7/26: Babylon Done w/ Tracy Twyman

  • Jasper siX6Xis

    I guess you can only find out about the Antichrist and end of the world if you listen live. Sure wish the RSS audio feed would magickally reappear. I’m a conspiracy theorist and I can only assume that “they” are behind this. Whatever you call “them”: Men in Black, The Elite, The Illuminati, The Bilderbergers. etc., “they” have gotten to Clyde and poop-canned his RSS audio feed. Prove they haven’t, Clyde, by bringing it back. The TRUTH is out there – but it ain’t makin’ it to the RSS feed…

  • imamason

    Holy sweet nuttiness…. open your eyes the govt has you fooled. Especially you, the one whining about a rss feed… turn on a radio and shut up.

  • Mike2

    We are born into a world of so many lies, yet, it is difficult for so many to recognize one lie and not the next. To see what is, and the illusion. Take money for example: Two farmers meet, one farmer has apples the other has oranges, they trade thier apples and oranges. The transaction requires no money. Money, is needed ONLY to make trading easier. But, money has (just about always) been used to CONTROL, as PRICE is set and determined; not bartered. Your life, your value, your time, is, set and determined by “others”. That, one persons life/value/time is greater than another’s and “can be estimated” is the RUSE. And those who determine the “estimate” can make the estimate to “favor thier scheme” [A parent could pay one son 5$ to mow the lawn, and the other son 30$.].
    And just like Cain and Able, we, are manipulated into egotism; that, because one person can “preform better” than another at a task, that, there is no task that another person can preform that is equally significant. While “a knee jerk reaction” might conclude that a doctor is more important than a garbage-collector,,, no one would want to live amidst a pile of garbage. Very few people are irreplaceable, yet, we are led to believe that: naturally/genetically highly talented individuals REQUIRE “higher payment” than others to survive. The illusion and disparity that egotism generates.
    Those who estimate and determine “VALUE” need a means of establishing thier authority. And Clyde is showing us, that, THEY will use any and all means-possible to establish thier control.
    Just as the “value” of money is played with (fabricated), financial disasters (of any proportion) can be created.
    If we choose to live, with this situation, then we can blame ourselves for whatever happens.

  • Mike2

    It’s kind of sad, that, so many people will use thier imaginings to support “the official stories”: and decline to see (or ignore) what is right in front of them. Does this tendency (to pretend that things might be different than what they are) suggest an inherent knowledge that means that this existence is not what “it” appears to be? Or, is the human race simply delusional? While I’m inclined to believe the former, I am extremely skeptical of any “official” versions of what “is”.
    As so many choose to believe “some version” of this existence; as if to “prove/defend” thier own sense-of-being. I am willing to accept that “I am” undefined, even, if only in my own mind: Where, my freedom, does not depend upon this world.
    If that, is my delusion, then, so be it. I have no desire to chain myself to this place, perhaps that is not possible: but, I see no point in taking that chance. This place, can be so much more fun, without harming others.