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Bearing Bitter Fruit


It can be well argued that great American pastime is stating our various ideological conflicts. We are now in a situation where we are constantly in conflict over of what America should be, what it was, and what we truly are now. The condition of our country now is most definitely critical and yet there is only one thing that we can all agree on. There is one bipartisan issue where both the right and left can agree:

The government is wielding too much power.

However, rather than focusing on this one issue, the ideological battles continue between the conservative right and the liberal left. Both sides claim to be living in the same country, both pledge allegiance to the same flag, and both should understand that all of this is made possible by a foundation of law found in the same Constitution.

The problem begins with the fact that the two sides have been successfully divided by pundits using confirmation bias. Both sides have vastly different ideas on what the constitution means, they are fundamentally divided on issues pertaining to civil rights, privacy and justice.

These are the building blocks for what can be called a civil culture war, where discussions are heated, and the powerful surveillance and police state apparatus steps in to participate in government overreach, when citizens decide to rise up and declare their rights as they see them.

There is a war that is being waged now against Americans that still want to live the American dream, while being told that they have to be policed and jailed as a precaution against living in an American nightmare.

The United States – when it operates in a way that provides life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – has always professed that it has a moral center where all things revolve. It is argued what that center is. Many believe it is our faith in God, while others believe it is a mixture of both a belief in a creator and faith in a government that provides for the common defense of liberty and the general welfare of the people.

When the moral center is removed and there is no standard bearer to the law or to guarantees of security provided by faith and constitution, a deterioration into despotism becomes the norm and soon more and more citizens become victims of their own military and police forces.

The warning has gone out from the Ground Zero radio show about the overreach of government and how there will be a moment where we have to decide which side we are truly on. We now live in times where an overzealous police state is convincing Americans that potential threats need to be neutralized before they even happen, and what is even more insidious is that the media and the government has somehow convinced us that they have the power to profile a potential threat and then without a trial or due process eliminate that threat that they think is potentially dangerous.

In our world today we are being told that it is better to surrender privacy and that transparency is a state security threat. We also mistakenly believe that if the police are surrounding a suspect that he or she must be guilty. If the suspect decides to fight back or take a stand, it is punishable by death no matter who is right or wrong.

In the world today, the police state is always right and there are plenty of citizens that will support that notion.

Many years ago the idea of “just following orders” was never a good defense with regard to any criminal activity that has been ordered in a police or military situation. Now it is basically the only defense that benefits. It doesn’t benefit the victim, it benefits the government and it also benefits the police state.

The police state has created, on behalf of our President, a judicial execution list that is secretly used to kill perceived enemies of the state for the benefit of all. We are told that the list is limited only to terrorists an perceived or potential enemies of the state. However, the list continues to grow and more and more intriguing stories of brutality and needless killings of American citizens have now graced the mainstream news.

It used to be that talk show hosts and news programs could argue cases of police state overreach.

The problem now is that when there are arguments in favor of due process and police brutality, there is a up swell of complaint and commentary about liberal bias and a soft view on citizen criminality.

In the end, the critique becomes far too loud and the police state wins, the surveillance continues and the human rights violations go without being challenged.

Last night, Ground Zero reported on the developing story of a rancher named Cliven Bundy.

As Paul Joseph Watson writes: “A Ruby Ridge-style standoff is brewing in Nevada, where dozens of armed federal agents are closing in on cattle rancher Cliven Bundy over claims that Bundy has allowed his cows to graze illegally on government land, endangering a protected species of tortoise.

Cliven fears that protecting his ranch and his family will be his death warrant.

Bundy says that he is standing up for liberty and freedom as his 600,000 acre range is surrounded by marshals and staging areas for the media and protesters have been roped off by the police sort of a “free speech” zone.

Bundy is being accused of “violating a 1993 Bureau of Land Management ruling which changed grazing rights in order to protect the endangered desert tortoise.” Bundy has refused to pay his BLM fees because of the nebulous changing of the law.

The BLM and federal courts have ordered him to stop allowing his cattle to graze on the land located near Gold Butte, an area near the Nevada/Utah border.

As Ground Zero guest George Knapp reports for KLAS: “Bundy refused to go along and stopped paying his fees. Since then, the BLM and federal courts have ordered him to stop letting his cattle roam throughout Gold Butte, and he has ignored the orders because he does not recognize federal authority over the land.

