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I know the majority of those who listen to my show were overjoyed that Donald Trump will be our new President on January 20th, 2017. Being a person who has decided that taking a side is counter intuitive, I have to retrace my steps a bit in order to come clean on exactly what I said about the outcome of the election.

I have called every election correctly since the first Clinton presidency, however, this time I was right and wrong about this election because of what I stated statistically, and what I speculated about psychologically pertaining to the mental health of this country and the grooming process the globalists used to actually ease us into a Clinton win.

Back in February of 2016, I reported the following on a show called “How to Succeed In Fringe Politics Without Really Trying,”


“Elections are not that mysterious of events; they are not all that unpredictable. They’re actually highly predictable. History bears witness to this and in this era of fringe politics with fringe stories now making the rounds, you can be assured that the political climate is most certainly changing and is now in the process of disruption.

The reason why the odds are in favor of a Republican win is not by any means a theory related to any conservative or even liberal agenda, it is because when an incumbent isn’t running voters statistically turn away from the party currently in power. In fact, a successor candidate in the same party as a lame duck President is three times less likely to win.

Unless there is a surge in Obama’s approval ratings, it will be an uphill battle for the fringe candidate Bernie Sanders, and the legacy candidate, Hillary Clinton to win.”

In that regard, Donald Trump’s victory was not surprising. However, I believed the moves of the globalists would ensure a victory for Hillary Clinton. My cynicism took over and I was wrong going against my historical logic.

I kept telling Trump supporters that we shouldn’t have the hare’s attitude over the capabilities of the tortoise. Well, the hare won the race. The media is now breeding the idea that the country will fall into a depression and the fear of Trump is healthy. Some people are even saying this is more devastating than 9/11.

Talk show host Stephen Colbert had prepared a funny and happy show about the election. As results came in the tone of the show became more and more morose.


Mark Halperin appeared on the special alongside John Heilemann and said “Outside of the Civil War, World War II and including 9/11, this may be the most cataclysmic event this country’s ever seen.”

Because this was live television, and because the election had not yet been called officially for Trump, Colbert was obliged to follow through with some prearranged humor that failed as Colbert seemed to be feeling awkward and disappointed.

Then comedienne Jena Friedman appeared on the show trying to be funny by saying things like “get your abortions now” which was a horrible joke as was her comment describing that she felt like she was about to “give birth to a baby that is already dead.”

Moreover, the news networks didn’t handle it any more delicately. I was watching CNN’s coverage last night and Van Jones appeared on a panel and said what were called “colorful” remarks, which is newspeak for controversial remarks about the nation’s decision to elect Trump.

Jones emotionally declared “People have talked about a miracle, I’m hearing about a nightmare.” Jones was holding back his anger and tears during the segment.

“It’s hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us,” he continued. “You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bully.’ You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bigot.’ You tell your kids, ‘Do your homework and be prepared.’

“Then you have this outcome, and you have people putting children to bed tonight and they’re afraid of breakfast.”


“I have Muslim friends who are texting me tonight saying, ‘Should I leave the country?’ I have families of immigrants that are terrified tonight.”

Conceding that the result was a rebellion against the elites, he also suggested that Trump’s success was at least partially related to race.

“This was a white-lash against a changing country,” he said. “It was a white-lash against a black president in part, and that’s the part where the pain comes.”

I was shocked by how blatant and frank he was about the race issue and the idea that parents would have to somehow explain a Trump win in basically the same way you would explain to your child why their dead grandma won’t be coming over for Thanksgiving this year.

I know that Trump supporters would write this off as the result of being sore losers. But I really don’t think this is the case. To just write off the pain and trauma that the Clinton supporters are expressing today as just sour grapes is a bit one dimensional.

It is evident that the trauma comes from the fact that the “programming” used on the American people did not work for an angry majority. The exit polls said that Clinton would win. Right out of the gate the electoral votes for Hillary were moving out ahead indicating a possible win. The experts were wrong. The media refused to call Florida and Ohio for Trump and the when he won it was comparable to when Obi wan Kenobi said that he felt a great disturbance in the force as if as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Let’s face it – the Trump campaign was expected to lose.

His victory wasn’t just a surprise; that is an understatement because it was an event of humungous dimensions; its effects will be incalculable.

Mr. Trump’s win ranks among the most unlikely and stunning elections in American history. Regardless of how the Trump presidency turns out, this race will be studied a century from now.

We all witnessed history – but it is a historical moment that many people believed should have been about a woman that worked hard to become a president.

I don’t really want to tarnish the event for those, whose party was victorious, but I have to conclude that while we won’t be hearing from the Clinton’s anytime soon, there will be vocal Trump support, that will be militant and frightening and even more vocal anti Trump protest that will be myopic and at times psychotic.

America is about to share the same straitjacket.

Today, I received an e-mail from Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the Editor and Publisher of “The Nation Magazine. “ The header on the e-mail said “Mourn Resist Organize.”


I was afraid to even open it. These were very strong words to see after an election that had the country divided.

The letter exhorted an organized effort to oppose Trump. The letter said and I quote:

“The immediate response to Trump’s election is one of opposition — we commit to obstructing, delaying, and halting any attacks on people of color, women, or working people that may come from a Trump administration. But we must also understand why millions are angry and anxious, and why they voted for the cruel hoax that is Trumpism. “

Furthermore, the letter says:

“We stand for an inclusive and progressive populism — one that addresses inequality and economic insecurity. We stand with women and with Muslim, African-American, and immigrant communities who have been threatened by the blatantly racist, sexist, and bigoted campaign Trump ran.”

Then came the words that reduce the 5 stages of grief to 3 – Mourn, Resist, Organize as opposed to the Kubler Ross method of Denial, Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

I know some people are in denial and want to move out of the country, while some are philosophically telling themselves they can have an open mind, there will be those who will be angry and depressed and they will not easily accept how it all crumbled in front of them.

