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The United States has experienced a sense of vulnerability unprecedented in the nation’s recent history.

Since the end of the Cold War, governments around the world have been increasingly viewing their own states’ populations as threats to national security. This has been an increased priority since the September 11th attacks as the police surveillance apparatus becomes an external arm for the Deep State.

Our foreign policy establishment is its own worst enemy and our domestic policies can be seen as the equivalent of what we have seen in countries that have been ruled by dictatorships and failed despotic administrations.

The propaganda feeds have now gone into over-drive, Americans who still trust the mainstream media are no longer questioning or challenging the information they receive.

We are now in the middle of a psych war complete with Psy-ops programming that is confusing the consensus. Psychological warfare serves the agenda of the technocracy and that is to utterly destroy any semblance of constitutional or political clarity. Programming has somehow made politics a talking point in determining patriotism and is also being inserted into the zeitgeist as some sort of constitutional constant.

Clarity of freedom is being sacrificed now.

Over the years we have seen it slip through our fingers. It is dissolving now because of chaos that has carefully and robustly planned by the technocracy.

Tyranny and totalitarianism cannot be implemented without mass mind control and well placed trauma inducing false flag operations that apparently are being carried out by well-programmed actors.

It was Zbigniew Brzezinski who stated that, “In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason. The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society.”

These words of course are never brought up especially since he has been advising Barack Obama during his tenure as President and is part of the established Deep State technocracy.

More times than not elite figures pulling the strings in the world have often put into writing exactly what their agenda’s are.

In the past, U.S. Military Intelligence and foreign Secret Police employed a covert “Strategy of Tension” to terrorize civilians. This is a tried and true old method to secure group think compliance.

Those in positions of deep state operations have carried out bombings and shootings against random civilians using False-Flag Operations to blame it on someone else or some other country.

Those in power permit belief and they create crisis and provide solutions to the problems they create. They can also shut down certain beliefs and replace them with new histories and program us for new ideologies that can benefit the globalist empire they wish to control. It is unfortunate that they can make you laugh, make you cry, and even ask you to lay down and die for them. They have deep pockets, and they have their own public relations firms to tell you that what they want will not harm you.

They also have political “true believers” that will sell you out if it means their pockets are lined with their fake money. They will malign and ridicule those who see the danger in their illegal activities and call them traitors if it satisfies their need to rob American citizens of their soul.

We now are aware that these psychopathic individuals have somehow found their positions in the network control centers of our culture. Many of them have lost contact with the past and refuse to see what might be a bright future. So they have decided that it is the moment to take all they can and hoard it because there will be a time where resources will eventually dry up, including human resources.

Yet, ignorance still has its grasp on the consensus reality because there are those who refuse to use our new technology for solitary study and will not commit to getting a well-rounded story because it interferes with passive forms of entertainment and socialization.

Our day-to-day schedules prevent us from taking time out to think about whose side we are truly on and what is reality.

When Mickey Huff from Project Censored appeared on the show to talk about the silent secret war, I asked him about what he thought would happen during the days before the election. He said that the dossier on the so-called Russian election hack would be delivered to the president and that there would be a false flag event that would distract us from the fact that there would be no definitive evidence of Russian influence on the election. The CIA’s dossier was delivered the next day. No one really heard about it because it was delivered the same day as the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport in Florida.

As with my unwritten policy I opted to not talk about the incident or even speculate about any conspiracy theory, until the smoke was cleared and the body bags were taken away.

At first I immediately thought to myself that this is a convenient distraction from the Russian report and left it there. However I had an entire weekend to have it all sink in. The weather was unusually icy and so I had plenty of time to read about the shooting and just when you want to avoid all talk of a “conspiracy “ or a cover- up something happens to screw it all up.

When things like this happen anymore, I dread the scrutiny that I see in conspiracy circles. Everyone has a video out claiming crisis actors are there lying to all of us, that the incident never happened. This is what most amateurs define that as false flag, when it means nothing of the sort.

A false flag event really happens, people really die and there are real suspects. Only the operation is really a domestic intelligence operation that can conveniently blamed on someone else.

