There are many times when we hear things that keep us awake at night. It may be a loud cricket chirping or a barking dog. Those are little annoyances that often plague us. However, can you imagine an intentional bombardment of microwaves pulsing and being aimed directly at you or even your entire neighborhood?

Now, I am sure many people will say that this could never happen or that it sounds too farfetched or even cloak and dagger to even think about the possibility of using sonic weapons on innocent people.

Despite the fact that you won’t find a popular definition for it, psychotronics is an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of consciousness, energy fields and matter. There are thousands of references to it on the internet.

Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio defined “psychotronic” devices as weapons that were “directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of … mood management, or mind control.”

The emergence of new sub-lethal, incapacitating and paralyzing technologies have an important role in mass torture programs, which are cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment upon unwitting victims.

Much of the future incapacitating and paralyzing technologies will originate from the so-called non-lethal work currently being undertaken in the United States as part of their less-lethal weapons doctrine; a doctrine now adopted by NATO.

In April 1953, CIA director Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively.

He argued that brainwashing had effectively enabled the Soviets to tamper with the mind until it became “a phonograph playing a disk put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it has no control.” With this control now in place, Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men’s minds.

In the 1970s, some of this “secret war for our mind” was exposed in a number of Congressional inquiries, but most commentators seem to believe, or accept, that everything stopped, and largely from the little information which had not been destroyed prior to the investigation began. During our Bicentennial year, it was definitely clear that it did not end.

In 1976, U.S. Intelligence was monitoring radar and electromagnetic signals from the Soviet Union. What had their attention was a pulsing signal that was being sent at 3.26 and 17.54 megahertz. The pulsing signal modulated at a rate of several times a second, resembling the sound of a Woodpecker. It was soon traced to an enormous transmitter array near Kiev in the Ukraine.

Within a year of its discovery people in Canada, Washington State and Oregon were complaining of all kinds of maladies. Eugene, Oregon suffered the most. People complained of pressure headaches, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, lack of coordination, and numbness, accompanied by a high-pitched ringing in the ears.

No one had really thought of the possibility that strong electromagnetic microwave radiation could have caused these symptoms. However, residents that lived between Eugene and Corvallis Oregon were being subjected to a powerful radio attack with a signal centering at 4.75 Megahertz.

People were claiming to hear tones in their ears and later feeling sick and fatigued. There were unsubstantiated theories that were taken as fact as to what was causing these health problems. One such theory was that winter damaged power lines were emanating frequencies and tones to the ultra sensitive ear.

It was later realized that something nefarious was happening with the so-called Woodpecker signal. It was being targeted to Oregon by a by a Tesla-magnifying transmitter.

This technology was able to beam a radio signal through the earth to any desired point on its surface. It could even increase the signal’s power as it emerged from the earth. It was speculated that a Navy ELF communications system using an 850-mile power line was jamming a Soviet pulse signal.

Back then, the systems were new and their power was obviously capable of harming human nervous systems and brain function. Today, the systems are far more advanced and have the potential to be weapons of mass destruction.

Time Magazine reported that Washington had known for some 15 years that its Moscow Embassy had been bombarded with microwaves. The purpose was to jam the sophisticated electronic monitoring devices inside and on the roof of the building. But the State Department decided to launch a medical investigation of the thousands of US diplomats and their families who served in Moscow since the early 1960s.

In the wake of the microwave disclosures, former embassy employees and their families recalled suffering strange ailments during their tenure in Moscow, ranging from eye tics and headaches to heavy menstrual flows. Some pointed out that former ambassadors to Moscow, Charles Bohlen and Llewellyn Thompson both died of cancer, though an official link between the cancer and the microwave bombardments was never confirmed.

At the end of the Cold War, the signal was turned off, and NATO accepted the official Soviet explanation, that the signal had been an unfortunate by-product of Russia’s Anti Ballistic Missile system.

That didn’t change what happened behind the scenes.

When it was discovered that the technology used by the Russians was capable of causing brain damage and damage to the nervous system the CIA purchased from a front in Canada a “woodpecker” torture device called a LIDA. In 1985 CNN did a report on the LIDA machine experiments.

Extremely Low Frequencies and microwaves can cause agitation in humans and frequencies have been known to cause sickness and eventual deaths are a matter of record.

In 1977, the US government sold the Soviets a super magnet knowing that it was going to become part of the new Woodpecker program. This magnet was a 40-ton power monster capable of generating a magnetic field 250,000 times more powerful than that of the earth’s magnetic field. The United States not only knew what it was for, they sent a team of scientists to help the Russians install it.

The team installed the magnet in the Ukraine, which was near and powered by the Chernobyl reactor, which in 1986 became the focus of a nuclear tragedy. There has been speculation whether the highly unlikely scenario of this tragedy that was blamed, as usual, on bad design and maintenance might have been linked to the nearby magnet.

There is no word on whether or not the Russians are still using the facility but the use of sonic torture is appearing again.

Recently, we have been receiving spotty reports from the mainstream media about a similar event that happened in Cuba. It was first reported that both American and Canadian diplomats at the US embassy were attacked by a sonic weapon and that they suffered hearing loss. Today it was reported that their injuries are more extensive than just a loss of hearing.

