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Sometimes, things happen that are so spontaneous it takes a while to sink in, especially when you are making a somewhat spontaneous trip to the Bay Area. I have been asked to speak at the Chemtrail/Geoengineering Awareness Forum in San Francisco.

Timing is everything and even though there will be a lot of people talking about Chemtrails and aerial spraying there – I am now feeling the need to point out that there is more to this whole thing than just errant planes dropping white toxic fog on unsuspecting Americans.

While the chemtrail issue is important and the calls for geoengineering are angering environmentalists and even some Climate Change believers we have a major bio-warfare problem facing us. Not only from foreign countries but also from private companies in our own country.

The general conspiracy theorist will say that the chemtrail problem has been created by our own government to poison us. There is a reason why the conspiracy theorists say this, is because history will indicate that our own military conducted poisoned cloud experiments similar to what we have seen in places like Syria.

There are more documents that are being released that openly talk about Operation Sea Spray. A top secret aerosol biological experiment conducted by the Navy in the 1950’s.

We know that San Francisco is famous for its fog, especially in the summer, when weather conditions combine to create the characteristic cooling blanket that sits over the Bay Area.

The military used that fog to see whether it could be used to help spread a biological weapon in a “simulated germ-warfare attack.”

Over a period of six days in September 1950, members of the US Navy sprayed clouds of Serratia from giant hoses aboard a Navy minesweeper drifting two miles along the San Francisco coastline, a bacterial fog quickly enveloped and disguised by the region’s own fog.

By monitoring the air at 43 scattered sites throughout the region, the Navy found Serratia bacteria blown throughout San Francisco and extending to the adjacent communities of Albany, Berkeley, Daly City, Colma, Oakland, San Leandro, and Sausalito.

In this regard, the experiment was a success: the San Francisco Bay was identified as a highly-susceptible site for a germ warfare attack and a quantifiable range for the airborne dispersal of microbes was established.

A 1951 military report on the experiment summarized the findings: “It was noted that a successful BW [biological warfare] attack on this area can be launched from the sea, and that effective dosages can be produced over relatively large areas.”

It was estimated that the city’s 800,000 residents had each received a heavy dose of Serratia, inhaling millions of bacteria throughout the testing period. In its report, the military further concluded “that Serratia marcescens is so rarely a cause of illness, and the illness resulting is predominantly so trivial, that its use as a simulant should be continued, even over populated areas.”

However, Serratia can cause illness and the repercussions of this experiment extended far beyond a slightly foggier week for San Franciscans.

A week after the spraying, eleven patients were admitted to the now defunct Stanford University Hospital in San Francisco with severe urinary tract infections, resistant to the limited antibiotics available in that era.

One man , recovering from prostate surgery, developed complications of heart infection as Serratia colonized his heart valves. His would be the only death during the aftermath of the experiment.

This was in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

This document was drafted in 1947 following the appalling revelations of human experimentation committed in Nazi concentration camps.

The code stipulates that “voluntary, informed consent” is required for research participants, and that experiments that might lead to death or disabling injury are unacceptable.

The unsuspecting residents of San Francisco certainly could not consent to the military’s germ-warfare test, and there’s good evidence that it could have caused the death of at least one resident of the city, Edward Nevin, and hospitalized 10 others.

Over the next 20 years, the military would conduct 239 “germ-warfare” tests over populated areas, according to news reports from the 1970s (after the secret tests had been revealed) in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Associated Press, and other publications, and also detailed in congressional testimony from the 1970s.

These tests included the large-scale releases of aerosolized bacteria in the New York City subway system, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and in National Airport just outside Washington, DC.

In 2005, the FDA stated that “Serratia marcescens bacteria … can cause serious, life-threatening illness in patients with compromised immune systems.” The bacteria has shown up in a few other Bay Area health crises since the 1950s, according to The San Francisco Chronicle, leading to some speculation that the original spraying could have established a new microbial population in the area.

The experiments of Operation Sea Spray opened the gate for similar experiments with better tools to mass inoculate an entire city – or even the entire country.

