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I know many of us are realizing that nothing in the world is at it seems. With this idea, people find themselves at a crossroads. They are confused and when people are confused they do nothing — they wait and see how the crowd reacts.

Back when we were kids, I remember that when we would go to church or school dances, the first couple of songs would play and no one would dance. Then, a couple would walk out to the floor and dance and then another couple of songs were played, then another couple takes the floor — it isn’t until the third couple starts dancing that the floor fills with dancers.

We know that everyone doesn’t always dance to the same tune, but when they see more and more people respond – they too begin to listen and awaken.

People are waking up in droves, but the majority continues to be played by the ruling elite’s control system, unaware that almost every subject under the sun is rigged: In effect we are confined to living in a false or limiting paradigm.

Against the ‘insurmountable odds,’ we ask ourselves if there will ever be a new paradigm experience.

Having seen through the grand deception, will the awakened ever change the control system? Can we somehow go on to cultivate new theories and practices for a humane new paradigm experience, one that will create a world that truly makes a difference for everyone?

The first thing that needs to happen is to improve what is called social cohesion.

Social Cohesiveness has been a topic of long-term interest in sociology and psychology as well as in mental health and more recently in public health. While the concept of social cohesion is intriguing, it has also been frustrating because its multiple definitions prevent its meaningful measurement and application.

We recently spoke of addiction and how most of the triggers associated with addiction is the lack of bonding or the inability to feel like you belong because of many factors.

Social cohesion is the set of characteristics that keep a group able to function as a unit. What constitutes group cohesion really depends on whom you ask.

For instance, psychologists look at individuals’ traits and similarities among the group members. Social psychologists treat cohesion as a trait that combines with others in order to influence the way the group does things. Sociologists tend to look at cohesion as a structural issue, measuring how the interlocking parts of the whole group interact to allow the group to function. The truth is cohesion, is what a group needs to survive – there needs to be common goal and a common mission of a people in order for them to prosper.

Like food, and water, the social strata needs a well of information that is objective and without a political agenda.

It can be said that the information we are fed by the mainstream media is affecting how we as a people see each other.

A clear and present danger to the reading, listening and seeing public is the growth of sponsored/biased journalism masking as news.

Do you spends hours watching television until you drift into sleep? Do you read a newspaper or magazine during breakfast or lunch? Do you frequent websites that only cater to your ideology? What feeds your mind and creates your identity?

Who, really, are you?

It’s an important question to ask yourself because you may not realize how your attitudes are shaped directly by what you think everyone else is thinking or doing.

If you are basing your identity on what the mainstream narrative tells you – you need to understand how the mainstream information operatives are literally falling apart and the tried and true information purists are being replaced by intelligent agents that are willing to report sponsor generated content. The sponsor could be a corporation that wants a story reported or a government agency that wishes to sway public opinion through a long and drawn out agenda.

Now it is not just fake news you need to think about – it is news that has been paid for by an underwriter or benefactor that wants their story to be told.

The only way to accomplish this is to eliminate staff and compartmentalize the news room.

According to the Pew Research Journalism Project 25 percent of the 952 local television stations in the United States do not produce their own news products relying instead on contractors or sharing arrangements with third parties. Newsroom reductions in force continue across most mainstream media.

Many outside sources, including Buzzfeed, Mashable, Politico, Vice News and Vox still produce the bulk of the news stories that Americans feed off of.

Mainstream media; however, is literally drowning in its own vomitous offerings. People are now growing weary of mainstream news that is now in the business of using empirical evidence and unnamed sources as proof for outrageous political stories that really do not help them with their daily decisions.

The mainstream media outlets are now in the business of hiring and firing news casters and paying news makers outrageous sums of money to say things that further an agenda.

It is also important to say that professional newsroom employment declined another 6.4% in 2012 with more losses expected for 2013.

Gannett News alone is estimated to have cut 400 newspaper jobs while the Tribune Co. announced 700.

Recently, CNN was forced to confront a part of the Russian collusion charade which has become 93 percent of their news content for nearly 7 months.

Officials within CNN’s standards and practices unit had raised concerns about several elements of the original Russian collusion story, including the reliance on a single source, and others at the network were surprised to see it had been reported anyway. The network did not conclude the report was conclusively wrong, just that it was not solid enough for publication.

Three important news reporters were forced to resign over the issue.

There were shakeups at the New York Times as well — we can actually surmise that the mainstream narrative that is badgering the government for sport is losing its appeal because it does not provide information that the public can use and they are obviously part of pushing an agenda that really has no solution.

Now, Fox News is now being accused of promoting a so-called fake news report about DNC staffer Seth Rich.

A 33-page page federal court filing by network contributor Rod Wheeler charges two bogus quotes were attributed to him in a concocted story meant to provide cover for the Trump administration in the ongoing Russian investigation. Even more stunning, the charges state that Trump was permitted to examine the piece by Fox reporter Malia Zimmerman before it ran.

Zimmerman allegedly made up two quotes used in the piece that aired in May, identifying the late Seth Rich as the source of leaked DNC emails.

The court papers allege that the motivation behind the article: “Establish that Seth Rich provided WikiLeaks with the DNC e-mails to shift the blame from Russia and help put to bed speculation that President Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to influence the outcome (of the 2016 election).”