The doctor who evaluated American and Canadian diplomats working in Cuba diagnosed them with conditions as serious as mild traumatic brain injury and damage to the central nervous system.

The diplomats had complained of symptoms including hearing loss, nausea, headaches and balance disorders after what were described as “incidents” that began affecting them in Havana beginning in late 2016.

Of course, the State Department will not comment on what has happened – and the mainstream media is also at a loss as to what is going on.

Heather Nauert, State Department spokeswoman, reported two weeks ago that the state department learned of incidents at its embassy in Havana in late 2016. She said the source or cause of the “incidents” was unknown but they “caused a variety of physical symptoms” in US government employees.

The media did not report it and there s no word on what was done by the state department to stop it.

The problem is that the media lives and dies by what the Pentagon feeds them and most reporters are too lazy to dig and deliver the information that we are providing for you. It is also obvious that the mainstream waited to report it because these topics have been rendered worthless by those who wish to dismiss these events as conspiracy theory.

However, the history of acoustic torture is available and people have to wake up to the idea that our military and possibly a foreign actor has the capability of exposing an entire community to acoustic torture.

The Cuban government has said it wasn’t responsible for any possible attack, but that it has launched an “exhaustive, high-priority, urgent investigation”.

The ministry said it had created an expert committee to analyze the incidents and had reinforced security around the U.S. embassy and U.S. diplomatic residences.

Cuba employs a state security apparatus that keeps many people under surveillance and U.S. diplomats are among the most closely monitored people on the island. Like virtually all foreign diplomats in Cuba, the victims of the incidents lived in housing owned and maintained by the Cuban government.

However, officials familiar with the probe said investigators were looking into the possibilities that the incidents were carried out by a third country such as Russia, possibly operating without the knowledge of Cuba’s formal chain of command.

Now, can we even imagine the possibility that these types of weapons are being used today in areas of the country that turn into flash points of violence.

The United States has experienced a sense of vulnerability unprecedented in the nation’s recent history.

We are now in the middle of a psych war complete with Psy-ops programming that is confusing the consensus. Psychological warfare serves the agenda of the technocracy and that is to utterly destroy any semblance of constitutional or political clarity. Programming has somehow made politics a talking point in determining patriotism and is also being inserted into the zeitgeist as some sort of constitutional constant.

Clarity of freedom is being sacrificed now.

We need to ask ourselves if certain pulses or vibratory tones can be used to trigger our anger.

Are we really this angry? Or is there something creating the agitation and uprising?

Tyranny and totalitarianism cannot be implemented without mass mind control and well placed trauma inducing false flag operations that apparently are being carried out by well-programmed actors.

In the past, U.S. Military Intelligence and foreign Secret Police employed a covert “Strategy of Tension” to terrorize civilians. This is a tried and true old method to secure group think compliance.

Those in positions of deep state operations have carried out bombings and shootings against random civilians using False-Flag Operations to blame it on someone else or some other country.

Those in power permit belief and they create crisis and provide solutions to the problems they create. They can also shut down certain beliefs and replace them with new histories and program us for new ideologies that can benefit the globalist empire they wish to control.

Ask yourself, why are we now discussing the removal of historical monuments dedicated to the confederacy. Isn’t this an attempt to erase history?

Think about this: a new ABC News/Washington Post poll has found that 9 percent of respondents believe it is acceptable to hold white supremacist or neo-Nazi views, and 10 percent support the alt-right movement, while 50 percent oppose it.

So, if this is the case why does the media make it sound as though the majority of the conservative right are racists.

Pay attention – something is manipulating you – something is toying with your mind. When speaking about how America could be destroyed, Joseph Stalin stated:

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

The collapse appears to be underway and our government, along with the governments of the world, are ready for the various sparks of insurgency, whereby they have had a hand in orchestrating in order to continue the encroachment of the mechanism created to guarantee a worldwide police force ready into implement a globalist empire.

Social engineering is molding and shaping a hive mind psychological profile which is responding to authoritarian philosophies.

The destabilization process is by design, created by psychological warfare and mass mind control has now supplanted the mentally healthy and positive American into a republic that responds only to chaotic solutions and barriers which will place in exile anyone who does not agree with the agendas provided by the waiting authoritarian rule.

In order to fully understand what is happening, we can reference a very unsettling interview that was conducted interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It’s shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps.

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a former KGB agent, explained that by controlling the perceptions of people, they become more prone to make erroneous conclusions, thereby simplifying the manipulation of the masses.

The way you can destroy a country or a republic is to program people into dismissing true facts as erroneous even in spite of the obvious. There are four crucial steps that are used to cause a government to implode and it is done by changing the behavior of the populace.

The processes take time and with gradualism and in some cases, a little push through traumatic events, the people begin to commit civil suicide.

The first step in accomplishing this is demoralization – a process which can take about 15-30 years to perform. This time frame is actually about one generation.

During this stage, the moral fiber and integrity of the country is put into question, thereby creating doubt in the minds of the people. To do so, manipulation of the media and academia is required to influence and brainwash the youth.

As the younger generation embraces the new values that puts the state’s interests above self-interests the older generation slowly loses control simply through attrition.

Again, true facts no longer matter during this stage. Creating altered perceptions is the key. Combine that with the use of sonic or psychotronic weapons and you have a marauding horde that needs to be monitored, controlled and jailed.