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4/23: Asteroidal Itch

4/23: Asteroidal ItchWhile astronauts are giving us chilling findings about potentially hazardous near-earth objects, the CFR is confirming that the United States needs to leverage its influence to prevent ‘space danger’ from occurring in the very near future. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis scratches the ‘Asteroidal Itch: Dumb Luck Or Divine Intervention?‘!



They have deep space telescopes that see what is coming. Or they have ships already and will just land one with a genetically manipulated humanoid. They can make glow in the dark dogs what is to stop them from a glow in the dark human. Enough to scare the bejesus out of the gullible.


Last night Clyde brutally misquoted CRF memorandum 21. Why? He quoted things not even in the memo, and half sentences. Why? He made the entire memorandum appear to say things it did not. Why?

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