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2/24: Radio Activities

2/24: Radio ActivitiesAs we noted last Friday, U.S. intel agents monitor all kinds of strange broadcasts that are produced. When Homeland Security says that they’re hearing chatter about terror threats, all they’re really hearing is a number station sending off random numbers that may – or may not be – the code numbers for a new war. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis is tuned into ‘Radio Activities‘!



Channel 4 TV Hijack Leeds

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2008
A video tape of a television hijack
that took place last year during a Channel 4 broadcast of ‘Man to Man
with Dean Learner’. The signal was hijack and a series of bizarre images
was shown before normal transmission was resumed. It was similar to the
Max Headroom and Midnight Cowboy hijacks of the late ’80s


I shazamed it on my Droid and it identified it as a song by Nocturnal addiction “Brain driver”. There are similar sounds in the song.This transmission is deliberate in it’s composition. It also appears to loop. Has anyone seen the movie “The signal”?

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