8/13: Genetic Elect

8/13: Genetic ElectGround Zero went to the movies today, but it sure didn’t seem like make believe. ‘Elysium‘ is slick sci-fi about what the future holds if we continue on our path of heavy surveillance, bad health and further polarization between the haves and the have-not’s. Can we change our genes to avoid the coming horrible outcome? Tonight, Clyde Lewis wants to be ‘Genetic Elect‘!

  • Poo Poo

    Hate to poo-poo the whole show, but Clyde isn’t nearly as intelligent as Ted Kacynski, who wrote a healthy article titled; “”Industrial Society & It’s Future”. It’s really a good read, more people should check it out.


    “It offered many advantages
    and no disadvantages. Yet, as we explained in paragraphs
    59-76, all these technical advances taken together have
    created a world in which the average man’s fate is no
    longer in his own hands or in the hands of his neighbors
    and friends, but in those of politicians, corporation execu-
    tives and remote, anonymous technicians and bureaucrats
    whom he as an individual has no power to influence. [21]
    The same process will continue in the future. Take GENETIC ENGINEERING, for example. Few people will resist the intro-
    duction of a genetic technique that eliminates a hereditary
    disease. It does no apparent harm and prevents.much suf-
    fering. Yet a large number of genetic improvements taken
    together will make the human being into an engineered
    product rather than a free creation of chance (or of God,
    or whatever, depending on your religious beliefs).”

    ” TechnoIogy advances with great rapidity and
    threatens freedom at many different points at the same
    time (crowding, rules and regulations, increasing depen-
    dence of individuals on large organizations, propaganda
    and other psychological techniques, genetic engineering,
    invasion of privacy through surveillance devices and com-
    puters, etc.). To hold back any ONE of the threats to free-
    dom would require a long and difficult social struggle.
    Those who want to protect freedom are overwhelmed by
    the sheer number of new attacks and the rapidity with
    which they develop, hence they become apathetic and no
    longer resist. To fight each of the threats separately would
    be futile. Success can be hoped for only by fighting the
    technological system as a whole; but that is revolution,
    not reform.”

    But you’ll win Clyde, more people are inclined to pursue superficial goals as means for contentment, but the content will be superficial, and they’ll be pushing for a few more years of vanity at any cost…

    And arguments against your eugenic supportive fan-boyism are “tired”, “old”, “played out”, “irrelevant”, and only seek to hinder “progress” anyway…

    Good shilling for the establishment though.. Bravo!!!

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