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The people of Iceland were alarmed when they recently saw a strange phenomenon form in the ice. Residents living around Iceland’s Lake Thingvallavatn were recently mystified discovering a strange, code-like pattern sketched across the ice-covered lake like some kind of mysterious hieroglyph. The pattern emerges from a split in the ice, but with its sharp right angles, it doesn’t look like a natural formation nor man-made.

The icy Etch-a-Sketch appeared on Lake Þingvallavatn in Þingvellir National Park , which sits just east of Reykjavík. Until now, nothing like it has ever been documented here.

Meanwhile, a quiet Argentine farm town was caught up in an out-of-this-world mystery last month. Three large crop circles suddenly appeared overnight in an airfield. Local media aired footage of three large perfect circles near a small airport in the eastern town of Carmen de Areco.

The three circles have the same measurements and left local residents wondering if they were seeing an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Almost everything mysterious can be thrown into the bin with the aliens, but that would be too lazy. We can also throw these anomalies into the category of fulfilled prophecy too.

There seems to be a growing concern amongst religious circles about what are called signs and wonders.

Many religious groups are interested in what might be out there and science is hinting at the possibility that dimensional portals, wormholes and plasma vortices exist. In the biblical parlance there have been anomalies spoken of such as pillars for fire and a magnetic whirlwind known as Elijah’s vehicle. This whirlwind was present during the journey of the children of Israel and appeared during the moment of Christ’s transfiguration.

Arguably, much of what you read in the Bible is paranormal, miracles spoken of in the good book defy science and yet science tries to catch up by spinning quantum entanglements to explain the paranormal and the strange signs and wonders that are indistinguishable from magic.

We are waking up to the fact that the paranormal, and beliefs in paranormal events is the new normal.

I hear all the time the Earth is headed for destruction and that someone or some alien god will come down and save it. Then, we will be at peace.

This is programming and it has been part of our collective unconscious for thousands of years because our ancestors have written in bibles, Vedic histories, Muslim writings and elsewhere about shared cataclysms and major changes that we seem to not want to accept as reality, even though it is beginning to show itself in a blatant fashion in our lifetime. How are you able to speak on a how dealing with the occult and the paranormal without trying to address the fact that 4.5 billion believe in an end times scenario that is blue printed and accepted by Abrahamic religions that claim that a Christ, externalized Messiah or Imam, will return to fight a huge satanic dragon.

Similar stories are found in Norse mythology about Thor returning to fight a large dragon and save the world. Mayan traditions say that we are living in a final cycle of creation where animals, birds and fish will die because there will be magnetic shifts, in the form of vortices that appear from out of nowhere and decimate that which is living. They are magnetic wormholes and are describes as powerful electromagnetic pulses that would appear in the final cycles of the Earth’s creation.

These vortices that appear in the quantum soup are actually supposed to lift the veil and show us what is truly behind the illusion of what we see.

One billion followers of Hinduism believe in cosmic cycles that spin like a vortex. They believe in the avatar Yuga coming back in a cyclical pattern and the epochs keep repeating infinitely. We spin around revolution by revolution experiencing synchronicity that progressively gets more apparent and it starts to appear before or yes as déjà vu or meaningful coincidence giving us messages to prepare for the culmination of all times and epochs in one central point in time.

Out of all of the belief systems that I have read about and have studied there seems to be a constant; it is what science has attempted to call quantum relationships. It is simply the law of attraction and manifestation through thought or power.

If you visualize events or outcomes that you believe will happen they will most likely happen in ways you couldn’t imagine!

Physicist Nick Herbert once declared that the world behind our back, where we are not looking and cannot observe is always an active radically ambiguous and ceaselessly flowing cosmic soup.

In the soup are invisible wormholes, magnetic vortices, Rosen Bridges and columns that reveal that our whole existence and surroundings have been placed on a huge grid. When the grid is tampered with magnetically we begin to see patterns in the sky.

There are geometric patterns that can confuse us if we do not know of their origins. These patterns appear in the sky, in the stars, the sun and the moon.

Sometimes we begin to see patterns on the Earth – and in its creation.

In the natural world around us there are so many spirals, as can be seen in shell-fish, snails, antelope horns, on a small scale in our spiraling DNA molecule and on a large scale in spiraling cosmic nebulae. We are now about to enter the realms of etheric energies, which are widely known and understood in many cultures.

The idea that certain geometric shapes possess some kind of power is very old, as is the idea that certain locations on the Earth are sacred or magical.

The elites often apply sacred geometry to architecture; but, over the years, a number of researchers and writers have suggested that our entire planet contains a magical geometry which governs the location of sacred sites, and that this geometry may be hyper dimensional, and even that the entire universe was constructed in accordance with the laws of hyper dimensional geometry.

Etheric energy moves in a vortex fashion, because the vortex provides least resistance to the flowing motion. It follows that physical matter, which is materialized etheric energy, seeks the same low-resistance motion. As mentioned earlier, the natural media water and air have this intrinsic vortex motion. Our blood and the sap of plants, move in this way too. Furthermore, nature has designed arteries with a helical twist to encourage the swirl.

We see storms like tornadoes and cyclones that form and spin out of control with heavy winds. Hurricanes are also vortices that spread cataclysm and when they wreak havoc on population centers, we hear how the disasters are akin to what we have read about in the Bible.

It adds to the whole end of the world think.