In 1981, a similar case happened involving cattle rancher Byron Dale where 42 police officers arrived at his ranch to speak with him about some of his views about money and the Federal Reserve.

Dale was concerned about his fellow farmers and how they were getting deeper in debt and was investigating how farmers would work hard and yet were suffering and how other government agencies would bail out others and not his fellow ranchers.

The story was told here:

At 42, Byron Dale was, like most farmers and ranchers, working hard to build a future for his family. He had served on the school board, been active in Farm Bureau, had received the county’s ‘Outstanding Chairman’ award and been honored as an outstanding manager by his community. Byron’s records documented his outstanding management skills.

The family ranch had become a very efficient and productive operation with the help of Byron’s wife and sons. It was evident however, that Byron and his family were not getting the benefit of their efficiency and production. Many times, Byron had commented to his wife that if they’d gotten the benefit of all the interest they’d paid to the bank they’d be living like kings.

Byron understood that acquiring the tools needed to become productive and efficient required a lot of capital but he wondered how it could be that people like himself produced all the wealth but the banking system had all the money? He decided to write to the U. S. Treasury to get answers to some important questions like:

What is money?

How is money created?

How does new money get into circulation so that people can use it?

How does that affect our lives?

But Byron Dale’s problems were only beginning as a debt dispute then prompted an inspection of his farm.

The court records on show:

PCA [Production Credit Association] brought suit in state court on October 18, 1982, to enforce its inspection rights and alternatively for possession of the cattle should the inspection reveal a default. Dale was served with an order to show cause and a temporary restraining order. At the hearing, Dale defended by asserting his “payment-in-kind”1 note and PCA’s refusal to accept tender. The court ordered Dale to allow PCA officials onto his property.

On March 18, 1983, state officials including Governor Janklow, State Highway Patrol Director Baum, and Officer Murphy, devised a plan to draw Dale away from the ranch so that the order could be executed peacefully. Dale learned of the plan, however, and returned to the ranch. Governor Janklow then telephoned Dale and attempted to dissuade him from resisting. Dale insisted that he would defend his property with his life.

Director Baum and Officer Murphy arrived at the ranch to serve the court’s order and ensure the safety of the receiver in executing that order. At the time that Director Baum and Officer Murphy were present, Dale was armed. During the course of their conversation, Officer Murphy hit Dale with a catsup bottle and after a struggle Dale was subdued.

In other words, police officers then jumped on Dale and beat him almost to death.
Now as for Cliven Bundy, if the reports are correct the federal government has militarized internal police and heavily armed troops at the ready against a farmer, his wife and a few cow hands. There are also reports of militia groups that are now being dispatched that will have no problem having an armed conflict with the militarized police.

Twenty five of his neighbors have already been driven off their properties by armed federal police officers and he is literally the last man standing. He says that his ancestors have owned this land long before the BLM existed and the cows and the tortoises have been able to get along for a long time.

Not only does he see this as his last stand against tyranny he also sees it as liberty’s last stand.

This is the case of one farmer fighting the system. The system that bears the bitter fruit of the police state where the ideological divide has been created by pundits and a small group of bureaucrats in Washington DC.

Like columnist Charley Reese said, this bureaucracy consists of one president, nine Supreme Court justices, one hundred senators and 435 congressmen, that is a total 545 people that are in control of the men surrounding that ranch. There are 300 million people in this country that should demand that the overreach of government be stopped.

That is 300 million versus 545.

545 plus forty or more police officers, tactical units using high powered ordinance and MRAPS that I am sure are waiting to take a cattle ranch by force to protect a tortoise.

Isn’t this a sign that this has gone too far?

There are untold thousands of others employed to enforce the police state on a federal and local level. Several alphabet agencies report to the chosen 545 and do not question their motives. They only know that they are to arm and neutralize a perceived or potential crisis and to enforce an order that imposes civil rights violations across the board.

The CIA and the NSA, along with several highly private security and militarized security groups that do not answer to congress, use their unlimited budgets to wiretap, observe, search and seize property without due process.

They also kill perceived bad guys that are painted as guilty by the media without their day in court. Once again, the negation of due process is cheered on by those who observe without a court hearing or even a peep from a jury of the defendant’s peers.

The unfortunate thing about the typical American is that they are too comfortable with the idea that America is too big to fail. They believe that our very form of government is immune to collapsing into a different form. We as Americans SHOULD know full well when our government is teetering on the brink of socialism, communism, or even despotism. But we don’t. We believe that it just can’t happen here.