Conveniently, what begins as an event with many suspects usually ends up with only one suspected lone nut gunman who has been programmed to carry out the shooting and becomes the fall guy or patsy in the operation.

Most of the time, these shooters wind up dead.

The Fort Lauderdale shooter survived, and he had an interesting story that he shared with investigators.

The suspect, Esteban Santiago was a 26 year old Iraqi war veteran. He allegedly opened fire on people at a baggage claim and killed 5 of them.

Just like a Manchurian Candidate, Santiago walked to the baggage claim area, where witnesses said he pulled the trigger and appeared to be aiming at victims’ heads. Witnesses said Santiago didn’t say a word. He shot his weapon until he ran out of ammunition. He threw the gun down and laid spread-eagle on the ground until a Broward Sheriffs’ Office deputy came up to him.

Additionally, it is also important to point out that Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was present at the airport during the shooting and was live-tweeting details about the situation.

Moreover, an eyewitness to the actual event maintains that after they caught the first guy “there had to be three sleepers, three other shooters, firing from the windows at people in the airport.

Once again, as we have heard many times before, the suspect was not unknown to the authorities.

Santiago had already walked into an FBI field office weeks earlier in November with claims he was hearing voices and that the CIA was controlling his mind.

The FBI and police had Santiago evaluated for four days, then released him.

When Santiago walked into a field office in Anchorage, Alaska with his two-month-old son and carrying a magazine filled with ammunition, he specifically told the agents that he was hearing voices in his head, he was having “terroristic thoughts” and that the government was “controlling his mind” and forcing him to watch Islamic State videos.

The case is frighteningly similar to other mass shooting incidents that have occurred in recent years.

In November 2014, a young lawyer named Myron May walked into Florida State University’s library and shot three people. The media reported that he was crazy and hearing voices just like Santiago.

May also claimed the government was electronically harassing and gangstalking him. Days before the shooting, he sent off 10 packets of information including flash drives (packets which were later intercepted by the FBI) to try and prove what he claimed was happening to him, the point of which he said was to drive him to commit an act of mass violence.

Myron May was killed by Tallahassee police during the shooting. May’s family, friends, and coworkers all said that May was mentally sound before the shooting.

However, in the case of Aaron Alexis, the alleged shooter that gunned down 12 people in a Washington D.C. Naval Yard, all of the awkward information about him eventually came out and again we see the same pattern.

One day after the shootings, the Associated Press released a report that on August 7th, 2013 Aaron Alexis contacted Rhode Island police. He was in town as a naval contractor and was staying at the Marriott Hotel in Newport. Newport is the site of Naval Station Newport, the Naval War College and several military contractors. Alexis told police that he had gotten into an argument while boarding a flight in Virginia, and he believed the person he argued with sent three people to follow him.

According to police reports, Alexis believed they were using a microwave machine to send vibrations into his body so he could not fall asleep. He said he checked into two hotels previously, one on the Navy base, and could not get away from them. He would not tell officers what the voices were saying. But he also told them he did not have a history of mental illness in his family and had never had any similar episodes.

If you’ll recall, Alexis had carved “My ELF weapon” into the stock of his shotgun before his rampage. ELF stands for Extremely Low frequency –as in extremely low frequencies used in microwave harassment.

Some believe that the Virginia tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho, who shot his victims some 25 miles away from Roanoke, was also a victim of a mind control super soldier program.

Cho’s sister worked for a State Department contractor with ties to the Department of Defense called McNeil Technologies. They are linked to military training, classified military operations defense intelligence, and Human Intel Ops. They also provide front line security at sensitive classified facilities.

Virginia Tech hosts “The Farm,” where mind control experimentation is conducted under the aegis of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. When the massacre occurred in April of 2007, Virginia Tech was involved in an earlier stage of Operation Noble Resolve.

Cho killed 32 people and then turned the gun on himself. When his body was removed from the scene he had on his arm the words ISMAIL AX.

Some believe that Cho was triggered by reading Daniel Quinn’s book, Ishmael. The book paints a grim commentary about planet earth and how humans are destroying it. In the book, a gorilla seeks out and recruits humans to save the planet. It depicts humans as the enemy to the world and that the world does not belong to them.

