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Over the Fourth of July weekend, I had an opportunity to read about a number of archaeological finds that test the timeline and vindicate those who have spoken before about how the earth will yield up the bones of ancient giants, alien gods, and sacrificed civilizations. These past few weeks there have been a mountain of reports about remains of ancient man that date back 300 thousand years.

Weeks after mummified remains of anthropomorphic figures with large heads and three fingers were found near Nazca Peru, there has been an upswing in reports of various archaeological finds that paint a terrifying picture of what the world was like anciently.

In China, it was reported recently that a graveyard of large skeletons of bodies buried 5,000 years ago has been uncovered – and it is being reported they would have towered above the average person of their time.

While many of the skeletal remains are between 5 and 6 and half feet tall – they would have been considered giants in their time.

Archaeologists say their large tombs suggest they were likely considered powerful, high status individuals.

Across the U.S., and unbeknownst to many, are burial mounds or the remnants of them, some as extensive in size as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Cahokia and Monk’s mounds in Illinois and Missouri are two such mounds thought to have been built by pre-Columbian civilizations. The Cahokia mound is 100 feet tall with a 14-acre base, an entire acre larger than the pyramid at Giza. Monk’s Mound is just as tall with a 1,000-foot-wide base.

The most amazing thing about these mounds is what has been uncovered to be inside them.

There is documentation of unearthed skeletons, often of gigantic proportions.

Discoveries of the giant skeletons were found all over the northeast, from Martha’s Vineyard and Deerfield Valley Massachusetts, to Vermont and upstate New York. Other reports of the discovery of buried giants were also found in the south, Midwest and west coast.

In the Ohio River Valley, a report from Scientific American, found bodies of several giants buried under a ten foot tall mound. One female skeleton was found holding a three-and-a-half-foot long child. Another of the giant skeletons was buried in a clay coffin and an engraved stone tablet was also recovered. This particular mound was 64 feet long by 35 feet wide.

The Chichasawba mound in Arkansas is another instance of the uncovering of a giant skeleton under similar circumstances. The 12-square-mile mound had its name taken from the chief of the Shawnee tribe who was essentially known to be a giant with incredible strength. Chief Chicasawba lived in that area of Arkansas and when the mound was uncovered the skeleton of a massive human was found. Subsequently other skeletons up to ten feet tall were unearthed in the same area, all with similar burial artifacts found with them. Some reports claimed the length of the skeletons legs to be five feet alone.

We are learning through these archaeological digs that life in ancient times was brutal and more and more we are realizing that many of these finds show a variety of normal and abnormal occurrences in the recent fossil records.

What is a constant however is the ancient practice of Skull worship – or the significance that is given to the adoration of “death’s head.”

The 400 Spanish conquistadors who walked into the Aztec capital in the 16th century – were astonished to find blood soaked temples and human hearts that were removed and burned on altars or braziers.

The conquistadors and the Spaniards who followed them wrote of the victims of human sacrifices rolling down the steps of the temple, where they were dismembered, then eaten in a stew with chilies and tomatoes.

But one thing terrified the European newcomers more than almost anything: A rack of human skulls that towered over one corner of the temple to the Aztec god of the sun, war and human sacrifice.

Nearly 500 years later, scientists digging in Mexico City have unearthed the skulls. They have also turned up more questions about the nature of Aztec human sacrifice that conflict with the conquistadors’ thinking.

Their biggest finding: The skulls weren’t just the heads of male warriors who had been defeated by the Aztecs. Some were the smaller, thinner skulls of women and children.

The question is why did the Aztecs display them in one of their holiest places?

Not only was it a showing of power but one explanation can be in the fact that for thousands of years, the human body is sometimes referred to as the “sacred vessel,” and various parts of the body play their parts in the observance of religious ritual, retaining through tradition different kinds of symbolic significance; whether it is hands folded in prayer or making the sign of the cross, a tongue receiving the host or pronouncing the name of a Saint, or a heart brocaded on a priestly garment or taken from the chest of a sacrificial victim with the assistance of sharp sacred knives.

