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I think it appropriate to thank all of the Ground Zero listeners who recorded the signal scramble on the show last night. I know sometimes I get into some sensitive subjects where strange things happen; either a guest is called away and threatened or another gets a sudden headache and has to go.

There have been shows where I have said something and we are inexplicably taken off the air. Each time engineers and producers cannot figure out why or how it happens.

I am not one to indulge in cloak-and-dagger persecution tirades because unless I have proof the CIA shut me down or the NSA or someone that was afraid of what I was saying did it – I am not going to state for a fact this was intentional.

That doesn’t mean I am not suspicious – I am most certainly suspicious and I have a reason to be. I think many of you would agree that it was most certainly suspicious especially when I was told by a reliable source about what some of the Bilderberg elite talked about behind closed doors.

In meeting today, we discussed what happened was not normal and that a long distance sampling mismatch was caused by some unforeseen issue. Why it happened or who may have made it happen was not discussed.

This was such a radio anomaly that even George Noory e-mailed us asking about what happened.

We are still baffled. It was not normal.

Normalcy, and especially the so-called great examples and enforcers of order who go beyond normalcy, must be exposed for their continued contributions to degeneracy and disorder.

To back down now would be pointless especially when it is important to expose the fragility of our fledgling democracy.

This is not a charge to blame one party or another but to own the fact that we have been duped into believing that one or the other political party is not above the act if impunity and criminal activity.

Many make the mistake of thinking that our current decline and ever-spiraling democratic death is because of one political ideology over another. That one is better than the other or that one single philosophy is going to pull us out of the morass of world order – a new world order ran by oligarchs.
If anyone steps out of line to challenge this insanity, there always seems to be a legion of trolls that rally to crush them.

Social media like twitter and Facebook have lurkers and paid trolls that will go out of their way to praise the Iron law oligarchy when it is challenged.

I suppose the genius of this oligarchy is it creates a kind of victim-hood illusion to fool the common people into thinking that, even while they are acting as if the ‘vulnerable’ are above them, the reality is that such groups, be they victims of imaginary college terminologies like fascism, micro-aggressions, and “white privilege” are all rebelling but they really do not know why they are rebelling or what or who they are rebelling against.

How can the people rebel effectively against that which they don’t even realize is ruling over them?

They mistakenly thinking that they are rebelling against the rule of the worst—but the alternative is also part of what can be called the kakistocracy.

The term ‘kakistocracy’ comes from the root words kákisto meaning worst and “cratia” rule. A kakistocracy is a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.

While modern governments take on many different representative forms, this word describes all of them on the meta and hierarchical-descriptive level. All of them have reached or are reaching though delayed in some circumstances a ‘Rule of the Worst’. The elements of human society that were once consigned to the gutter like liars, cowards, deviants, and double agents today have more safeguards around them than the Queen or the Pope.

We have been encouraged to “wake up” to the hidden struggle or conspiracy. Those who claim to be awake are not even out of bed if they believe in political left or right illusions as solutions to world problems.

The global overreach is the problem. The ideas of central banks and world police forces are the problem. Anything that attacks our sovereignty is the problem.

However, we are now being asked not to fight against the globalist overreach, but accept it as the only solution to the perils that await us in a nebulous and dangerous future.

We are asked to accept that we must be disarmed, that we must be spied upon, and we must pretend as though we are not aware that hidden culling policies that have been proposed are being implemented in order to gradually introduce genetics directives that were plaguing the world 100 years ago.

They were effective then, they were effective for Hitler and they can and will be effective for global strategists who believe that it is necessary for global sustainability.

The common theme which has been told over and over again for decades is that, even after the Second World War, most governments don’t outgrow their fondness for despotism. There will always be people that have resented the power of the state and have had a swift and violent reaction, such as by the so-called 1%, against the priorities of the oligarchs who have seized control of the government that is no longer for the people by the people.

That is why it is a compelling notion that the same climate exists for another civil war in America – and an even greater battle fought around the world.

The credibility of politics both left and right is more suspect now than ever before. Many wonder why there are people out there that attempt to reveal cover-ups, and conspiracies. Those who look under the rocks are told they are paranoid. Those who feel their logic and their apotheotic devotion are under scrutiny will fight back.

It is becoming harder to define just what our Constitutional Republic is. The lines of our constitutional heritage have been blurred because of the encroaching reality of police state rule.

Oligarchy is defined as “government by the few.” The term comes from two Greek words: oligos meaning “few” and arch for “rule”; similar English-language terms include monarch or hierarchy. Plutocracy is derived from the Greek ploutos meaning “wealth” and kratos for “govern.”

Today, both concepts, plutocrats and oligarchs, refer to the growing influence the rich – and especially the super-rich have on the national and international political economy.

