6/13: Show Me A Hero

  • jones

    Clyde, I don’t believe you on the TSA taking a book. They may do things that people don’t agree with , however your creditability has taken a huge drop. A book. can you say not true. Where did this happen? When did it happen? Don’t believe you.

  • linda barnett

    Why don’t people view snow den as a hero? Some people are
    Not sure if he is just a lone agent who decided to let us know
    How our privacy was invaded, but assuming he is just that,
    He is a hero. The media is trying to tell us he is a spy. But
    The co. He worked for is owned by Carlyle, which needs to
    Be looked into. Who knows what is going on. I am just glad
    He exposed the extent of the snooping because now the
    American people believe it. They did not believe us, Clyde,
    Because I am sure you knew this years ago as I did,
    Because we do lots of reading. They just laugh at us
    And call us conspiracy theorists, but that to me is a
    Huge compliment and it has always been.