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This morning my phone rang early. It was a call from a colleague that told me that a Malaysian flight from Amsterdam was shot down over the Ukraine. I could not believe what I was hearing, the shock moved slowly as I rubbed my eyes and pretended to be alert.

In some haphazard brain phase I started to think that what I was hearing was that the missing Malaysian jet MH370, the plane that the media spent almost a month reporting about how came from some concealed locale in the twilight zone and wound up being targeted in the Ukraine.

Eventually I was slowly coming out of my sleep state and the reality of the tragedy became a creepy part of my morning routine. I realized that it was one of those days where something so real seemed so unreal all at the same time at that every paranormal coincidence that I reported prior to this moment seemed to be duplicating exponentially.

It wasn’t until my first gulp of coffee and a search of numbers dates and synchronicity I realized that something peculiar was a foot and that it all needed to be addressed. I want everyone to know that while coincidence and synchronicities happen around tragedies, this does not mean that what I am trying to do is paint the event with a conspiracy brush.

I know that for some people bringing up high weirdness surrounding tragedies is seen as an attempt to prove a false flag or some other conspiracy yarn, however there is something to be said about patterns of chaos in a world where it seems the trickster is making his mark and the symbolism and numerical randomness does not appear as being that random.

Ground Zero has reported since the Superbowl of different symbols that were shown and that the words “prepare to strike” were flashed on the screen during the performance of Bruno Mars and those similar words were uttered by a young girl during an aired Maserati commercial. The known symbol that represents the Maserati is the trident or spear of Neptune.

Neptune is the Roman Equivalent of Greek the god of the waters Poseidon.

The three-pronged pitchfork is the trident of Poseidon, the Greek god of water. It is also considered the symbol of Neptune, both are the gods of water and eventually both Poseidon and Neptune have been associated or have eventually evolved into the Christian devil that lives in depths of the earth.

Neptune also has a relationship with the great Dragon or Leviathan of prophecy that rises from the sea in the final days before judgment. Neptune and Poseidon have been called the Quinotaur— both associated with destroying earth, both called the Kings of terror or wrath. The triple pronged spear is also the weapon of Shiva the Hindu god of destruction.

In Numerology Neptune resonates with the moon nodes and is represented by the dragon Ketu or kethu. The dragon and tail Leviathan and Ouroboros and Neptune in circumference of completion also resonates and vibrates to the Number 7.

The Trident, Neptune and the symbolism all resonate and vibrate with number 7. 7 vibrates to the planet Neptune. It represents spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy, and mystery. 7 is the number of illusion and delusion, sometimes deception.

Today is July 17, 2014. July is the 7th month of the year 2014. Reduce down 2014 by adding 2+0+1+4 and you get the sum of 7. The 17th day 10+7 of the 7th month of 2014 reduced down to 7, all resonating with the trident and all resonating and vibrating with Neptune. The triplicate 7 or 777 is known as the Trident of Pisces. 777 also represent the Flaming sword according to the kabala. Aleister Crowley even wrote of the Trident of Pisces as Liber 777 the symbol of human mortality over divinity

In the bible 777 is associated with the 7th seal, 7th trump and the 7th vial. It is then that Christ returns.

777 is a trigger triple number, meaning that it is a number that triggers events, actions, wealth, poverty, tragedy and happiness. 777 represent the threefold perfection of the trinity. The antithesis of 777 is the triquetra (Satanic trinity) number 666.

On July 17, 2014, at 10:00 am EDT, Malaysia Airlines Flight Number 17, a Boeing 777 passenger plane from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over eastern Ukraine.

The plane used for MH17 had its first flight 17 years ago on July 17, 1997, and now is apparently shot down on July 17, 2014.

Is it synchronicity at how all the numbers have been used up in the report of the tragedy of Malaysian flight 17 over the Ukraine. This is uncanny.

It is also uncanny that for 3 days Ukraine has been hosting a joint war exercise with the United States and other NATO countries called Rapid Trident.

Rapid Trident is the only military exercise the United States is participating this year, according to U.S. Army spokesperson Col. Steven Warren, since the U.S. cancelled upcoming Atlas Vision bi-lateral U.S.-Russia military exercises in response to Russia’s actions in regard to Crimea. Atlas Vision had been scheduled to begin in the same month in the northeastern Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

Rapid Trident will be led by the U.S., who will send the majority of the participating troops–the number has not been disclosed by the U.S. government. Units from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania, UK and host Ukraine will also participate.

The U.S. has already sent 12 warplanes and some 300 troops to Poland. The force was dispatched shortly after the Russian invasion of Crimea, and was intended partly as a reassurance to Poland and America’s Baltic allies that the U.S. was willing to protect them from any aggression similar to that seen in Crimea, according to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who visited Poland last week. The U.S. also decided to maintain its aircraft carrier, the USS George H.W. Bush, in the Mediterranean Sea “to reassure its allies” after the events in Crimea.

