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I, Humanaut


I have been told by many people that I remind them of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. There have been many people who had suggested that if I ever get to a point where someone wanted to make a film about my life, Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have been the perfect actor to play me. I guess that is one of the reasons why I have been so sidelined by his death of a heroin overdose.

What has been even more insidious is the insensitive comments I have seen on the internet about him being nothing more than some fat junkie who was selfish. I really don’t want to dwell too much on the cruelty of others with regard to addiction and how many people don’t understand it, but I do want to address the exploration of humanity and how human behavior has seemingly developed a death wish.

It even goes deeper than that.

It isn’t enough to have a death wish; it is the process of working through pain that gets us to a point of surrender that can be hideous to witness.

I once knew a very beautiful woman who sang in a local band in Utah. She had beautiful red hair and had the perfect body and soul. She had a delightful personality. I was shocked to hear that she was in an automobile accident and needed back surgery. For years, she complained of pain.

She would say to me that the doctor’s had cut back on her pain remedies. Then as if by magic her pained face changed and she looked as if she had healed. What I didn’t know was that she was doing heroin. Little by little the face that looked relieved began to sag and the body began to look as if it was transforming. By the time her band mates, friends and others were noticing it was too late. Her china-like skin had turned to sores, where she would inject herself and her body became weak.

There were so many people I knew that dropped everything to care for her. She eventually died at 27.

She was not selfish. She was not horrible or demanding. She did not tell anyone that she was in pain. She just appeared to have generated into something that did not appear fully human.

It was through desperation that the person surrenders to the transmogrification and does not realize that they are changing before they die.

Trauma, pain and desperation can push the human spirit into doing things that aren’t necessarily good for it. It doesn’t make the person bad it makes them human.

We have been living in times of social turbulence and have been softened up for future shock. Every trauma we experience on grand scale causes this softened and pliable state. We can experience trauma and pain on a personal level and then on top of that we are facing things like shortages of food and water, economic and financial collapse, spiritual loss, and various attacks on our way of life because of war or acts of terror.

If these types of obstacles become too numerous of if they intensify, it is possible to see the entire society fall into a state of mass psychosis. If we are sensing the transmogrification of our country or if we are witnessing it then it won’t be long before we will no longer decry the police state, but welcome it as a necessary evil to combat an even greater monster that we have created. It will be a monster that we can hold responsible for our pain and suffering.

There are many people now that see the police state as the drug to remedy the ills of an out of control society.

The public morale would eventually break down and human consciousness would slide into paranoid ruin. The public would become agitated and confused because the paradigm would constantly be shifting and the rules of the game would be undefined.

Now the people who are caught up into the confusion could be compared to a drug addict whose use of what is thought to be a “necessary evil” is in reality the tool that was provided to slowly whittle away their humanity and the need to be free.

The destructive group dynamic has been used to keep people confused as to where they stand. The media shows us images of actors that are propped up to give us a standard illusion of living that an average people can never achieve. Throughout our existence places of employment, religious institutions and governments all seem to vacillate between levying harsh disciplinary measures, and then they tell us that better treatment awaits if we just do what we are told.

This form of psychological warfare has worked for a long time. Even within the matrix that the controllers have constructed, there always seems to be contradictory information being delivered by a heavily controlled fourth estate.

This type of psychological warfare is known to eventually trigger several memes and actually reprograms inner core beliefs about how we feel about ourselves. Every day we all have to deal with inner conflict and we find ourselves in situations where in our personal lives we pray for faith and guidance, an in our social circles we are forced to be more socially agnostic. It pushes and pulls on us both psychologically and physiologically. We are seeing in many social situations people in certain groups that accept a lower moral standards and leaders like Presidents and Senators make decisions with no moral or emotional entanglements. It is at this point where we see the human being, a once emotional, spiritual and moral creature become more like an amoral animal or machine.

Ever since the United States experienced mass trauma with the advent of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many Americans have been caught in the middle of what can be called a transitory state. The transition from one form of government to another one has been gradual. It has happened so slowly that many people are still under the impression that freedom is still part of the equation in the United States. The words freedom and liberty, and the idea of manifest destiny are still used to mesmerize us with the myth of America.

However, the transitory state of affairs in this country has not been pointed out by the media. It has been pointed out in worldwide social discourse on the internet. It has been demonstrated in the various tweets and postings in blogs from people all over the world that are seeing transition and reporting many times that it is happening.

Those who are in denial of the transition and the transmogrification of the United States and the entire world can be compared to drug addicts that have gotten so used to the high that they are not realizing that their bodies are being ravaged and rendered into something different.

The addict may look like they are okay, but that is some false sense of self-image, an image where the parameters have changed and yet it is rationalized that everything is okay.

The United States is becoming addicted to war and technology. This is not by accident and soon we will all have to deal with the pros and cons of transhumanism.

In the winter of 2001, many of our most revered politicians were telling us that the attacks on American soil have changed us and that we were going to see an “age of transitions.” This so called transitory age included a plan for full spectrum control and the marriage of nanotechnologies, transgenics, biology, data, information and cognitive technologies.

This opened the dialogue for new technologies that can be used for war, the need for the national surveillance apparatus, breakthroughs in aerospace tech, computer tech, advanced medicine, genetics, bioengineering and social sciences.

This transition can be seen as a new renascence where mankind is on the verge of becoming more than the sum of his parts.

In a time where the elite have embraced the “Flawed World Theory,” the solution that is being laid before us is a future where technology gives us strength and enables dominance in a world that has been softened up to accept a militarized and war-like lifestyle. With technology we will be sold on the idea that it will enable us to have power over others regardless of what it may mean to humanity. It will mean that we will no longer have to compensate for weakness.

Technology is the drug that promises invincibility and the elite controllers behind the scenes will be the drug dealers. All moral conflicts will be tranquilized, all weakness strengthened and all pain neutralized.

All of these Promethean plans are not far from being implemented. The only thing needed is another method of intensifying trauma to soften the public into accepting the inevitability of transhumanism.

The time is short and the race is on to reverse engineer the brain and like astronauts that explore space, scientist become humanauts where they plant their individual flags into the cerebral cortex. Nevertheless, few people are aware of what is coming, and others are taking up the typical arguments that God will see to it that none of this happens.

However, as I pointed out earlier, the softening-up period has already been underway and the age of transitions is happening as we speak. We have all been programmed to accept the inevitability of power and dominance as a solution to a world where it seems mankind has become savage.

We have been sold on the quick fix of tyranny to put terror to rest. We have already been sold on the idea that a utopia needs security and now we are ready to hear that immortality is for those who are willing to save themselves by changing themselves biologically, even to the point of allowing technology to improve on what a perfect God made flawed and imperfect.

Technology is the gateway drug to transhumanism.


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