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Today, I was running late for an appointment I had at the office. I was set to do an interview on The Liberty Beacon network at noon. I got off the bus at a train stop where I usually get coffee. I got my coffee and as I was leaving the Starbucks, the train arrived and I ran to catch it. I sat down and a heavy set woman made eye contact with me.

I thought that maybe she recognized me because there are times when enthusiastic fans of the show want to say hello. She approached with her phone, she raised it and she snapped a picture. She hurriedly walked away and I shouted back “Excuse me why have you taken my photo?” She ignored me and sat down at the front of the train.

I was getting some unwanted attention from other passengers and due to the fact that we have had some many strange incidents on the train in the past weeks including two murders carried out by a man harassing two Muslim girls, I decided to be calm and wait for an answer.

Her stop was at the college and she got up, I walked towards her and she said “Your fly is down!” I asked, “Why are you harassing me?” she extended her hand toward me off and she yelled “Stay away from me sir – I am doing my job and I have every right to snap your photo – it is the law!” She stepped out of train and disappeared.

I started to feel a little paranoid.

I am hoping that the woman wasn’t a stalker or in a worst case and operative following my move for someone else. With the political climate the way it is – all of us can’t be too careful.

Lately, I have been reporting that the social and political climate in this country has put us on the brink of civil war. This of course was once again illustrated today in Virginia.

During a congressional baseball practice, a gunman opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen, wounding House GOP Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana and several others as congressmen and aides dove for cover. The assailant, prepared with “a lot of ammo,” fought a gun battle with police before he, too, was shot and later died.

So, what I have said about politically motivated crimes in the United States is now transpiring.

Representative Jeff Duncan told reporters that the shooter identified as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, of Illinois approached in jogging clothes and asked “Are these congressmen Republican or Democrat?”

Six people were shot: House Majority whip Stephan Scalise; David Bailey and Crystal Greiner, the two Capitol Police officers assigned to protect Scalise; Zack Barth, a legislative aide to Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX); Matt Mika, a lobbyist; and the gunman, who later died from his injuries.

Scalise is the first sitting member of Congress to be shot since Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in 2011.

The shooting took place at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia, where 20 to 25 Republican congressmen gathered to practice for the Congressional Baseball Game, which was to be held the next day, on June 15. The bipartisan game is held annually at the Nationals Park and is a charity event. Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise, Senator Rand Paul, Representative Chuck Fleischmann, Representative Ron DeSantis, Representative Mo Brooks, Representative Brad Wenstrup, and Representative Jeff Duncan were among those at the practice.

The Alexandria police received a 911 call of shots fired at 7:09 a.m. Two police officers arrived within three minutes and also engaged the shooter. The shootout lasted about 10 minutes until the shooter was shot by a Capitol Police officer. Scalise, who was playing second base, was shot in the hip; while the shooting was still going on, Rep. Mo Brooks tried to stop Scalise’s bleeding using his belt as a tourniquet. Representative Brad Wenstrup, who is a podiatrist and combat surgeon, also helped Scalise.

Several witnesses stated that their lives were saved by the presence of the Capitol Police, who were there because of Scalise’s position as the Majority Whip. The Capitol Police were able to immediately engage the shooter and keep him pinned down, preventing him from continuing to fire on all the unarmed baseball players. Rep. Davis said later, “If they hadn’t been there, this would have been a massacre.”

Hodgkinson, the attacker, was said to be a Bernie Sanders supporter.

He also tweeted that President Trump was a Traitor and that it was time to destroy Trump and company.

The shooter also signed a petition calling for an investigation into Trump-Russia ties, confirming he was radicalized by the mainstream media’s obsession with conspiracy theories about Russia interfering with the election.

Can we now say that this man was radicalized by the mainstream media and their continuing push of the Kremlin conspiracy theory?

A week ago when James Comey testified before Congress about the whole Kremlin conspiracy, I was worried that the mainstream media dog chasing its tail would rile up the people and in the process there was a danger to national security and the mental health of the union.

I contend that constant propaganda and provocation by corporate media organizations and the NGO community, Americans are now more divided than ever in modern history, with race, religion, gender, and class divisions worse now than they were decades before. Many Americans, regardless of their preferred identification, have been radicalized by the media and entertainment industrial complex.

