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It was the first day, for many days in which the news seemed to be calmer than normal. There are such things as slow news days and there are days when the news becomes a circus. I mean, the mainstream networks are still bending over backwards to try and make all of the James Comey, Michael Flynn saga like Watergate.

Andersen Cooper rolled his eyes while interviewing Kellyanne Conway, which means this is either proof positive that CNN is hostile towards the Trump administration or that Cooper did what most people do when they see Conway on TV.

As I was looking over possible topics for the show, I realized it is days like these that I wish Kim Jong Un would do something to piss us off. It was then that I thought – what happened to that whole North Korea hysteria?

Just a few weeks ago, there was no shortage of terror filled headlines about North Korea. It was the biggest story in international news. However, as the international hysteria unfolded the narrative began to fall apart and it appeared that the situation was a convenient distraction.

It was very real, at least that is what we are told and there were military and ex-military calling the show saying that everyone was waiting for the nuclear shoe to drop.

Now it is as if we have once again been thrust into another timeline where everything has quieted down – it is as if the terrifying narrative in April was much ado about nothing.

In case you have been living under a rock, here is the crib notes version of what happened last month.

President Trump made a few tweets condemning North Korea in mid-April and also claimed to have sent the USS Carl Vinson strike group to the coast of the Korean peninsula. The latter turned out to be a “miscommunication” as it was reported that it was somewhere near Sumatra.

Now it is believed that the strike group has in fact moved, just not when they said it did.

The Carl Vinson and the armada were reported to have moved into position April 26th. It was on this date that we test fired a missile off the coast of California, the president called a special meeting with the Senate and the THADD system was deployed in Japan. It was also a date that was eerily played TRUMP APRIL 26 over and over in a loop on a radio station in New Jersey last year. Coincidentally on April 26th New Jersey was conducting a huge emergency exercise called, Operation Gotham Shield, where Homeland Security and other first responders simulated a 10 kiloton bomb attack from north Korea — a scenario that included a fake detonation of an EMP.

On April 26th, North Korea made the usual threats, saying they won’t hesitate to retaliate if the U.S. attacked, and also conducted a nuclear missile test that failed.

Meanwhile, I was told by some listeners that nothing happened on the 26th.

It is obvious that a number things happened but one of the biggest things that happened is that all of the hysteria came to a screaming halt because the mainstream media switched gears and focused on tax reform and the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Trump’s meeting with the senate on April 26th was said to be routine and when asked if we were going to attack Korea the president said “We’ll see.” Then the president called Kim Jong-un , a “smart cookie” and then offered to meet with him.

It was an obvious play of media ping pong, and Trump served the first ball in the game by playing up his special conclave at the White House to inform the senate of the supposedly dire threat.

This ostentatious display was preceded by a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee at which Admiral Harry Harris, in charge of the US Pacific Command, sounded the alarm:

“Kim Jong-un is clearly in a position to threaten Hawaii today, in my opinion. I have suggested that we consider putting interceptors in Hawaii that . . . defend (it) directly, and that we look at defensive Hawaii radar.”

All of this happened on April 26th. Sadly, there were a number of people that stated on Twitter and Facebook that I intentionally mislead everyone and that I was reporting fake news.

I am sure many people would love for me to say that I was wrong about April 26th and I would fully admit that I am no Nostradamus, but I was not trying to tell you that the world was ending.

In fact, I never said it was.

While April 26th’s series of events were notable and significant, it just didn’t make sense for the media to go from the equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis, to a rip off performance of Watergate.

John McCain sat down with CNN’s Jake Tapper on April 30th and in an interview suggested that the situation “could be a Cuban Missile Crisis in slow motion.”

Now, we can see that it is in very, very slow motion.

McCain said he would prefer China “put the brakes on this,” but would not take U.S. military intervention off the table. “This is very serious. Their capabilities of firing artillery on Seoul is absolutely real,” he said. “And this, again, is why we have to bring every pressure to bear. And the major lever on North Korea today, and maybe the only lever, is China.”

“But to say you absolutely rule out that option, of course, would be foolish,” McCain continued. “But it has to be the ultimate last option.”

We have once again reached a holding point with North Korea because the main stream media can’t multi-task as they want to fetishize on the firing of James Comey to the point of showing an OJ Simpson style camera shot of him leaving in a black SUV slowly creeping with a police escort down the freeway to a plane.

Amidst the eye rolls, the car chases and plane watching on the nightly news – something happened yesterday which was overlooked by the mainstream but wasn’t overlooked in the World Press.

A North Korean defector has called on President Trump to help topple Kim Jong-un’s regime by force.

Song Byeok, who worked as a propaganda artist before fleeing North Korea in 2002, said that he believes conflict with the Kim is ‘unavoidable.’