Last year, the Washington State Department of Agriculture began spraying a controversial bacterial agent into the skies over the Seattle, Washington area.

Washington state officials claim that the bacteria, known as Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki, or Btk, was deployed in response to a troublesome gypsy moth population that was harming crops and other plant life in the region.

Btk is a naturally occurring bacteria strain found in the gut flora of insects as well as on dead or decaying organic matter. However, the strain that was sprayed over Seattle’s skies was a genetically modified (GMO) version of the bacteria that was specifically developed for the Washington operation and whose effects on human populations of such a large scale is unknown.

Last week, the first 1 million mosquitoes of a planned 20 million to be turned loose were released in Fresno County, California.

The male mosquitoes were infected with the Wolbachia bacterium prior to their release. The objective is to release these male insects that allegedly produce no viable offspring when carrying the bacterium into the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are known carriers of disease.

We discussed this during our show, Frankenbug, which aired July 22nd.

Now after further investigation it is now being revealed that a team of researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada have successfully recreated a virus known as horsepox, which contains similar characteristics as smallpox. According to the research team, the goal of the process was to improve the current techniques in vaccine development and improve public safety. However, the researchers did not disclose how they carried out the technique—track records show the best way to test something is to create an aerosolized stimulant.

Whoever or whatever they spray it on is usually kept secret until an outbreak happens and then scientists have a lot of explaining to do.

A number of science experts expressed concerns about the latest breakthrough, raising the alarm about the potential harm it can bring to the general public. According to outside experts, horsepox in itself may not be harmful to humans. However, the technique used to recreate the virus may play to the advantage of terrorists and may result in the development of biological weapons.

What would be the reason to recreate an extinct virus in a lab?

Biological weapons and the use of bio-terror is one of the greatest terrorist threats that the United States faces. Biological attacks have the potential to make substantial numbers of individuals sick at one period of time, and if left untreated can result in death.

The National Security Council estimates that a biological attack could place hundreds of thousands of people at risk of death and cost the U.S. more than $1 trillion dollars. According to a New York Times report, the U.S. is inefficiently prepared to respond to a biological attack due to severe weaknesses in its defense capabilities. Issues due to lack of funding, competing agencies with different priorities, and an overall lack of urgency all contribute to a deficit in countermeasures to combat biological agents.

During the Obama Administration, there was been an increase of bio-terror table top drills in America which have conditioned first responders, law enforcement and military for an upcoming bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic.

Also during the Obama Administration, there were more reported bio-terror plots that have allegedly been subverted. In most cases, individuals were been arrested for biological or chemical related crimes that never came to fruition. Despite the ever growing number of high-profile bio-terror plots and patsies, the historical record indicates that 99% of all bio-terror plots, attacks, “tests”, “accidents” and drills are conducted by the government who has the means, the motive and the opportunity for a bio-terror attack.

In reports made last year, one of the biggest threats to our nation are possible biological attacks from China.

China could be involved in testing a genetically altering bio-agent that can be used in war time and that perhaps these biological weapons have been shipped from China to both Syria and Iran.

It has been well reported that China’s cities have some of the worst pollution problems in the world, with smog so thick that it is hard to see through.

The Chinese government’s solution is actually to use drones that will disperse chemtrails into the air.

This has been reported in state sponsored media and admitted by the government. They claim that the chemtrails will actually work to disperse the pollution, but there is very little actual basis for these claims, and little is known about possible side effects that these chemicals can cause.

Some conspiracy theorists have speculated that the drones have been experimenting with various biological agents using the fog of pollution as a cover for some deadly aerosol spraying.

Similar to what our Navy did in the 1950’s to San Francisco. It is time to lift the fog of paranoia with some truth.

The release of genetically modified bugs, the resurrection of disease that were extinct, and the release of biological aerosolized chemical trails in the sky for geoengineering is dangerous.

Most of these GMO insect companies and those who drop aerosols from planes or drones seem to be doing so without any regard for the planet or Mother Nature.