Indeed, all of our so-called identity groups, not just racial identity, in the country have become more and more entrenched in their ideologies, from religion and politics to gender identities, orientations, and even genders themselves.

Another incident coincidentally happened the same day in San Francisco.

A UPS employee opened fire in a San Francisco package delivery facility in a shooting spree that left four dead, including the gunman.

The gunman barged into the facility near 17th and Vermont streets around 9 a.m. local time and began shooting, San Francisco police confirmed to Fox News. The building is located in the Potrero Hill, which is about 2 1/2 miles from downtown San Francisco.

Two other people remain hospitalized. The gunman died of a self-inflicted wound, police said.

No word on motive for this shooting.

We are now beginning to see that radicalized U.S. citizens will pose a greater threat to national security than any foreign entity and while the media will have you believe the right-wing and their penchant for guns will start it, we are beginning to see that left-wing Americans are being radicalized by the media, who are being relentless against the right and the election handed to Donald Trump.

It appears the media does not give a damn about respectable objective opinion or debate on major issues it is obvious that the agenda is to radicalize sleepers who are ready willing and able to advance a multipolar attack with whatever weapons they can get their hands on.

I remember back when the terrorist attacks happened in London. Where the attackers used trucks and machetes to kill innocent people—our media was having a hard time grasping the idea that terrorists did not use guns. There was no way to spin a biased agenda against guns when the terrorists use asymmetrical warfare.

Equally, it is hard for the mainstream media to report that a gunman in Virginia was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and it was equally as confusing when Jeremy Christian, a passenger on an Oregon train, harassed two girls and then used a knife to injure and kill three men who protected them.

They also reported that the “anti-Muslim” assailant was a Trump supporter—assuming that anyone antagonizing girls on a train – one wearing a Hijab had to be a hateful alt right KKK Trump supporter, but again, the man was a Bernie Sanders supporter who believed that both Trump and Hillary Clinton should be killed. He was also revealed to be a political agitator at political rallies dressing up as Hitler wearing an American flag.

The agitprop has been effective and the media along with other law enforcement agencies have underestimated the American people, or is this an intentional provocation of the American people to spark a civil upheaval?

Although the current domestic terrorist threat within the United States is focused on right-wing extremists and white supremacists, left-wing extremists are alive and well and have several objectives.

If you do a search on Google about American radicalization you will see that most of the stories are heavily critical of the right wing as being an organized group of hate. They are a danger to the national security of the country but what the media is avoiding is the fact that radical left-wing activity is more brazen – from Kathy Griffin holding up a severed head of Trump, to a New York theater group’s reenactment of the assassination of Julius Caesar, modernized to show Brutus and others as men in suits assassinating a Caesar that is supposed to be Donald Trump.

Another well-organized extremist group is Antifa.

Lately, Antifa has emerged as the militant fringe of The Resistance against Donald Trump who they maintain, is a fascist, ushering into power a fascist regime.

In Washington, D.C., Antifa spent the morning of Inauguration Day lighting trash cans on fire, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers, setting ablaze a limousine, and tossing chunks of pavement through the windows of several businesses. On February 1st, Antifa set fires and stormed buildings at the University of California–Berkeley to prevent an appearance by Breitbart provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. (They succeeded.)

In April, they threatened violence if Ann Coulter spoke on the campus; when the university and local law enforcement refused to find a secure location for her to speak, she withdrew, saying the situation was too dangerous.

The media, at some level, are weaponizing words, and it happens that American politics is currently engaged in a fierce fight over, and about, words. The central word at issue is “fascist,” but there are others: “racist,” “sexist,” and the like. A great many people are currently involved in a turf war, aiming to stake out conceptual territory for cognitive bias and word play.

It is clear that, for Antifa, the purpose is to cloak reality. Antifa’s reason for describing something or someone as “fascist” is not that it is actually fascist but that describing it that way is politically advantageous.

Antifa is in effect claiming to oppose everything that is bad — and, of course, it is Antifa who decide what is bad.

Ironically, this can be seen as fascist.