Song, who now lives in South Korea, said that war on the Peninsula is a price worth paying in order to bring peace and stability back to his home country. Mr Song called on America and other world leaders “to make a change so the North Korea people can be free.”

Mr. Song said the Kim regime will never give up power without a fight because officials are fearful of what people will do once they find out they have been lied to their entire lives.

But he said that the internet is already changing some people’s perceptions inside the isolated nation, and making them realize that the world outside North Korea is not as bad as they have been told.

In the event of a conflict, he believes that many ‘ordinary citizens’ would refuse to fight for Kim Jong-un because ‘they want democracy.’

Yesterday, another bombshell about North Korea was dropped by the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry. He said in a news conference that North Korea could already be planning a satellite borne EMP attack which could kill millions in North America.

There have been many reports lately on the damage an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) attack would inflict on the homeland. All electronic capability would be instantly destroyed. This would mean no food production, no computers, no water, and no energy. Millions of Americans could starve.

North Korea is practicing a “cyberage version” of battleship diplomacy so they can always have “one of [their satellites] very close to being over the United States,” said Dr. Pry, writes The Independent. Detonating a high-altitude nuclear pulse over the United States would be devastating. The hermit kingdom launched two satellites in 2012 and 2014 that overfly the United States every 94 minutes.

Dr. Pry believes the North Koreans may want to use an EMP attack capability as a bargaining chip against the United States’ efforts to ramp up the pressure on the North through sanctions, military pressure, and an American alliance with the Chinese against the North.

Meanwhile, The Central Intelligence Agency announced yesterday, the creation of a new mission center tasked with addressing the threat of North Korea.

The New Unit, located at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia will focus on “the nuclear and ballistic missile threat posed by North Korea.”

The CIA issued a press release saying:

“The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has established a Korea Mission Center to harness the full resources, capabilities, and authorities of the Agency in addressing the nuclear and ballistic missile threat posed by North Korea.”

Furthermore the statement says:

“The new Mission Center draws on experienced officers from across the Agency and integrates them in one entity to bring their expertise and creativity to bear against the North Korea target.”

Last week, the North Korea’s Ministry of State Security accused the CIA and South Korea’s National Intelligence Service of trying to assassinate Kim Jong-un.
The would-be assassin, identified only as “Kim,” allegedly received $20,000, satellite communication equipment and biochemical substances during a meeting with South Korean intelligence agents.

The biochemical weapon, described as a “radioactive” or “nano poisonous substance,” was supposed to be used during the April 15 Day of the Sun military parade.

Neither the CIA nor NIS has commented on the allegations from Pyongyang.

It appears that the situation in North Korea is not over; however, the mainstream has ignored it for more scandalous stories at home.

While Kim Jong-un’s propaganda machine either makes ridiculously inflated claims of how it will turn America to a sea of fire or keeps silent when their missiles explode, the US propaganda machine worked overtime last month to pump up the alleged threat from Pyongyang.

The propaganda simultaneously inflates both the danger posed by Kim Jong-un’s regime and the supposed near omnipotence of American power.

American policy now it seems is not to ignore North Korea. It seems that we are holding out the hope that Kim Jong-un will behave better and avoid his nuclear programs.

Maybe what should be done is to analyze the real threat to the United States and its allies instead of one hand saying that North Korea can and will use nuclear weapons on the United States and in the same breath laugh it off as if Kim Jong-un is a little boy without any direction.

It confuses the narrative.

Kim Jong-un is a thirty year old man that is not afraid to show his teeth. He is far from a kid with no direction.



“And this, again, is why we have to bring every pressure to bear. And the major lever on North Korea today, and maybe the only lever, is …” Henry Kissinger?

Henry Kissinger, Trump’s wild card? What message did Kissinger deliver when he paid a recent visit? What response did he return with? Some sort of deal? Ultimatum? Scheme? Bribery?

Trust Kissinger? Trust China?

Trust Trump?


About those two alleged EMP satellites.

America, the great and powerful Oz, doesn’t have the ability to take out those two satellites?

WTF is that X-37B that launches into polar orbit from Vandenberg good for if not this?

Watching for E.T’s return? Melting icecaps and swimming Polar Bears? Those evil Russkies at the north end and NAZIs at the south?

Whatever that space drone is doing up there, it sure as hell isn’t what the AF would want us (or anybody else) to think it is.


Wow! Breaking news of a major cyber attack in Europe! I have to hand it to you Clyde; you have been prescient about this! I take back anything I’ve said bad about you [ I never said many bad things about you actually].
Wow1. Please unblock me on your facebook so I can comment there about how you have been predicting some such cyber event and though ridiculed for it, you persisted! Even yesterday when the media went hysterical over the concocted rehashed “constitutional crisis” [not].

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