Rapid Trident in an exercise designed to improve interoperability with America’s military partners, such as its NATO partners, Ukraine and others in Europe.

The coat of arms symbol for Ukraine is known as the Tryzub. Literally, the Tryzub is the trident.

The Trident has been known as a symbol of power in Central Ukraine since the 6th century. In Kyivan Rus the Trident was used by the great princes. Some interpret the Trident symbol as the tip of a weapon, others a preying falcon, an arched bow with arrow, or the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). However, most scholars do agree that the Trident is a symbol of the highest power.

The first image of a trident appeared in the 1st century AD. When Ihor, Prince of Kyivan Rus’ from 912 to 945AD, sent ambassadors to sign a treaty with the Byzantine emperor, they sealed the document with a trident.

As the official emblem of the Kyivan princes, the trident was stamped on coins, seals; it was depicted on porcelain and in frescoes.

It is thought that the trident represented the division of the world into three spheres: the earthly, the celestial, and the spiritual as well as the union of the three natural elements of air, water and earth. The trident was endorsed as the official emblem of Ukraine; the blue and yellow flag as the national flag of Ukraine by the Supreme Rada in 1992.

It is also a coincidence that the Malaysian airlines kite symbol in their logo is a double Trident. The Double trident is emblazoned on the tail, a detail that was provided by the mainstream media back when the world was looking for a missing 777 that also was Malaysian Jet. There was a lot of speculation about that Jet and many compared the situation to what happened 18 years ago on this date, when TWA flight 800 exploded over the Atlantic on July 17th, 1996.

At this time there is speculation that the downing of this jet may be a trigger event for World war III. Well it was 100 years ago this month that Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were gunned down by a Serbian assassin. The tragedy fomented over the last few weeks of July of 1914 and by August World War I began.

According to Reuters, of the nearly 300 people on board, 23 were U.S. citizens. Two separate Dutch travel agencies have said that in total 55 of their clients were on board the flight. Other Dutch sources indicate there were 154 Dutch citizens on board. French officials have identified four of the victims as citizens of France. There were 27 Australians and 23 Malaysians also on the flight.

One passenger, calling himself Cor Pan, from the Netherlands, left an ominous Facebook message just prior to boarding:


The message joked that he was posting a photo of the plane in case it “disappeared,” a reference to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Cor Pan was on the flight with his wife.

With all of the glaring synchronicities the question that we have to ask is why this plane was flying into a war zone. It did not fly into Russian airspace and crashed near the border in an area of civil unrest.

Both the Ukrainian government and Russian separatists deny having shot down the plane, however isn’t it a bit of a coincidence that the A Malaysian plane was shot down in a region where a Ukrainian military fighter jet and a military transport plane were both shot down in the past week.

Months ago we warned you that things associated with the Triune, Triquetra and Trident symbolism have suddenly overtaken the zeitgeist.

Mon May 1st 2014 I appeared on the VERITAS radio program with Mel Fabrigas and I mentioned that the Ukraine is appearing to be a geopolitical point of convergence where east meets west. During the program I drew parallels with the original Malaysian MH370 tragedy and the symbolism of the trident. I was saying that there would be a trigger event ( at the time I did not say it was flight 370) that would ignite World War III and drew comparisons with MH370 and the Lusitania being attacked along with Archduke Ferdinand’s 100 year assassination anniversary.

The more things change the more they go full circle and the problems of the past need to be recognized as similar problems today and that warning signs point once again to “experimental times” where our morals will be tested for the so called New dawn of the global order.

The attempt at world oligarchy in 1914 gave us impetus to “wake up” to the same struggle; however, we are now being asked not to fight against the globalist overreach, but accept it as the only solution to the perils that await us in a nebulous and dangerous future.

I know we are all told that we have a choice in our futures, but the new attempt at world Oligarchy is fueling the tragedy of repeating the cycle of 100 years of war.

It is a part of a monstrous synchronistic order that brings all of the chaos into perspective.


Just Sayin

The Monster logo isn’t one of those tridents. Though it’s been argued that it’s a 6 a 6 and another 6 in Hebrew.

Go ahead “Unleash The Beast”….

S.S. Defiant

What was it Siri said? “On July 27, 2014, the door to Hades opens”.

The pieces certainly are falling into place, aren’t they?

Bunny James

Your Numerology is wrong, Clyde. There is no 10 in traditional Numerology, just 1-9. Numbers are added together to get the smallest possible single digit. Numerologically-speaking. The date, 07/17/2014, boils down to a 4, not a 7. Ignore the 0, 7+1+7+2 ignore the 0, +1+4= 22. 2+2 = 4. Sorry. But otherwise you’re right, this whole thing stinks to high-heaven.

james calvin

In tetraphobia theory, the number 4 is to be avoided by many cultures. The number 4 translates to mean suffer to the death. Also remember we are in the midst of the 4 blood moons. It all adds up to: nothing lately is left to chance…

Dan Shannon

Once again, Holder shits all over a bunch of murdered people for his own Satanic ego.

