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4/18: Forever 21 w/ Deborah Tavares

4/18: Forever 21 w/ Deborah Tavares‘Future Earth’ planning is the idea of implementing Agenda 21 forever. For some it will be the new American agenda, for others it will be the jackboot kicking down your door, forcing you out of your home and making you a refugee on your own planet. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes Deborah Tavares back to the show for a Friday night at ‘Forever 21: New American Agenda‘!


linda barnett

Thank you thank you clyde and deborah for kicking the butt wipe off the air. Anyone who follows GZ for more than a few months knows that Clyde is not partisan. He consistently advocates seeing beyond politics to what is simply in front of our noses. Every group we form, the gov comes in and effs it over and kills it. The trolls also come on to shows and web sites to WASTE our time and throw us off balance. These people are trained to do this.

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