The skulls from the recent dig were found in the cylindrical edifice near Templo Mayor, one of the main temples in Tenochtitlan.

The excavation unearthed nearly 700 skulls.

But the dig is ongoing, and researchers expect to find more as they get closer to the base of the tower of skulls.

Meanwhile, archaeologists have unearthed fragments of several human skulls from a dig site in southeast Turkey with some rather unusual groove patterns scratched into their surface.

The incisions and perforations appear to be intentional, making them the first evidence of a funerary ritual in that part of the world, and possibly evidence of an ancient cult.

Situated near the Syrian border, the Palaeolithic site of Göbekli Tepe already has a reputation as a game-changer for archaeologists providing the oldest evidence of prehistoric worship.

Carved stones surrounding a number of massive T-shaped pillars mark out what archaeologists can only conclude to be a temple, one that predates Stonehenge by 6,000 years.

In Mesoamerica, the skull and the sacrum, along with closely associated bones, is apparently seen as sacred in some Indigenous societies even today, though surely less so now than in earlier times. The name “sacrum,” designating the more or less flat bone with eight holes located at the base of the spine, comes directly from Latin os sacrum, meaning ‘sacred bone.’

The skulls may have been used to venerate ancestors or as part of a display of dispatched enemies. Throughout history, people have valued skulls for different reasons, from ancestor worship to the belief that human skulls transmit protective properties.

The practice of preserving and honoring the skull apart from the rest of the skeleton appears to have continued in different forms throughout prehistoric times. Although some scholars believe that these skulls demonstrate prehistoric man’s cannibalism, most authorities agree that the skulls were cleaned and set up for worship long after death.

The famed crystal skulls of ancient Mesoamerica have been a source of mystery and controversy for decades. The handful of known skulls have defied even the most advanced scientific efforts to determine who made them, when, and most puzzling, how.

Crystals, especially quartz crystals, can receive, store and transmit energy and information – as crystal radio sets can attest to. Some believe that ancient cultures used crystal skulls as a form of computer, recording and storing ancient wisdom and knowledge to be passed down for generations. Rather than storing this information in a regular crystal that could be lost in time, they used a skull carved out of crystal to represent the receptacle of the human mind or consciousness.

The skull remains long after the body, so the crystal skull was designed to last for eternity in a form that would be recognized and not discarded. The key with any computer is to know how to turn it on or to get the skull to speak or send out sounds and knowledge it has absorbed over the thousands of years it has been in existence.

Crystals and crystal skulls are amplifiers of thought, energy and intention. They can calm and clear the mind for more profound meditation, and for improved clarity and decision making. With a crystal skull you can enhance intuition and psychic abilities, facilitate spiritual experiences and guidance, improve grounding and concentration, support the laws of attraction and manifestation, promote peace and calm in any environment, and generally experience whatever you set your mind to.

SHA NA RA is one of the few crystal skulls in the world that has been scientifically examined and proven to be truly ancient. It has the unusual distinction of having been discovered in an actual archaeological dig in Mexico, thereby providing further credibility to its status as a truly ancient crystal skull.

I have had the honor of touching SHA NA RA – and I felt its power. When I moved my hands away from the skull, the skull moved with my hands; as if they were magnetic.

Many people are aware of the power of many crystal skulls when they are brought together including several legends of 13 skulls that together can reveal future events and change the paradigm with the knowledge they allegedly possess.

After our first encounter with SHA NA RA, we thought that perhaps we could find a way to use the Black Cube communication device in tandem with the skull.

The question is whether or not we could link the black cube and hear the words of the ancient judges? The Black Cube may have a connection to ancient Archions and their black cube of “judgment.”

In the Book of Revelation, we know the New City where God dwells in the future will be recognized as a huge cube. In Chapter 21, John describes an immense walled city in the shape of a cube, the New Jerusalem, the home of the saints.

