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3/25: Deus Ex Computatrum

3/25: Deus Ex ComputatrumWe are closer now to getting computers to think like humans, at least this is what we are being told. It would not be too far of a stretch to have one think like a God – or even one that becomes self-aware and assumes the role of God. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis unveils the ‘Deus Ex Computatrum‘!



You might get a kick out of Yes’ “Machine Messiah” on their “Drama” album.


OK so what if we are the avatars I can fix a machine I understand or have my computer repaired so now juxtapose that to Jesus healing the I’ll he and his father understand these machines (omg gods a mechanic and were sims)


Idk if Clyde has done a show on Russia and this conspiracy/coverup of a biological outbreak that supposedly happened there that turned people into mindless eating and killing animals like zombies. I would love to hear if he talked on the topic I’m somewhat new to body reanimation but I guess its possible to with animals that the soviets tested on. Anyways does anyone know where I could find more info on this topic?I’m facinated with it I didn’t think it was possible.

Paul Halton

Great show!

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