5/10: Hang You From The Heavens w/ Cris Putnam

  • Jim from Worcester

    Mankind is a creature who has always craved what has been beyond him, but whom he can encounter and guide him and watch over him so that he knows he has value beyond his own banality. If it not plainly present he will make his awareness fit it or manufacture it, envision it, anthropomorphize iit. He will do anything, with all desperation, even pledging his life, his very soul, to that vision or any other that will justify him. And he will see, as he will, connect the most disparate to make it sensual, see it, hear it, taste it and know it beyond all his doubt and with all his might. and he will delve even deeper. “Ah that man’s reach should exceed his grasp; Or what’s a heaven for?”- Robert Burns.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dnnmauldin Donna Angell Mauldin Bishop

      Or a Hell.