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3/5: New Clear Picture

3/5: New Clear PictureThe media now decries Russian interference in a part of a country right on its border and why? Did the predictive programming of the 1980’s train us to buy the lies from our warhawks? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis tunes you into a ‘New Clear Picture: As Seen On TV‘!



I live in vancouver washingtion and the other night about 3am I went to sleep on the couch and as I lay there almost asleep I heard a sound in the distance coming closer and closer louder , it reminded me a a jet plan turbo wind like noise , well not like a jet but like the turbon winding wind noise , so I looked out side didnt see anything .it lasted about 10sec.then about 4 minits after that I smellt something weird like a fuel of somt in the air. Anyway, the noise was so loud I almost ran in the bedroom to wake up my husband.

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