If you followed the election results, you may want to consider the fact that while the media was hoping for the big city support of Hillary Clinton, it was the rural and smaller places that were supporting Trump.

The rural Americans and the small town Americans with the Trump signs in their yard were saying loudly that their way of life was dying. The media ignored this and made the claim that what rural America was really saying is that blacks and gay people are finally getting equal rights and small town America doesn’t like it.

Now we find out the truth, which is that their way of life is really dying and homosexuals, blacks and minorities are also having their livelihoods diminished.

They are all getting depressed there in the outskirts; they were all becoming dissociative and Clinton ignored them. Trump listened to them and lacking political correctness, bemoaned it all, which gave the media a reason to demonize him.

But what the media fails to realize is that America, especially Americans who feel ignored by their leaders, love to cheer on someone powerful who gives their enemies the insults they deserve.

As this election proved, all Americans liberal and conservative love to do this because they can relate to the person that appears to lift a middle finger to the establishment that grinds them down.


I mean people were all up in arms about how Trump was a demeaning brute and how he ran his campaign on the fuel of hatred, bigotry, misogyny but it seemed to spread to the other side as well. It felt good for the left to dismiss people, to mock them, to write them off as deplorable and this is probably the reason the fringe voters were hardening their resolve.

Once again, it appears that we all shared the same straitjacket.

Now the craziness is a reaction to Wall Street bailouts, big-money politics, crony capitalism, and decades of promises not kept. This is not a whitelash, it is a blowback.

I mean, how else you can explain the reaction to ignoring a historic story arch that we could have all had a part in. We voted for the historic moment of our first black president and all took part in that historic story arch, yet, we avoided the idea of a first woman president.

In their panic, the media showed their true nature by declaring that rampant white racism was why Trump won. Other headlines were claiming that we were a nation which has gone wrong and Trump promised an insurgent white supremacy, and white voters embraced it. I wondered how this would help unite the country and then I realized this is being used to provoke an already crazed and outraged country. The idea of objective reporting was thrown out of the equation when The Daily Beast immediately promised to “Stand Up to President Trump” in the coming years, seemingly unaware that half the country voted the man into office. complained in its own editorial that “The United States has elected Donald Trump, a 70-year-old tangerine Superfund site and a menace to the peace, stability, and dignity of the country and the future of the free world, as its Commander in Chief.”

Over at Mother Jones, writers seemed flabbergasted that anyone would vote for a man over a woman and deny females a chance to make history, touting an editorial entitled “Hate Trumps History: A Reality TV Star Wins the White House in a Broken America.”

No matter how you feel about Trump the media embarrassed itself by having a psychotic meltdown over this heated election. People tell me that when I point to this type of divisiveness in the media, I am just promoting conspiracy theory nonsense.

When Obama was elected, I never saw headlines that called him names, nor did I see it when Bush was elected — Trump is the exception because of his mouthy and politically incorrect campaign. It all appears to be like playground talk and unfortunately can get worse if the media continues to couch their stories in a hate fest for Trump.

Finally, one of the most embarrassing things about the end result of this election was the final supposition that this was all a result of a Russian conspiracy. In a presidential campaign consumed by conspiracy theories, the most dangerous one was the accusations of Russia rigging the election.

Until the very last breath, Clinton and her entourage contended the Republican’s shadowy connections to Russia may be tied to the slow release of hacked emails meant to embarrass her to the point she loses. While Obama said in an NBC interview in July that “anything’s possible” when it comes to Russia’s attempts to influence the presidential election, the U.S. government still hasn’t officially named a culprit in the hackings.

There still is no proof of any Russian tinkering.

Clinton told reporters that Trump, “urged the Russians to hack more. But the real conspiracy is that Clinton as the Secretary of State allowed 20% of America’s uranium to be sold to a Russian company controlled by the Russian government after a timely payment to Bill Clinton for a speech and several donations to the family charity from the company’s chair. This is actual evidence of Clinton working with Vladimir Putin to undermine America’s national interests.


Talk about a witch conducting a witch hunt and people are all incredulous about a Clinton loss?

Actually, Russia was relieved that Trump won as their media praised the Trump victory, however, they did caution the long-term implications of a Trump presidency for the Kremlin are unclear.

Russian media declared they share years of bad blood with America and a plethora of geopolitical grievances. A shortened list includes the conflict in Syria, the 2014 annexation of Crimea, U.S. economic sanctions and a military buildup on both sides of Russia’s border with NATO.

While we were happily voting like lemmings, the “Largest Naval Force since The Cold War” arrived in Syria, and was preparing an offensive against militants on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria.

The reported operation is aimed at preventing more militants from entering the city, which has become a terrorist stronghold in Syria.

World War III is still brewing and Trump will inherit it, not cause it.

The truth seems to be so harmful to those in power, and the questions to get to the truth are as threatening as bullets or bombs.

Those who are awake know that there seems to be an obvious bias that is present in information, and that bias is not pro-individual, it is pro government and if people are satisfied with a bias that is anti-citizen then they have to adjust to a press that most certainly not free, and a government that penalizes questioning in favor of just going along with their policies.

The majority have allowed themselves to be fearful, self-absorbed cattle that move only when told to by those who claim to be the “cult of personality” that is there to preserve certain belief systems while at the same time employing destructive group dynamics.

The corporate media has decided to report certain stories that feed the fire of dissent and bigotry, while other stories which confirm we are in a time of deceit are ignored in order to benefit corporate interests.

Anyone saying the perfect government has lost some of its allure is now supposed to be discredited. As we can see, it is enough to drive us all mad, and when it comes to madness, we all share the same straitjacket.


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