We need to now discuss how insurrection and terrorism will be a one two punch in future attacks within our borders.

Many people will say that terrorism and insurgencies are the same thing – they have been known to overlap but there is a fine line between the two.

For the U.S. military, two such related concepts probably lead to more confusion than others. Guerilla warfare and insurgencies are often assumed to be synonymous with terrorism. One reason for this is that insurgencies and terrorism often have similar goals. However, if we examine insurgency and guerilla warfare, there are according to the military specific differences emerge.

A key difference is that an insurgency is a movement – a political effort with a specific aim. This sets it apart from both guerilla warfare and terrorism, as they are both methods available to pursue the goals of the political movement.

Another difference is the intent of the component activities and operations of insurgencies versus terrorism. There is nothing inherent in either insurgency or guerilla warfare that requires the use of terror.

While some of the more successful insurgencies and guerilla campaigns employed terrorism and terror tactics, and some developed into conflicts where terror tactics and terrorism became predominant; there have been others that effectively renounced the use of terrorism.

Many insurgents don’t have to use guns – they can use whatever they see as simple asymmetrical tactics to defend themselves.

A recent right-wing insurrection in Venezuela was actually armed with human excrement. The “poopootov cocktails.”

They were called this because of their likeness to Molotov cocktails, consisting merely of plastic bottles filled with human feces and water.

Insurgencies typically maintain a great deal of support from the local populace, which means the opposition can’t move without information detailing those moves reaching the insurgents.

One of the overriding questions when discussing an insurgency within the United States has always been the debate over how the military would respond. Those who hope for the military to break ranks and join the resistance will be disappointed.

The military’s response would be the same as if it were an act of war and organized insurgency would be a threat to our national security that is if it were well-organized and used asymmetrical warfare to harm other Americans.

The US Army has adopted a doctrine of “Full Spectrum Operations.” Loosely, it means the combination of offensive, defensive, and either stability operations overseas or civil support operations on U.S. soil.

This should be noted if anyone thinks that a civil war or a revolution won’t be met with a full force from the police or the military.



“The military’s response would be the same as if …”



So … What to do to put a stop to all this … stuff? Not just the subject of this monologue, ALL of it?

Q: Who ya gonna call? Ghost busters?
A: No, not the ghost busters.

The ghosts.


As the mayhem from the Left continues UNABATED, well …. fuel for the fire and a not any too surprising backlash against the current POTUS.


Clyde, to me, this strange woman has the feeling of being an SJW or Antifa type. What job is she doing? “Fly down” – distraction. Watch out.


So, by definition isis and alquada,hezbollah etc., are INSURGENT groups as they have political agendas and some,[excluding isis which occupies by force] the support of locals. In Iraq the US military was resisted by many Sunni locals, who we labeled “terrorists” but as you are pointing out ,that was mere word propaganda as they were really a movement of people with an agenda; resisting our invasion and occupation,
Speaking of weaponizing words, this “shooter” is never being called a “terrorist”, his attempted mass murder not being called a “terrorist attack”, though his act was as political as that of the Pulse attacker. [more so probably as there was much to indicate that the Pulse shooter was mentally ill and had issues with his latent gayness or was traumatized by being bullied for being Muslim].

Saying “God is great” in a foreign language or asking “are they Republicans or Democrats? ” before opening fire on people , is the same thing really; violence in the name of a socio/political cause. But unless one is Muslim, we Americans can terrorize ourselves and not be tainted with the word “terrorist”. All of the media and the politicians, both Left and Right, Republicans and Democrats and you Clyde are in [silent] cahoots on this. What’s a little mass murder or attempted mass murder when we do it to ourselves? Certainly not “terrorism”? The word weaponizers who control all public narratives agree; “terrorist” is synonymous with Muslim [insurgents].

You are just what you accuse Antifa of[which I agree with you about] ; manipulating words for the sake of propaganda; denying standing to any insurgency if the people in it are Muslim, and soft pedaling violence done by anyone else especially US [non muslims]. By your weaponizing the word terrorist to predominantly Muslims you are a propagandist pedaling islamophobia too and covering for [non Muslim] American terrorism[ists]

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