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in a news conference, blasted Wheeler’s claims as totally off-base. “The President had no knowledge of the story,” said Sanders. “It is completely false … The White House didn’t have involvement in this story.”

In addition to Fox News and Zimmerman, the lawsuit also charges deep-pocketed Trump backer Ed Butowsky was involved in conjuring the fictitious remarks.

“According to Butowsky, the statements were falsely attributed to Mr. Wheeler because that is the way the President wanted the article,” the lawsuit alleged. The statement concludes that “Zimmerman, Butowsky and Fox had created fake news to advance President Trump’s agenda.”

Now this is another unfaking believable story that has taken a weird turn – and it probably has a lot of money behind it.

Wheeler has been a very vocal Trump supporter – now he makes these charges which most certainly are very interesting.

Wheeler is a very controversial character as during an appearance on the Bill O’Reilly’s show, claimed a “national underground network” of “pistol-packing lesbians is terrorizing America.”

Wheeler said, “Well, you know, there is this national underground network, if you will, Bill, of women that’s lesbians and also some men groups that’s actually recruiting kids as young as 10 years old in a lot of the schools in the communities all across the country. And they actually carry a number of weapons. And they commit a number of crimes.”

While attempting to defend the vague, race-based suspect descriptions provided by police departments on a Hannity & Colmes appearance a few years ago, Wheeler crossed a few lines when he depicted the criminal in question, a “Hispanic,” as “not a black male, not a Chinese male with his eyes like this,” he then pulled the skin of his eyes to his eyebrows making them slits. This angered a lot of people.

How do we know this?

Because when the media got hold of his original statements about how Seth Rich was murdered because he leaked the DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks the mainstream media attacked his character.

Fox 5 DC reported that Wheeler was a private investigator working for the Rich family and was conducting a “parallel investigation” into his murder stating that he had proof that Seth Rich was the informant of WikiLeaks and this is why he was murdered. However, after the report aired on May 15 featuring Wheeler’s accusations about WikiLeaks, the family released a statement that denounced the conspiracy theories into Rich’s death.

Rich’s family has said previously that Rich may have died in a robbery, although that hasn’t been proven either.

The family wrote that Wheeler was paid by a “third party” and contractually obliged not to speak to the press without their approval. Furthermore, the family said they have not seen any evidence referred to in the Fox 5 Report.

According to Buzzfeed News, Fox News contributor Ed Butowsky, “a prominent wealth manager from Dallas and a contributor to Breitbart News who attended President Trump’s inauguration,” put the Seth Rich family in contact with Wheeler.

“They said they didn’t feel they were getting any answers,” Butowsky told Buzzfeed. “The investigation wasn’t going anywhere. I said ‘why don’t you hire a private detective?’ They said they didn’t have any money.” He told Buzzfeed that he “offered to pay for a private investigator, and called Wheeler. There, he said, his involvement ended,” but he added that Wheeler had never billed him.

The Rich family, in a statement published by NBC News, said on May 16 that it has seen “no evidence” and was a “family committed to facts” not “fake evidence.”According to UK Daily Mail, Wheeler recanted his comments, and Rich’s family sent the private investigator “a cease and desist letter threatening legal action.”

According to NBC News, a lawyer for the Rich family sent a letter to Wheeler that said, “Your statements and actions have caused, and continue to cause, the Family severe mental anguish and emotional distress. Your behavior appears to have been deliberate, intentional, outrageous, and in patent disregard of the agreement and the obvious damage and suffering it would cause the family. Your improper and unauthorized statements, many of which are false and have no basis in fact, have also injured the memory and reputation of Seth Rich and have defamed and injured the reputation and standing of the members of the family.”

NBC News reported of Wheeler, “Wheeler has since completely recanted his story, both in the press and in a private message to Rich’s family. The private investigator told other outlets the Fox reporter essentially put words in his mouth by giving him information that he then repeated in an on-camera interview.”

The media as you can see is becoming a mess.

The present reality is a Political-PopCulture, a toxic symbiosis, with each using the other as fodder for propaganda to further cynical purposes and selfish ends. What the Political-PopCulture presents as truth is a fraud. It is the arts in service to aggregated power. That same power props up and manipulates a pseudo-culture based on fads, appetites and the lowest common denominator in social craving.

Having a constitutionally guaranteed free press is supposed to mean having access to media which is not restricted by censorship in political, ideological or cultural matters. At its best, it would empower authentic self-expression by exposing the fraud created by those in power.

But the powerful know that suppression of a free press, which includes creating media outlets which blatantly present propaganda as fact, is the most effective way to manipulate public opinion.



Same question from last night applies tonight:

“Which is the more dangerous enemy, NK and L’il Kim or the American boob toob?”


Carson? I remember Jack Parr.


Coherent communication is at an alarming low.

Much of it is contrived; deliberate; a result of mal-education and social distortion.

People speak, and they are not even aware of what they are actually saying.



Ad Council?

Always looking out for us. Lecturing us on how to be responsible citizens. Do this and don’t do that. Big Bother is watching you, you village idiots, so conform accordingly!


Let’s not omit from the equation those who have ZERO interest in news and information.

My estimate: 20% of the American population.

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