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3/18: Children’s Hour

3/18: Children's HourOur society needs no more to ignore these problems of our future generations! What society are we growing up in, if we are unable to stop our children from being desensitized to violence? Today more than ever, children are becoming less scared of the everyday violent images they see on television or the Internet…” Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes you to ‘The Children’s Hour‘!


Lisa Wilson

Thank you Clyde. I enjoy your show so much. I appreciate your insight and wisdom! You have really expanded my world, and given me much food for thought.

Ralph Monroe

The “Lich” told me

“Jesus saves, Allah protects, and Cthulhu thinks you’d make a nice sandwich.”


When the world around me goes to hell I want to be desensitized to violence so I can still function. The anchient Spartans were exposed to violence on a daily basis and they were one of the toughest nations on the planet. Sorry, but when the second holocaust kicks off, I want to be ready to fight it on my feet rather than on my knees.

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