Prophecies of doom and gloom, or the hope of a new world, are age-old. In the Western world, this event is linked with the Apocalypse, which is a series of events that is presumed to involve the arrival of both the AntiChrist and the Second Coming of Christ, before the dead are resurrected and the “end of time” occurs. Within Christian eschatology, the “End of Days” is linked with the so-called “Signs of the End”.

Any phenomenon of an anomalous nature is often seen as the precursor to the Apocalypse.

There are biblical passages that can be interpreted as a blue print of the end of the world; some see changes in the sun, the moon and the stars.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a conspiracy of sorts to immanentize the eschaton.

In political theory and theology, to immanentize the eschaton means that there is a concerted effort by a few individuals to bring about the Apocalypse in the immanent world.

In the Catholic view of Christianity, the idea of immanentizing the eschaton or facilitating the end times is considered anti-Christian. The idea of bringing forward a pseudo messianic government is considered blasphemy. And yet we are seeing before our eyes all faiths clamoring for an eschatological end to their lives in hopes that the heavens will open and God or someone who is most like him will return and gather up the faithful for that final ascension into the sky.

This is something that sounds very much like a theme from a science fiction movie. I know that there are many people of all of major faiths that believe that their way of thinking should be the one true way at the time of the eschaton.

The eschaton or the time of the end is being encouraged now because the leaders of the world want you think that to end world would stop it from becoming any worse. They will attempt to guide and acclimate you for the end and many people who are seeing a messianic future will become victims of their own folly. The more they are convinced of their manifest destiny, the easier it will be to walk them into a philosophical and quite fatal trap.

All of what you are seeing is part of a ritualistic process. It’s something the “engineers of society” revel in. It is human alchemy and messianic tinkering. Time is short and so the countdown is beginning. It seems that we follow the code of the Jesuit Order “Ad Majorem Gloriam Dei”; A slogan which rationalizes the idea of allowing the demise of a few to warrant the survival of the many.

The thing that is most interesting is that it appears that major events, disasters, fireballs from heaven, UFO sightings and even “angel” sightings are occurring with surprising frequency that hasn’t been seen in quite some time.

There has also been a rash of agriglyphs being seen all over the world. Agriglyphs are another word for crop circles.

Whereas most UFO and crop circle researchers have spent more than five decades trying to “prove” these phenomena, others have merely taken the phenomena for what they are: anomalous events, signs, of potential divine or diabolical, nature and part of the end times.

Apart from the apocalyptic themes and connection to aliens the Crop circle debate has been still going on – and while some data has been embraced in the fringe groups, other theories are rejected outright or debunked.

For years there have been hoaxers and debunkers that have tried to lessen the meaning of the appearances of these anomalies; however we are now hearing that science and the theologians are giving the phenomenon a second look because of new discoveries in physics and magnetic fields and frequencies.

Currently under consideration are ion plasma vortices which form in unstable regions and act as heat and angular momentum transporters. In fluid dynamics, gases, including air, are considered as having liquid properties. In such a scheme the descent of a vortex through a liquid produces unstable secondary products which form complex, symmetrical patterns such as circles, rings, triangles, double lines and ovals with tubes or ‘paths’ extending from them.

In its descent to the crop surface the shaping of these features of vortex instability would be guided by variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. At the crop surface the heat, ionization, associated electric fields and angular momentum would be transferred to the living plants.

Taken as a whole, ionized air plasmas are electrically neutral, although internally, charge separation takes place and t hey can have high concentrations of positive ions and free electrons, which in contact with plant tissue might produce transient heating and account for a number of the plant transformations.

There have been many depictions of the human energy field and subtle bodies in metaphysical and religious literature. The interesting observation in these depictions is the many signature features that can be associated with plasma.

A ‘natural stargate’ is similar to an Einstein-Rosen Bridge or ‘wormhole’ which has been theorized to form when space-time is distorted by intense gravitational fields.

The question is there a connection between crop circles and the recent findings of plasma vortices and Rosen Bridge vortex science?

According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, any large amounts of matter or energy will distort the space and time that surrounds it.

If the energy or mass is large enough, it is claimed that time can be distorted so much that it folds back on itself, creating a wormhole, or time tunnel, between the present and the future.

Einstein called it a Rosen Bridge.

Most people are unaware that it is now generally accepted that the space surrounding the Earth and perhaps the entire galaxy has “right-handed spin”, meaning that energy is influenced to spin clockwise as it travels through the physical vacuum.

The Einstein-Cartan theory predicts that there is either right-handed or left-handed torsion in space, depending on the location. Subsequent discoveries in quantum physics related to the notion of “spin” confirmed that “electrons” have “right-handed” or “left-handed” spin, meaning that movement will be detected that is either clockwise or counterclockwise. All atoms and molecules maintain varying degrees of balance between right- and left-handed spin.

Did you know that the electromagnetic field over the area where a crop circle appears is usually electrostatically charged? Or that there is a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an “ionized plasma vortex,” an environment that has been known to generate ball lightening that is believed to be involved with these formations?

These are verified facts, which is why studies published in scientific journals have tried to come up with explanations that differ from unknown or extraterrestrial. For example, Dr. Terence Meadon, a professional physicist, meteorologist, and archaeologist at the University of Oxford, said that balls of light that spin in an invisible vortex are a result of wind currents and ionized plasmas. Whatever the case may be, the fact that scientists are taking note should signal that this phenomenon is worth our attention.

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