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Dangling The Saucer On The Stick


During the weekend I took in a lot of summer movies from ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ to ‘Godzilla’ for my second time. Beyond the metaphor of environmental catastrophe in ‘Godzilla’ comes the metaphor of a frightened world that needs super technology to defend against a common enemy that goes beyond political and religious differences. In the case of the ‘X-Men’, it is the mutants that seem to pose a threat to humans.

There are scientists and military specialists developing state of the art robotic technology to fight against the mutants. The underlying theme of the film deals with how differences around the world would disappear if there was a common threat to the planet.

This type of thinking has been aligned with the alien question and whether or not we are alone in the universe. If we are not alone, then are we to assume that the civilizations out there in space are hostile and wish to do us harm.

Either we are alone, or we are not alone. We may not know our destiny, but it seems our inevitable moment in time will be the moment in which all doubt is neutralized with the appearance of something that is not from our Earth or not from what can determine to be terrestrial.

Science may not be able to explain exobiology, but at the moment they are taking great pains to obscure it or delay its importance in our lives.

In general, the collective consciousness seems to have evidence that goes on to prove that intelligent life has existed, continues to exist and has been interacting with human beings for millennia.

The problem is that there seems to be a schism between science, religion, and logic that dictates that a debate must be continuous about the hypothesis that the universe is teaming with life.

The discoveries we are hearing about seem to be nothing more than rediscoveries and old stories need to be revisited in order to produce new evidence that is not clouded by modern mythology with regard to the alien question.

A true investigator who is looking for intellectual honesty about the topic should admit that the contemporary investigations into UFO phenomena are clouded with embellishments and hoaxes.

The facts now speak for themselves because today it is obvious that we are better equipped in some respects for exploration and investigations into the old stories in order to reveal what could not be revealed in the past.

There are ways to find documents that have been declassified, military programs that indicate a relationship or even incidents where extra-terrestrial contact is recorded.

There are now new ways to establish links between what science has revealed and what hypothesis still carry a lot of weight in the realms of scientific research.

Perhaps it is time to not be timid in rendering what is exact with regard to the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

We have discussed the various reasons why the Jesuits have been so openly discussing the reality of extra-terrestrials and how they seem to be the designated targets for baptism if such an opportunity presents itself.

There is also the notion that if aliens present themselves, this will be a deception and that mankind will reject his beliefs in god and will worship the aliens instead.

The true faith will never die as there are many who believe that God still communicates with mankind and that if it is ever revealed that we are not unique and that we have neighbors in the heavens then perhaps these are not the science fiction aliens we fear but brothers and sisters that are part of the universal family that an omnipotent God has created.

Hundreds of years ago, the Catholic Church would have branded as a heretic anyone who said that we were not unique in the universe and that man shared the heavens with beings from other planets or dimensions.

Now we are seeing an extension of inquiry and statements that the possibility of such phenomena exists, however there is some frustration that I believe needs to be expressed.

While religion seems to be opening up the dialogue about extra-terrestrials, science continues to dangle the carrot – or perhaps the saucer  – in front of us by dropping all sorts of hints that the truth is no longer out there but forthcoming.

On May 21st, 2014, an event happened where highly critical scientists that have since been very skeptical of the extra-terrestrial question have now become more open to the possibility. The US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology heard from Seth Shostak and Dan Werthimer, who both direct Berkeley’s new ‘Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence’ or SETI.

As Nature News World reported in their article, ‘Congress Hears About the Hunt For Alien Life‘, “Werthimer introduced the committee to his institute’s work by explaining that their main goal is to answer the question “Is anybody out there?” … Werthimer told the committee that if there is, they will find it, as the institute stays focused on searching for signs of life in the galaxy primarily among planets with the telltale signs of oxygen or methane gases – which have been commonly associated with life.

Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer with SETI, says that the evidence of extra-terrestrial life will most definitely be revealed within 10-20 years.

Nature News continued by saying, “Shostak also introduced the congressmen to a long-running project that involves the search for signals intentionally sent out by other civilizations equally curious in their own search for life.

The pitch to Congress was to keep the funding going for a project that has always been on the chopping block, which brings into question whether the hint at a success is just a ploy for more money – or a clear indication that perhaps they’ve already received a signal that life is out there communicating with us and that it is time to prepare the world for such a revelation.

We have had at least three generations of people aware of the possibility of alien life and there are children today that recognize or at least know what aliens are, many of them accepting the reality of alien life or able to identify what appears to be an alien in literature or in their various cartoon shows and educational programs.

I really don’t believe there has been a study where young children are able to identify what aliens are.

When I was in McMinnville, Oregon at the UFO Festival, I was at the hotel check-in area. While I was in line to check-in, a young couple with a three year old girl was waiting in line with me. There were alien images everywhere. An attendant was bringing in boxes of little stuffed alien toys to sell as souvenirs. Suddenly the three year old girl’s eyes lit up and said, “Mommy alien — look mommy, alien!

I was really impressed that the child could identify an alien.