Troll Feed

What not everyone love Clyde “Lewis”…?

Tell me more!!!


Development of the 9K37 “Buk” was started on 17 January 1972 at the request of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

linda barnett

Christine lagarde, spoken like a true occultist. And you thought she was just some nerdy accountant….


Wow this is




…. and confusing.




This world needs an enema! (enemy?)

Revere Radio Network | ALERT — Why The Number 7 Is Being Talked About In Regards to Downed Malaysian Airlines Plane, Flight MH17

[…] (by Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero Media) — […] I know that for some people bringing up high weirdness surrounding tragedies is seen as an attempt to prove a false flag or some other conspiracy yarn, however there is something to be said about patterns of chaos in a world where it seems the trickster is making his mark and the symbolism and numerical randomness does not appear as being that random. […]

2 Cents

“Blood makes the grass” grow Clyde… Part of a cheer that was rather popular in High School in the late 60’s early 70’s,that I’m aware of. Actually into the 80’s I’ve found.

And war is “good for the economy” according to the New York Times.

They are absolutely going to use this as grounds for war. And what does the POTUS think, Idk, but it only took him a reported 40 seconds after acknowledging it to crack a joke.

Beware the “Military Industrial Complex” according to Eisenhower. But after listening to that Christine Lagarde in her numerology celebrating, she seemed to spend more time emphasizing the IMF… She mentioned WWI, and a couple of things Brenton Woods, but she mentioned the IMF at least 2 times, and the second time almost “lovingly”….. Which would kinda indicate to me that she insinuating that the IMF is behind the numerology she’s getting into in her speech, and that they may be the ones pushing for war in order to save themselves.

Which would make sense, we murdered Gaddafi after he threatened to trade oil only for gold, and not the U.S. dollar, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated after trying to take back the creation of money from a private central bank, as was Kennedy, they actually had to pull Kennedy’s notes out of circulation. Now we have many nations rejecting the Petro-Dollar/World’s Reserve Currency, the “BRICS” nations come to mind, the Federal Reserve, and in turn the IMF are feeling as if they’re losing control, therefore they will use whatever they can to instigate a global conflict to both get more rich in the short term, and to bring the rest of the world back into submission.

I could be wrong, but that’s what stuck out about the Lagarde speech, and if I had any I’d be willing to bet money before the end of the week our media puppets will be seriously trying to sell us on more war. Let’s just hope some intelligent minds like those at MIT, who last year demonstrated Assad couldn’t have gassed his own people, will demonstrate that Russia or the pro Russian rebels couldn’t have brought down that airliner…..

Of course as bad as things are, if someone brings about a global peace, for any period of time, I’m heading for the hills.

Curtis E Lay

I don’t know if anyone brought up that G is also the seventh letter of the alphabet…


Clyde, I must tell you that I have never really paid attention to (or seemingly cared about) the numerology and symbolic theories, but after listening to you show last night, I was slapped in the face with a “reality check”. There are just too many truths to the numerology calculations in the serious situations and “tragedies” that have been happening lately. I have shared this article on my Facebook in hopes that others will be slapped just as I was. I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned it or not, but I’m still trying to figure out how those passports being pulled from the wreckage seemed to have been brand new, and suffered no tears or burns considering they had just been inside a plane that exploded. Anyway, great article, Clyde. Blessings to you.


Hate breeds hate. Time to leave hate behind and embrace love.


Clyde – have been a fan for a while – thanks for this show. Didn’t have a chance to listen until today. Am grateful to your fans for pointing out the information here. Did you notice that Christine Lagarde’s speech in January was a reversal of Pharoah’s dream to Joseph in the Old Testament? Joseph tells the Pharaoh that after seven years of plenty there will be seven years of drought and to store up the grain. Here we have Lagarde giving a sort of ‘reversal’ of that – saying we’ve come out of some kind of seven years of financial trouble and “weakness” or something like that, and her “hope” was that we were now going to enter into a seven year period of ‘strength’. This seems to be an obvious reverse order of the Biblical story of Joseph who is one of the Old Testament prefigurements of Jesus, having been called the “saviour of his people” by the name given to him by Pharaoh.

I also saw some other story online that someone was claiming that the bodies were ‘decomposed’ and ‘drained of blood’. Had you heard that one? Thanks.

Get Real

It could also mean nothing, somebody with a rocket wanted to set it off, and had no purpose beyond that? Consider the legalization of weed in Colorado, is there an increase in homelessness because the “immigration” from other states over whelmed the system? At least when population growth occurs from birth rates, you have time to prepare for the influx of new people, unfettered immigration causes temporary problems that require extreme measures of patience?

So it is easy to see the media spin a story this way or that way, do they want to spin the story in favor of the alleged “ill effects of weed” or spin the story that Colorado was not prepared for the “immigration stampede” that loomed before it?

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