4/29: Telephasic Workshop

talkradioLast year, comedian Patton Oswalt noted that, when it comes to our so-called smart phones, many of us are “holding more film making technology than Orson Welles had when he filmed Citizen Kane.” And now with the discovery of Alexander Graham Bell’s voice, we have to wonder what he would think about his invention today: Is it a giant leap for mankind or the ultimate electronic tether that users never leave home without? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis starts the new week by dialing up a ‘Telephony Of Destruction‘!

  • Linda Barnett

    This article reminds me of how someone just jumped
    Into my WiFi stream not so long ago and managed to
    Put porn on my screen all of a sudden when I was on
    The Before It’s News website. Our WiFi is passworded,
    Of course, and impossible to just guess. I don’t know
    If this was the government or a hacker, or just another
    Person’s WiFi bleeding through to mine.

    We have some weird processes on android, too, that
    I have been looking at, and they appear and disappear
    For no particular reason. This is all extremely creepy.
    One is called dsmlawmo and when I froze it, it made
    No difference on my tablet. Then there is drop box,
    which seems to be some sort of govt front.

    Best not to put ANYTHING on the computer that
    Cannot end up on a cloud somewhere.

  • Linda Barnett

    Hey folks I just guessed who the female bomber is—
    LA femme Nikita !!! :<)