When I was a little boy I was afraid of aliens. In fact, my father once told me that in 1969, when the sirens on ambulances and police cars changed to the synthetic whoop sound, I was frightened that the sound was a landing space craft and that the aliens were landing. I was also impressed with man’s achievement of landing on the moon. It was also a time where we as kids were thrust into “exo-think” where astronauts and space stations were supposed to be in our future. We also were exposed to refined science fiction allegory with ‘Star Trek’, ‘Space 1999’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Star Wars’.

I remember reading Ray Bradbury as a child, and Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ along with John Christopher’s ‘White Mountains’ were books that I could not put down when I was 12 years old.

In the book ‘The Next Great Awakening: A Spiritual Renaissance‘ by Ryuho Okawa, the author describes what he calls “a New Space Age,” in which extraterrestrials, have been slowly over time revealing themselves, for the betterment of mankind.

It has been done through literature and through movies and television. The grooming process for the new space age was first a novelty in the 1950’s and an important part of our lives in the 1960’s until now.

As ‘The Truth Behind the Scenes‘ notes, “According to Okawa, it is no coincidence that from 1947 on, UFOs have been appearing more frequently than ever here on Earth.

The influx of UFOs also coincided with space exploration.

Arthur C. Clarke used science fiction to indicate that the alien presence would be felt when it is understood that there is a transformation happening, where the young children are more than willing to accept the alien presence without flinching.

In ‘Childhood’s End‘, Clarke becomes a prophet as transformation takes place at a time in history where we are deprived of space travel and are focused on the wars and tribulation of the planet.

The truth is the transformation is happening now and, if Clarke were still alive today, he would probably would tell the world that the transformation has happened and the young as well as the old are fully aware of the extra-terrestrial presence and would like to have answers to all the questions they may have about them.

While the older generations would die out, the younger children were eager to be a part of the alien “overmind” without even considering the possibility that it could be a cosmic Trojan horse.

If the accepting the enticements of the alien “overmind” or “hive mind” is an indication of our transformation, then perhaps the aliens have taken over in a covert way and they have created what is known as ‘blue-and-orange morality‘.

Now, blue-and-orange morality is literally hypothetical because it is applied to character development in media. The character with blue-and-orange morality is loosely defined as a character so devoid of human black and white morality that we have to determine that the character is alien and that his or her actions are neither good nor evil, but necessary.

This means that even though aliens may do something horrific, they may see it as benign or a necessary component of progression, or an evolutionary imperative. They move about the world unfettered without care or even the limitations of a black and white morality that most humans adhere too.

In their mind, they just do what they do.

That is why it is so easy now to determine that those in power may be under some alien or demonic control because of ‘values dissonance‘.

In other words, it needs to be made emphatically clear that it is important that we, as human beings, recognize how incredibly unlikely it is that any extra-terrestrial civilization will have a moral code in any way similar to our own and if they wanted to invade in a covert way, we would begin to see ‘values dissonance‘ between those who have held a black and white morality and have somehow surrendered to a blue-and-orange morality.

In the United States, we see that people’s opinions on everything from gun control to global climate disruption vary fairly predictably by region. This is a normal for the human collective to differ in opinions about such subjects.

However, the collective sees things like murder, rape, and the robbing of virtue through child molestation and human trafficking as evil. The crazy thing is there is a value dissonance when it comes to what should be done with those who have these alien thoughts. It is also common to see that powerful people seem to have less of a value dissonance when it comes to making decisions about who dies, who they can declare war on, who they can destroy, and who they can rob of their innocence.

It is a powerful blue-and-orange morality that has kept the Vatican from being destroyed after it was revealed that there were scores of pedophile priests in the ranks and that most of the harm done to children was ignored by the powerful elite.

It was a powerful blue-and-orange morality that neglected to intercept or otherwise prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001 and a complete values dissonance when it came to the possibility of investigating how and why the towers fell and how the 3,000 victims were used as political pawns for two simultaneous wars.

It is the blue-and-orange morality that produces the words “What difference does it make?” when it comes to investigations into the four American citizens killed in Benghazi.

It is where the aliens know not what they do, but they do it anyway and we as humans wonder if they feel any sense of sympathy or empathy for us.

That is why dangling the saucer on the stick like some ‘disclosure carrot’ is maddening and the denial that they are not among us is equally frustrating.

I am finding everyday that I am at odds with the political moves of the elite and the idea that things can all be ignored or remedied with distraction or manipulation is cluing us all in that this blue-and-orange morality possessed by our alien counterparts is alive and well – and it has infiltrated both our religious and political institutions.

Perhaps morality is something that has been lost on extra-terrestrials. Perhaps the dismissive and divisive attitudes we have developed will have repercussions in the future as the younger generations develop an amoral sense of entitlement and determine that the elimination of a collective obstacle is far more logical than having to tolerate it.

Take a look at the recent Santa Barbara shootings and how the killer had a sense of entitlement, fueled by a reptilian, sexist blue-and-orange morality.

The subculture of an alien or reptilian selfishness is a prevailing problem in the world today. It is the catalyst for terrorism, jihad, and shooters that simply are mentally challenged anyway and are more than happy they invite a lesser moral infestation to take hold of their minds telling them that the power is within them to remove the chaos from their asymmetrical world they see every day.

These incidents make us wonder—are the aliens already here?


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