When Cho sent a manifesto to NBC news before his rampage, he signed it, “A. Ishmael.”

There have been throughout contemporary history scores of skeptics and debunkers who have tried to silence the conspiracy theorists. Many of the so-called skeptics claim to have open minds about some of conspiracy theories but somehow manage to have on the surface a disdain for what they feel is absurdity and irrationality on the part of those who believe in such things.

Now, it has to be said that there have been many conspiracy theories which remain mysteries with all kinds of dots connecting and lines intersecting that make for compelling discussions.

However, there are at times many observers that will absolutely not allow any talk of conspiracies where the government of the United States plotted and carried out clandestine operations and experiments on its own people.

But, they have.

It has been documented, that for 20 years from 1953 to 1973, the American Central Intelligence Agency funded and conducted tests on human subjects, both with and without their knowledge, in an effort to control minds and personalities for the purpose of espionage. Technologies can be used to beam images, voices and ideas into the brain called artificial telepathy.

Concerns about microwaves, V2K (Voice to Skull technology) and how it creates, artificial telepathy and mind control date to the 1960s, when the U.S. government discovered that its embassy in Moscow was being bombarded by low-level electromagnetic radiation. In 1965, according to declassified Defense Department documents, the Pentagon, at the behest of the White House, launched Project Pandora, top-secret research to explore the behavioral and biological effects of low-level microwaves.

For decades, the Pentagon conducted secret research: zapping monkeys, exposing unwitting sailors to microwave radiation and conducting a host of other unusual experiments.

They were sub-projects of Project Pandora and were titled Project Bizarre. The results were mixed, and the program was plagued by disagreements and scientific squabbles. The “Moscow signal,” as it was called, was eventually attributed to eavesdropping, not mind control, and Pandora ended in 1970. And with it, the military’s research into so-called non-thermal microwave effects seemed to die out, at least in the unclassified realm.

However after Project Pandora, there are many citizens who were reporting that they were hearing voices and thought they were losing their minds. The word had gone out that this voice-to-skull technology or the Voice of God technology was being used as a form of gang stalking.

The victims were known as T.I. or Targeted Individuals.

Tactics of predatory gang stalking include highly-coordinated surveillance , hidden cameras, conversation bugging in private as well as public, harassment, and psychological, psychosocial, financial, and sometimes physical assaults on an individual by a large group of people who are often strangers to the targeted individual.

A massive expansion of an online community battling “gang stalking” has occurred in recent years, with the spread of thousands of websites, videos and organized events for followers of the movement. Those who believe “gang stalkers” exist publicly and brazenly express their concerns that there is a systematic form of electronic and physical pursuit of “targeted individuals” being conducted by government and corporate entities.

Lately though, many of these so-called lone nut gunmen have been former or current military, and have complained about testing that has gone on to create a super soldier.

Now there is information about newly-created super soldier tests to incorporate brain plasticity.

There are now new drugs that promote “brain plasticity” rewiring the mind, essentially, by helping to “permanently establishing new neural pathways, and thus new cognitive capabilities. Brain plasticity creates changes in behavior, perceived environment, neural processes, thinking, and emotions – as well as changes resulting from bodily injury.

The ongoing NSA revelations provided by whistleblowers about surveillance and harassment have given nuggets of truth for wide-ranging theories across the online gang-stalking community. There are also patents that are found that also indicate that this technology is already in use by the military, various alphabet agencies and businesses in the private sector.

Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and in some cases commit suicide.

It is quite literally a form of “electronic gaslighting.”

The CIA’s MK ULTRA hearings, which were held in the 70’s, revealed the existence of secret mind control experimentation programs being conducted by the government.

After the hearings, the CIA officially abandoned these programs. However, many people are now reporting a variety of effects and abuses consistent with multiple reports of unwarranted surveillance and privacy abuses conducted by the CIA, FBI and the NSA.

Because of the secrecy, new telephone wire tapping, surveillance laws and lack of congressional oversight during the intervening decades, the research and development of mind control and surveillance technology has advanced far beyond what most Americans would imagine.

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