It already has happened here and it continues.

CNN has now reported that an autopsy report has been made public in the strange case of Miriam Carey, the woman that was chased through Washington D.C. and was eventually gunned down in front of her baby by police. The autopsy finally made public after six months shows that the 34 year old woman was not on any SSRI medication for mental illness as was reported, did not ram any White house gates, and was shot 5 times in the back after she stepped out of her car.

CNN says: “The office of the District of Columbia medical examiner said in the autopsy that one round struck Carey in the left side of the back of her head, and she was also hit three times in the back and once in her left arm. The report didn’t determine in what sequence Carey was hit. Toxicology tests determined Carey didn’t have alcohol or drugs in her blood… The family is suing the Department of Justice, the Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police for $75 million.

A lot of people want to continue their politics as usual without setting them aside so that they can understand that the rules of the game are changing at a rapid rate and that Barack Obama has chosen to play within the boundaries of a global agenda, an agenda that has been put into play by despots that have rendered your ability to have life liberty and the pursuit of happiness useless.


4/9: Bearing Bitter Fruit w/ Byron Dale and Robert Curtis | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] A lot of people want to continue their politics as usual without setting them aside so that they can understand that the rules of the game are changing at a rapid rate. Tonight, Clyde Lewis welcomes ranchers Byron Dale and Robert Curtis to the Ground Zero ranch that’s ‘Bearing Bitter Fruit‘! […]

Mistar Fyar

Americans are chickens…

Dan Shannon

Clyde’s fans are chickenshits.

Clyde Lewis

Dan Shannon — I wondered when you would crawl out of the ass crack of a circus clown and show up again… Your pusillanimous attitude has always been as entertaining as a triple bypass.. have you ever considered yawning in a rainstorm and drowning? I would applaud while watching this event. You are such a douche canoe.. I don’t express my hatred for anyone often but in your case I will put in writing my disgust that you are still breathing .. could you please figure out how to stop? I remember all of your “kind” words on the KXL site while I was suffering in the hospital and now you have the balls to post here. I know I am supposed to take the high road –but you are so low that the road that is higher would not even meet a cockroaches testicles. Don’t you ever insult my audience again — and tell your mom that the parental controls need a new password.

Dan Shannon

Well, thank you for revealing your deranged and pseudo-Christian (Satanic) personality, Mr. HOLDER, and using your college professor-esque half-dozen word vocabulary to try and hide your immeasurable psychosis and despicable con-artistry. I happily await the day that God drop-kicks your worm-infested whale turd of a soul into Hell’s lowermost and hottest flames, and I predict that that will happen in one of two ways: another (final) cancer relapse, or suicide. As for your radio host skills, you reveal every night why Art Bell is forever “the Master” and you’re just a bloated self-absorbed orangutan who manipulates your lapdog listeners with the most butt-kissing guests and laughable and delusional “theories” you can puke up in 3 hours. Tah-tah.


I wish for you what you wish for me… Please wish me dead again…and wish hard because the spell has been cast and you are not long for this world. My “psychosis” will bank on it.

Dan Shannon

I’m not in your “movies are reality” world, HOLDER. My world IS REALITY; I don’t need to substitute movie titles as metaphors for my life experiences, because I’m a rational and mature adult who is PROUD of what I’ve learned from life, pain and all, nor do I need to hide behind a fake name and sit in a cubicle with a microphone spewing drivel that doesn’t contribute one damn thing to the greatest country on earth, nor do I jump down the throats of those I disagree with or call them “asshats”. THAT is why I predict that God will take you out of this world quite soon with more tumors, because your attitude toward other humans is VERY MALIGNANT. End of discussion.


No Just you.

S.S. Fearless

What the Feds are doing to the Bundys in Nevada is no different than what the Taliban are doing to people in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Pay us tribute or your head will get cut off on youtube.”


Well you wanted “chime-ins” this situation with this rancher is atrocious, as is the mainstream media’s ignoring of the story. Was getting mad earlier today over the flight whichever soap opera, and how the media is still riding that story out for ratings, at the exspense of a good portion of the American public’s attention for important issues, and the expense of the families. Seems the media does that though picks several “big” stories a year, and let’s everything else go by the wayside.

