5/9: Seasons In The Abyss w/ Johnny Royal, Matt Lande and Larry Overman

5/9: Seasons In The Abyss w/ Johnny Royal, Matt Lande and Larry OvermanAnd now it gets heavier… Last night’s talk about ‘killing the muse‘ has turned literal with a séance, some spite, hired hits and a spider bite. Tonight, Clyde Lewis welcomes Johnny Royal, founder and guitarist of the band Black Lodge, to continue the discussion of the occult and its connections to music – plus Larry Overman of ‘Ghost Mine‘ returns to the studios and brings musician Matt Lande along. You’re going to hear it all on Ground Zero – ‘If The Spirit Moves You‘!

  • Linda Barnett

    Allowing things to possess you when you get on a stage
    To perform is really a bad idea unless you know the force
    Is good. Christian bands and singers always have to fight
    The temptations of the music industry that will convert
    Them from spiritually to egotistically sending out a
    Message. Just because your music is christian it
    Does not immunize you from becoming an egotist
    And narcissist. It can happen to anyone, but as a
    Christian music follower I see most of the artists
    Being acutely aware of this danger and incorporating
    It into their lyrics. When you have a regular rapper
    Turn christian like Andy mineo/ c-lite, they are
    Extremely aware of the dangers of self-love and
    You see that awareness in their lyrics a lot. It keeps
    The listeners “convicted,” too, so it works for me.