Yesterday as I was going to work, I saw a couple get on the bus. Something about them seemed a little off and as they moved to the seat across from me, I could tell that both of them appeared to be on some sort of drug. I suspected they were on meth or something similar because they were doing the tweak dance. If anyone has seen the tweaking fits from addicts it is similar to what you’d see if you were watching a twitching zombie.

It is uncomfortable to watch and as I was trying to look away the man snarled at me and said “what are looking at fatman?”

I was about to exit off the bus to avoid confrontation but they both stood up and decided to exit the bus on their own. For some reason this bothered me – things like this happen all the time, but it triggered something in me and I started to realize that there is truly a strange vibration that is certainly engulfing the planet.

It is not necessarily a supernatural oddity, but certainly a paranormal one. It is as if many of us are being pulled kicking and screaming into a cloud of demonic chaos.

Someone had suggested to me that I should watch the New American Horror Story series in order to get an explanation of what is happening and when I watched the first episode I was intrigued because I was thinking that what the episode was trying to say is that people act peculiar when faced with something that appears to be a trauma paradigm.

It is like a psychological butterfly effect where some traumatic happening creates a chain reaction and soon we start feeling as if we are slipping into the throes of a retro-causal Armageddon.

Mass trauma is a growing concern in the world. In fact, it is becoming part of a new cultural paradigm. The awareness of trauma and its deleterious after effects are dominating this era of human history and even though psychologists, psychiatrist and others are trying to get the word out about how it is affecting the culture.

Natural and human disasters, global acts of political, economic, religious and military terrorism, domestic violence, and the rumors of war are not only triggering post traumatic stress, but it is producing some parapsychological effects – virtually no research has been done in parapsychology on the effects of traumatic experiences on peoples’ lives and how it affects perceptions of religious faith, precognitive dreams of an apocalyptic future, mental manifestations and demonic possession.

People who are actively interested in parapsychology and have had experiences they interpret as paranormal or transcendent report that these experiences have enhanced their spiritual beliefs and well-being.

Some are seeing them as portents, for the possible fulfillment of the apocalypse.

These effects are generally a combined result of more than one anomalous experience and a larger number of experiences are associated with greater effects. Fear apparently is a relatively common initial reaction to paranormal phenomena, but eventually the events become less paranormal and more normal.

This is unprecedented and some say it is an indication that the dispensational end of days are upon us.

I can’t help but wonder if the initial trauma paradigm is the answer to this paranormal or apocalyptic butterfly effect because I can’t express enough how things are becoming downright peculiar—more so than it has in the past.

For example, all throughout Seattle people are finding Origami butterflies scattered on the ground in parks.

The folded papers have a puzzling warning about safety, but no one seems to know who is behind the campaign or what it’s about.

When unfolded, the message “you are not safe,” is revealed and there is a date: 9-28-17. The flip side has illustrations of Russell Wilson, Kurt Cobain, the Starbucks siren, and a message about peace.

What is the meaning of the date? Is this some sort of threat to the city? A prophetic warning? It certainly has people in the area concerned.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Alert System aired today all over the country and as it appeared – it went without incident – well, almost. Once again, it appears that someone who has capabilities of hacking into the Orange County, California alert system are using alarming broadcasts between the tones to give people an eerie sense of doomsday.

This time another recording has been made featuring the EAS tones with a message from the so called “Area 51 “ caller that was heard in the Art Bell show in 1997.

The EAS system was activated and then during the pause you hear the voice saying “The space program made contact with… They are not what they claim to be,” one of the recordings said. “They have infiltrated a lot of, uh, a lot of aspects of military establishment, particularly Area 51. The disasters that are coming – the military – I’m sorry the government knows about them– and then more tones.

You may recall that the eerie broadcasts have been heard by people in Orange County, California last week. The regular TV programming was interrupted with ominous messages suggesting the end was very near.

Ground Zero listeners responded to the recordings we aired by identifying the voice of the broadcast. It was the voice of Chuck Swindoll a pastor who hosts the “Insights for Living” radio broadcast.

In something equally unsettling a 16-page “Nuclear Attack Response Considerations” bulletin is dated Aug. 16 and marked for “official use only.” It was circulated last month to Los Angeles-area local, state, and federal agency personnel and also throughout the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies across the country.

The idea behind the unclassified report was to share planning and guidance with as wide a distribution as possible, according to two officials involved in responding to a nuclear strike and who received the bulletin. Many agencies are involved in responding to an attack and are often staffed with personnel without access to classified information.

Much of the information in the report is based on well-known facts about the effects of a nuclear blast, including the effects of radiation, the possibly of an electromagnetic pulse disabling communications, and the destructive effects of the initial blast on human life and infrastructure.

Citing figures from the Rand Corp., the report says a nuclear blast at the Long Beach Port could cause more than $1 trillion in damage, including loss of life and destruction of homes and infrastructure.

We know that preparations for possible events such as these are vital, but most of what is being produced is now being given as inevitability rather than a possibility. Every storm, disaster or economic downturn isn’t just an event it is a biblical event, well at least this is what is being reported.

The fact is trauma has been known to trigger Psi phenomena and so this is why we are seeing an increase of reports of people who are having experiences they cannot explain and reports of anomalies that range from shadowy figures appearing in rooms, to luminous figures that are seen either walking down the street or flying in the sky.

It is being reported that after the earthquakes that have been felt in Mexico, Chile and Japan, luminous entities have been seen in the streets.

When Chile had its massive quake in 2010, passengers on a bus reported seeing a luminous entity walking through the streets. Some say it was an alien while others believed that what they saw was an angel.

There have been other luminous entity sightings in Mexico after they were shaken by earthquakes.

Colombia, Venezuela, and Costa Rica have been seeing some peculiar things happening in the sky. All three countries have reported and documented surging clouds that rumble and engulf some of their cities. Citizens first thought it was thunder and lightning, but after further review, the sky was being lit by strange lights that moved over the city as if they were intelligently controlled.

In the Valle del Cauca, Colombia newspapers reported the following:

“Reports have suggested that clouds engulfed the whole of the city while loud thunder was heard and lightning flashed in the sky. Witnesses said that when the clouds went away they saw two bright objects make an appearance and it was as if the sun had suddenly risen, but it was still the middle of the night.”

All of the residents who saw the events unfold said that at first weird clouds formed and they engulfed the sky and then following the thunder and lightning two bright objects were seen from behind. The local people said that the objects seemed to appear at different times and when the first of them came, it also emitted a weird sound and then separated into many luminous objects that then moved away to the sides of the main object and then each of them simply vanished after each other.

The videos recorded in the city are eerie and unnatural.

Now could all of these experiences be brought on my massive trauma or is there something more supernatural happening.

Not only could trauma contribute to the development of experiencing the paranormal, the experience itself can be traumatizing, as well. The feeling of fear and dread is usually an initial response because it is often confusing to sort out what is happening, and then potentially leading to a sense of awe and comfort when one feels a better understanding of the experience.

Real-life paranormal experiences aren’t what you see in a TV or a movie. They’re usually much more subtle in fact they may feel like something you are familiar with until the feelings change and you realize that what you are observing is peculiar.

It is important that more studies are done to allow for an increased gathering of information from a cross section of the population. Within such a study one must include those of varying religious and spiritual beliefs, including atheists and agnostics. It is also vital to include multiple races, cultures, varying educational experiences and socioeconomic statuses, as well. In the United States, three out of four individuals believe that they have had an experience with the paranormal and more that believe it exists. It is, therefore, the therapeutic community’s responsibility to open-mindedly educate itself without judgment.