History shows that when there is a preoccupation with a scientific breakthrough in bio-warfare, there always seems to be an outbreak of mutant diseases that we don’t seem to have a cure for.

Declassified studies have surfaced and have been used as proof that there are plans being carried out to reduce the population in some nefarious biological holocaust.

One particular Memorandum that has a forward written by Henry Kissinger is Memorandum 200 calling for a population reduction across the planet.

“World policy and programs in the population field should incorporate two major objectives:

(a) Actions to accommodate continued population growth up to 6 billion by the mid-21st century without massive starvation or total frustration of developmental hopes; and

(b) Actions to keep the ultimate level as close as possible to 8 billion rather than permitting it to reach 10 billion, 13 billion, or more.”—Memorandum 200

This memorandum was first conceived in the mid-1970’s. It stands as a prologue to the deadly, biological maladies that we are warned about on the nightly news. Diseases like Zika, force multiplied flu strains BSE, HIV, AIDS, could have very well been the result of genetic tampering in order to create a mutation.

If you look back in history you will see that there always seems to be some sort of “concern” for possible outbreaks of some new disease. With the concern come federal grants from the Department of Defense or from military interests.

Have you ever noticed how the CDC and the World Health Organization warn us pandemic flu and tuberculosis or Ebola outbreaks that simply do not reach levels that harm massive populations?

Could it be that the warnings are issued after “tests” that are conducted where geoengineering may be at fault?

History reveals that it most certainly is a possibility.

During the defense appropriation hearings held in 1969, there was talk of creating a stealth weapon that would attack immune systems for the sole purpose of genocide.

Documentation from the closed-door hearing made quite clear that, at the time, all biological agents used in weapons systems contained naturally occurring diseases. The codes of these diseases could be cracked, and cures for the effects of such crippling agents can be found. All of the components of lethal weapons were known by scientists throughout the world. It was then proposed that perhaps it would be time to create a new infective microorganism, which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism.

One that mainstream science could not crack.

“We can take 24 years of biological research, use 76 of our bio-warfare labs in operation, add ten million dollars on top of the 31 million dollars going into nefarious warfare research this year, and come up with the ultimate stealth weapon, a synthetic bio-agent for which no natural immunity could have been required”—from H.B. 15090, Dr. MacArthur DOD Subcommittee 1969.

Since that time there have been reports of diseases like the West Nile Virus, HIV, AIDS and BSE.

We can’t possibly say with surety that any or all of these diseases could have been created in a lab somewhere. However, we must understand that diseases that are similar were first found by research teams paid by world governments, and then, through a series of genetic experiments, were changed into lethal biotech weapons.



What bunk. That video linked above claims us of Gulfstream business jets have been outfitted to spray us from an altitude of 70,000 feet!

There is no such thing as a business jet that can reach 70,000!

A U2 spy plane sure, but a business jet? No way! Look it up for yourself.


Correction: It is the NYT Magazine article cited in the video that claims 10 Gulfstream business jets are being used to spray us from an altitude of 70,000 ft.

No way.


About those “special engines”

So what? The air frame is incapable of that altitude. The wings would have to be twice their designed size, or the max cruise speed would have to be doubled – as in well above Mach 1.

Impossible. Makes no sense to use business jets for spraying at such a high altitude. Aerial spraying at that altitude? Why? Those chemtrails people regularly see are low altitude.


“Ali” deserves a better country and a better world to live in. We all do.

Would certainly be great if Ali could find an effective CURE (not just some quack treatment.”

I would like to think that good folks everywhere have had all they can take from our totally and criminally screwed up government(s) institutions, and industries.

Want this planet back? You’re gonna have to take it back. The criminals aren’t about to just give it back to show us all they are not the psychopaths we know them to be.

It can be done, but not without a strong will to make it happen, and knowing how to do it.


How many scientists are themselves a form of disease?


Is George Soros a disease? Henry Kissinger and his good buddy Brzezinski? Are they a cancer on humanity?

There is a cure.

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