it as “The Tie that Binds” much more on that here:


to further add credence to this evil ……out comes the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS singing “Give it away” describing the act of Demonizing someone with the song “What I got, gotta get, put it in you!”

We live in a world full of Giants. And as Jesus said “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of man.” MT ch 24

Those who are oblivious to the hidden realms, doubters, and the feeble minded will pretty much “[email protected] their pants” when the 5th Dimension, VERY SOON, becomes manifest on the Earth. That is what 12.21.12 was all about. The beginning of the Age of Aquarius where the 5th dimension appears. Who sang the 60’s song “Age of Aquarius”? That’s correct. “The Fifth Dimension”. If this is all new to any of you. Hey, I’m not going to preach to you but there is only one name that will protect you from what is coming ……..yes, Jesus Christ! OK, I preached. Sorry. It is what it is.

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” LUKE 21:26

We were warned in the Bible and now the Demons have put us on notice. Now, the question is: What are you going to do about it?

Peace – Out

Apple Valley, MN


I saw the triquetra while doing yard work two days ago…I was cutting string for the weed eater and setting it in a pile on the ground and it made an inverted triquetra..I didn’t know what the symbol was, but I knew it was familiar so I researched it tonight..then today my friend pointed out in my car that it was 6:00 and 66 degrees outside..could this have some significance of some sort?

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