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Last night, I worried over the heavy-handedness of the whole shadow of death narrative that has plagued 2016. I know that in some ways it was a downer and unfortunately, those who could not last through the full five hours of my show probably didn’t catch my free flow of consciousness diatribe I gave about how the neurons that fire in our hearts, brain and gut have cellular memory.

It was a hypothesis that I have had for a while and I expressed my thoughts on the subject a few times as I was trying to explain the displaced timeline feeling that people were experiencing in 2016.

Time and environment are factors in how we view the present and how we evaluate history and historical narratives. It can be argued the entire narrative of 2016 seemed surreal and as we were bumping through the various obstacles in our journey, some of us felt as though something was subverting and overriding our will.

It was as if there was a widespread manipulation process that was being conducted on the mass consciousness and now it seems what we are feeling at the end of 2016 is this hollow feeling of being in an alternate world where nothing you thought was going to happen happened.

The entire timeline now seems to be summed up in 140 characters and even those little pieces of the puzzle can be deleted or called fake news if it doesn’t fit with the myopic views of some people who are having a bad reaction to the new chronological direction the consensus has taken.

While proposing the idea that we could all be under the hypnosis of mind control sounds too much like nightmare science fiction — we see with the proof of parasitic attack that a host can be pushed into a situation that they feel helpless to control.

Take for example, rabies.

The rabies virus induces aggressive, violent behavior in the infected, increasing the chances of the host biting other animals. The rabies virus is transmitted the saliva of the infected into a new host.

It’s a somewhat crude and oversimplified example but it’s one that is pretty much universally accepted and understood. In the past eight years, we have seen through the art of predictive programming a fore-structured future that may include a viral spread of disease that could generate a zombie apocalypse.

While some people may see the zombie metaphor as growing stale, the truth is that the metaphor now is not just an example of how a physical disease can transform you into a rotting being – time and environment can rot you from within leaving you and others who feel victimized confused and feeling a sense of emotional blight.

How we process information, how we interact with others and the world around us, even our outward appearance, may all be controlled to some degree by time and environment and the neurons that fire what can be called cellular memory.

In August of 2015 a team of researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York studied Holocaust survivors and their children who were born after the Second World War. The study, found that Holocaust survivors and their children both had lower cortisol levels than Jewish families who had lived outside of Europe during the war.

Cortisol is a hormone that helps humans cope with stress. Low cortisol levels can cause depression, emotional hypersensitivity, and social anxiety. Rachel Yehuda, the report’s head researcher, found similar results when she previously studied the offspring of combat veterans and 9/11 survivors.

Her study doesn’t imply that all offspring of trauma survivors will experience intergenerational trauma, but it offers new insights into the human condition. It can offer an intuitive springboard as to why we are seeing a peculiar sense of time derangement today.

We need to somehow do a chronological reversal of our consensus narrative to understand when and where we ignored the signposts in time and made decisions that have put us in this position.

It is like we are all in this sort of Donnie Darko matrix where a tangent universe has been created out of trauma. We feel as though we are on a journey with no set course and no planned destination, the time lines are mismatched the world is experiencing Déjà vu where what was past is present and what is future has to be corrected by what is called a living receiver.

Someone who is able to use reverse chronology to see where we made the wrong turn in the tangent universe, that is the only way we can go back to the primary timeline.

For those who haven’t seen the film Donnie Darko it is a complex film that is a presentation of a troubled teenager’s struggle against time, and against his own disabilities.

He has an eerie waking dream where a creepy-looking rabbit named Frank tells him that the world is going to end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds.

He tries to unlock mysteries of time travel and find his purpose; while at the same time unwittingly destroys the neighborhood around him.

Although only one part of the film involves reverse chronology, it’s an important one. Even though it’s too hard to explain Donnie Darko without giving a detailed explanation of every character and the alternative universes around it.

A parallel universe is created through a corruption of the timeline due to a traumatic event. The only way to close the loop is to run the history of how we got into the parallel timeline to begin with.

It is like retracing your steps, so that you can understand how you ended up in the place you are in now. You have to tell the story in the reverse of the linear grain.

Even if our history or narrative is reviewed or reversed we are still experiencing it in the way we would any other kind of chronological narrative.

How many times have we said to ourselves, “If I only would have done this, or, if I had a chance to do it all over again I would have done that. Well, this is perhaps what we all need to do if we feel that we have spun out of the primary timeline.

What decision did we make that affected the entire consensus? How can we somehow understand what motivated us unconsciously towards a break in the primary chronological plan?

