7/23: Wartime 2025 w/ Deborah Tavares

7/23: Wartime 2025 w/ Deborah TavaresThe new intelligence network will give ‘full spectrum dominance‘ to the agencies that are utilizing silent weapons to maintain a sense of order that they want. The strategy is an ongoing, silent war using weapons no one can see, but their presence can – and will be – felt in the future. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes Deborah Tavares to the show to help us plan ahead for ‘Wartime 2025: The Enemy After Next‘!


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    Re: Last nights program w/ Deborah Tavares

    First off – Thank God she is out there and spreading the word! God be with her!

    Secondly, whelp – well worth your time to stop your busy little life to listen to this one! this little bit of news will jar your eyes open for sure. lots of technology ground work being laid I think for the anti-christ and the tribulation! things are moving at a fast pace, make no mistake about it. don’t be caught sleeping!

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