Jews and Muslims alike worship a huge black cube called the Kabba at Mecca. Their god YHWH is known as the “Tetragramaton” meaning their 4 letter (4 sided?) God. The “Kabballah” of Jewish mysticism comes from Kabala or “Cubed God” around which people gather and ceremonially walk in circles.

Thus it can be said they are “circling the square.” Masons are also constantly referring to “circling the square” and “squaring the circle.”

There is also the magic square of Saturn which has three columns and three rows that add up to the number 15. In numerology the number 15 reduced down in 1+5 which equals 6 thus the square is equated as three 6’s or 666.

The number 666 is divided by the sum of its digits 18 to reveal man’s number, which is “37”. The number 37 becomes a mystical divisor that is sacred because of its connections to man and what is written in his own bones and DNA strands.

In Ezekiel, Chapter 37 of the Bible, we find the story of Ezekiel’s vision of the “Dry Bones.”

God gave Ezekiel a vision and transported him to o a valley full of dry bones and directed him to speak to the bones. Ezekiel was to tell the bones that God would make breath enter the bones and they would come to life.

Ezekiel obeyed, the bones came together, flesh developed, skin covered the flesh, breath entered the bodies, and they stood up in a vast army.

This vision symbolized the whole House of Israel that was then in captivity. Like unburied skeletons, the people were in a state of living death, pining away with no end to their judgment in sight. They thought their hope was gone and they were cut off forever.

The Cube also is a symbol of Judgment in the Hindu religion. It s the most frequent shape in Hindu symbology, the mandalas with gates stands for order in the universe and the balance of opposites.

The Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple was beautiful. The room was all gold with carvings of cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers. It held the Ark of the Covenant, which was placed under two large gold cherubim. The room was shaped like a cube. The Ark was seen as a communications devise a literal transmitter that would receive voices from the spirit world — even the voice of God.

It is obvious that numbers, shapes and symbols are what the seers of the past used to communicate with spirits or even dimensional beings in the times of the ancients.

Indeed the creation story can be seen as the building of a cube. Creation is divided into six days–the six sides of a cube.

Imagine the creation story as the sides of a cube. There is a square of light at the bottom. The four sides are (1) land and water, (2) sky & vegetation, (3) sun, moon, and stars, and (4) birds & fishes. The top square of this box is the creation of beasts and humans on the sixth day.

Seeing creation as a cube would explain why in the Book of Revelation, the City of God is a Cube and why the cross is simply a cube spread out.

Jesus was crucified on the cross… or the cube.

In Jesus’ history we know that his crucifixion took place in a location known as the place of the skull. The “place of the skull” has an interesting history. This location of Jesus’ crucifixion is called both Calvary and Golgotha. The Greek word dealing with the cranium is, translated as Calvary. The word Golgotha is a Hebrew word which also means skull-better known as the “place of the skull.”

The significance of Jesus being crucified on Calvary, the place of the skull, was to show His victory over death. There is prophetic license taken from Genesis that the son of god would crush the head of Satan.

It is believed that head of Goliath, a Nephilim giant was buried at Golgotha. The giants were seen as an abomination as they were the offspring of an alien and human tryst.

The Old Testament and texts such as the Book of Enoch do of course make several references to creatures such as the Nephilim, fallen angels and even men who had horns.

This leads us to the legend of the Knights Templar and their practice of worshiping a holy skull called, Baphomet.

The ancient unearthing of giants and skulls are beginning to show a pattern or some kind – or is it all just putting a circle in a square?



CL: Place one hand on Sha Na Ra, the other hand on the box to make the connection.


Crystal: More like a holographic image.


Did I miss the feminine voices of Sha Na Ra coming from the cube?

Might want to make a physical connection if you want better results.

Samuel Rose

The common limitation is one of 3 dimensions. Consider the tesseract as described under the user AWrinkleInTime on wikipedia. The standard Schlegel Diagram is misleading in key areas. The WES model also has distortions in the projection, but is in a form more amenable to these esoteric discussions. In fact, the WES Model can be shown to demonstrate 8+1=10.

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