We’re also left uncertain about how to feel now, because for some reason we have forgotten the context of why we feel the way we do.

So we need to somehow capture the excitement of creating a sense of pensive introspection where we are digging increasingly deeper into history to uncover the roots of modern problems and how we can turn them into success stories.

If we could in fact be the product of our own cellular memory – who is to say which of the behaviors and effects caused by the perception of time and environment are the real “us” and have we strayed from the primary timeline?

What can we do to stop the looping of the same mistakes and problems that have been plaguing us for millennia?

For example, today I was reading an article that conveyed the sentiments I did back when I was comparing the recent murder of the Russian diplomat in Turkey to the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

However the article that I was reading was pointing out that just prior to World War I there was a backlash against globalization. These are same feelings that the world is expressing now.

In a recent report, Josh Feinman, the chief global economist for Deutsche Asset Management, says that the world could see a substantial backsliding to globalization in decades to come. After all, he writes, we have seen it happen before, in the years of chaos and isolationism that encompassed the First and Second World Wars and the Great Depression.

“The first great globalization wave, in the half-century or so before WWI, sparked a populist backlash too, and ultimately came crashing down in the cataclysms of 1914 to 1945,” says Feinman.

Modern globalization has been spurred by some of the same forces that powered the pre-WWI epoch: New technologies, which allow for world expansion and the proposal for a world monetary system, strict quotas on immigration, nationalism, and economic isolationism are all making a comeback.

The timeline is mimicking the past – and we have reversed the chronological evolutionary process.

As before World War I, the second great wave of globalization led to a surge in immigration and increasing inequality in some countries, which likely helped to trigger the warring attitudes among the people.

Roughly 60 million Europeans left low-wage countries in Europe for the resource-rich United States.

From the mid-19th century to 1914, advances like steamships, the telegraph, and the telephone improved communication, which once again parallels the innovations of today that are connecting us with the rest of the world.

As they say the more things change the more they appear the same.

Basically none of us know what is going to happen but we are in a more dangerous, chaotic and unpredictable timeline than any other which makes us again question why we are where we are and is 2017 going to bring us back to the primary timeline.

In my view I highly doubt it.

If we are now in this Donnie Darko matrix as I have theorized , I really don’t think we are going to able to consciously figure out how to fix it.

Donny Darko did but it meant that something had to be sacrificed. An artifact had to be given up in order to change the direction of the tangent universe that was created. There also has to be a living being that can tie all of the quantum threads together.

This is where God comes into the equation.

God created the space-time anomaly and as science has revealed, it is only linear to the observer in the middle of it.

Up above it all we can see that time is simultaneous.

Space-time is an entity trying to preserve itself the same as all organisms do. If this system falls into corruption the organism has to counter and solve the glitch, the same way a human body develops antibodies to heal itself.

Any anomaly or parasite is a danger for the integrity of the space/time continuum.

This is what happens to the human body if it is infected and doesn’t heal, if the anomaly or infection persists for too long, the space/time sort of “collapses”. So the situation needs to be fixed within a set maximum time-frame.

Whatever the glitch is in our timeline, whatever has detoured the collective consciousness has to be either removed or corrected before it creates a paradox, or another tangent universe.

Are we going to argue over political leanings while the timeline is headed for a disaster that can be corrected with the idea of reverse chronology?

The late Leonard Cohen once wrote:

“These are the final days – this is the darkness, this is the flood. What is the appropriate behavior in a catastrophe, in a flood? You know, while you’re cleaning out your orange crate in the torrent and you pass somebody else hanging on to a spar of wood. What do you declare yourself? “Left wing” “right wing” “pro-abortion” “against abortion?” All these things are luxuries which you can no longer afford. What is the proper behavior in a flood?”

Now replace the word flood with phrase “tangent universe” and you get:

“These are the final days, this is the darkness, this is the tangent universe . What is the appropriate behavior in a catastrophe, in this tangent universe? You know, while you’re cleaning out your orange crate in the torrent and you pass somebody else hanging on to a spar of wood in a flood. What do you declare yourself? “left wing” “right wing” “pro-abortion” “against abortion?” All these things are luxuries which you can no longer afford. What is the proper behavior in the tangent universe?”

The importance of knowledge about history rests with the learner’s ability to use it to make better decisions that influence public life today and tomorrow. History is normally taught as a narrative which begins in the past and proceeds toward the present.

Perhaps we should rethink this method, and begin at the end – reversed chronology.

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