The Police-State is out of control, no matter of “if left unchecked” left to it. They’re out of control and every American remotely paying attention ought not feel that safe even in their own homes from paramilitary raids, at often the wrong house, to on down the list. And the vast majority of issues to be concerned with aren’t out of common “criminals” but the “elected” criminals and other hired “public servants”….

It’s beyond outrage time, but an eye for an eye will leave us all literally blind. And when a good portion of America has a “personal lord & savior” who taught non violence, it’s not going to be easy to make things better. Then you factor in things like 70% of American’s are on pharmaceuticals, or “sorcery” as some nice prophetic book foretold….. Actually there’s are allot of crappy statistics that come into play and effect things.

Well, my two-cents, we’re in the middle of a sh!t-storm, and there isn’t an easy way out or quick fix, and the numbers/statistics on a lot of things say it’s going to be real difficult at best to make things better, probably getting allot worse first.

I don’t want to imagine a boot on the face of humanity forever, but it’s hard not to see it.

linda barnett

I hope that the careys get their 75 million dollars and live in luxury for the rest of their lives. Yeah, even if it is my taxpayer money, I am still
ok with it.

Scott D Armstrong Sr

Message to Police, Military, your American Oath’s

Please read,listen and share,
and ask other’s to share. Your life may depend upon it !

Subj: Fwd: American Oath’s

I will try to keep this short. There is a few attachment’s for
informational purpose’s.

I have concern’s from article’s I have read. Many claim’s are being made
that barack hussein obama “fact” has been firing high ranking U.S. Military
offices. Reason ? Because he is weeding out the officer’s that can not, and will
not give order’s to military troops to shoot American civilians. True , ?? I
dont know. Do I think it is possible ? YES, I do.

Now, I also have read, articles that barack hussein obama, is working on
police power’s for martial law to be imposed in

United Nations power’s are working to disarm
Americans, by using people from other Countries in the UN, they are more likely
to shoot an American, and if and when this happens, the local Police respond,
then martial law starts, and it’s a downward spiral, a very fast, and dangerous

My point is, all the attached Oaths, are taken to serve the Constitution of
the United States of America. “Not any one person” !

Even the office of the President, has to follow the Constitution. I know,
something broken there!


All Members of the U.S. Armed Forces,if ordered to shoot upon
Americans,this is an illegal order!

All Member’s of Federal,State,City, County,Town law enforcement, it is
against the law to follow illegal orders, and shoot Americans.


While your working in one location in America, and you have Family, loved
one’s , friend’s in another location, think about this, as your kicking in a
door, because obama said it was okay, at the same time, there could be another
agency kicking in the front door of someone you Love, and getting shot, by
following bad order’s!

No United Nations troops on American soil. No Martial law, unless the
Governor of a State, feel’s it need’s to be imposed.

No firing upon Americans, when they havent
broken any law’s, and do not cause a

barrack hussein obama, In my opinion, is ONE
of the Biggest problem America has to deal with, along with his cronies. obama
is the Problem!




Oath of
office of the President of the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The oath of office of the President of
the United States is an oath or affirmation required
by the United States
Constitution before the President begins the execution of the office. The
wording is specified in Article
Two, Section
One, Clause

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following
Oath or Affirmation:— “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully
execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my
Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United

Text of the Oaths of Office for Supreme Court Justices

Justices of the Supreme Court of the
United States are required to take two oaths before they may execute the duties
of their appointed office.

The Constitutional

As noted below in Article VI, all federal officials must
take an oath in support of the Constitution:

“The Senators and
Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State
Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States
and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support
this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a
Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

The Constitution does not provide
the wording for this oath, leaving that to the determination of Congress. From
1789 until 1861, this oath was, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will
support the Constitution of the United States.” During the 1860s, this oath was
altered several times before Congress settled on the text used today, which is
set out at 5 U. S. C. § 3331. This oath is now taken by all federal employees,
other than the President:

“I, _________, do
solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of
the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear
true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely,
without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and
faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So
help me God.”

The Judicial

The origin of the second oath is
found in the Judiciary Act of 1789, which reads “the justices of the Supreme
Court, and the district judges, before they proceed to execute the duties of
their respective offices” to take a second oath or affirmation. From 1789 to
1990, the original text used for this oath (1 Stat. 76 § 8) was:

“I, _________, do solemnly
swear or affirm that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and
do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and
impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as _________,
according to the best of my abilities and understanding, agreeably to the
constitution and laws of the United States. So help me

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