Today’s plutocrats and oligarchs, backing both Democrats and Republicans, have failed to deliver. Both have enabled the controlled demolition of America and the destabilization process is an end game strategy that will set us up for a worldwide alliance.

Sadly, the whole world is stuck, disillusioned and angry. They say that they hate the wealthy and they do not trust the government and in their confusion, appoint the wealthy into positions of power in a government that is poised for restructuring.

With the future technocracy that is planned for the world, the current forms of government will not hold and there will be changes happening which will be uncomfortable and hard to accept.

At this moment in history the social structure of our civilization is already changing and there are a few people that see the changes as immoral.

The world’s political and financial elite are currently operating in an epoch which features the greatest wealth gap in human history, and in a financial environment which is the most unrestrained in modern times – all controlled by a relatively small tribe of hereditary elites.

According to Aristotle, oligarchs are citizens who control and command an extensive concentration of wealth, who always happen to be ‘the few.’ Similarly, people who, due to their strategic positions in powerful organizations, have the ability to influence political outcomes are classified by most scholars as economic and political elites. Therefore, the terms oligarchs and elites are often used interchangeably.

These individuals can “affect the basic stability of political regimes, the overall arrangements and workings of political institutions, and the key policies of the government.”

While acknowledging that a perfect political equality has a particularly idealistic character, and while most Americans are of the delusion that all men and women are created equal the facts are a tough hook to the jaw.

The enormous dichotomy in the system’s responsiveness to citizens at different income levels reinforces doubt associated with the presumed liberal democratic character of American society and that the United States, contrary to popular belief, is a liberal oligarchy as opposed to a constitutional republic or even a liberal democracy.

Pulling the kakistocracy card is not paint a flattering description of both the left and right however the left wants to pin the word on the president and his cabinet only… it is fitting for both sides because it appears that never in the history of this country has the government been ruled by the most unscrupulous or unsuitable people.

They are corrupt, dishonest and incompetent politicians, regulators and bureaucrats that in their intentional bumbling and fighting are making the world government look enticing for the ignorant who know nothing about history.

The idiocracy is being cheered on by the conspiracy spinning narrative pushing the Kremlin conspiracy. What is truly happening is a soft coup that has drawn its influence form a deep state that is hell bent on pushing the United States into chaos.

The first casualty of war is truth, the casualty of false flag terrorism is thought. Both are being conjured by the elite to destabilize and destroy sovereign and free governments of the world.

Western diplomats, politicians, and media are highly selective about who they call tyrants, evil dictators and degenerates. However, they are caviler in using these terms to describe our current president.

Meanwhile, we see that the rich will continue to get richer, the poor will get poorer, the military will get more militaristic, the police state will be implemented to curtail civil unrest America’s endless wars will get more endless, and the idea of truth and thought will be manipulated and accepted through countless propaganda programming from a media that has been influenced by the resistance.

As for the terrorists, they will keep on being played for pawns as long as Saudi Arabia remains their breeding ground, NATO keeps them in their Gladio positions and America remains the source of their weapons.

We will come to point where no one will smell the excrement until their noses are rubbed in it at gunpoint.

That might sound extreme to some, and many people won’t see or even feel the effects of the paranoid government trying to confuse you or trying to recruit you into believing that your neighbor is a terrorist.

We are people who police each other. We have been programmed into thinking that there is a threat lurking in our neighborhoods and so we must turn in those who are not following the social norm. While there is always the possibility that someone in the neighborhood might be up to no good, the new sport is to turn your neighbor in for something that may or may not be subversive.

We have developed this sick need to protect ourselves from an unseen enemy. We are devolving into the attitude that internal security is more important than any violation of human rights.

We have the great and terrible fear that our neighbors are not above suspicion and so the innocents must suffer the consequences and terror that comes with a nation that has been programmed into believing in an agreed upon threat.

There is a “dirty little psych war” that is going on in the United States. It seems sickeningly anthropophagous when you can see that people are either dying, or are being psychologically harassed at the hands of a paranoid group of individuals that believe in shooting first and asking questions later.

You may or may not see the trend but it is definitely becoming more and more the norm. We base a lot of what we consider entertainment on the pain and suffering of people who do not necessarily agree with us. A healthy case of prevention is always a good thing. However when it gets in the way of your common sense, you can take desperate measures that may not be reversed.

The battles we seek are not really battles at all but contrarian countering of people we think have unpopular viewpoints. We see it as an act of defiance to those who we think are irrelevant in the social strata.

We are losing our sovereignty to global interests; The “American Dream” is over and globalization is restructuring capitalism. The rich are getting phenomenally richer while the income of the rest of Americans stagnates or falls. Both American plutocrats and oligarchs are fighting to hold on to and increase their wealth and influence during this restructuring.

And they are succeeding.





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