Last night as I was on the air, I began to feel uneasy about the idea that what we are seeing right now in the world are the symptoms of a predicted eschtaon. There were many callers to the show who were moved to quote scriptures from the Bible concerning end times prophecy and I couldn’t help but wonder about the possibility of all of this calamity being engineered for some nefarious agenda.

There seems to be mounting evidence that suggests a shadow group of chaos engineers in power is using a template of the Apocalypse to convince you that we are moving ever closer to doomsday. Anyone who decides to throw doubt to the wind about the future of our country and what is in the planning stages is treated with suspicion, ridicule and hostility.

It doesn’t matter how close you get to the truth, there will always be those individuals that even when they are presented with facts and documented evidence they will still believe that it is all crank conspiracy drivel. The noise of disinformation can be discouraging.

Many times, my show has been conveniently shut down, scrambled, or even preempted when I get too close to revealing some sensitive stuff or when I say things that may offend people’s normalcy bias.

I also get the e-mails and the tweets that tell me I need to calm down and that I am spreading fear or fear porn to sell emergency preparedness foods.

I don’t know what the various radio stations I am on sell locally, but nationally, I am not selling one bit of dehydrated food for a possible emergency.

Other people contend this is all for ratings, as if this is something I shouldn’t want; however, they are insinuating this is all a game for some ratings bonanza or sweep that I need desperately.

This is not a game. This is not all about entertainment. It is not all about ratings. It is real, it is make or break and I am here to inform people – if doesn’t give you a chill or motivate you to fight for your future, then can hit the snooze bar and go back to sleep.

Now, we are all in awe about the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Today, I heard meteorologists calling it a Nuclear Hurricane; meaning that the devastation of this storm can be compared to the power of an atomic bomb. There was a headline in the Los Angeles Times that read “Once there was an island called Barbuda after Hurricane Irma, much of it is gone.” Nearly all of the buildings on that island have been leveled to rubble.

Video reports have shown that the small island looks as if it has been destroyed by a nuclear weapon. The massive destruction is unbelievable, and it was odd but as I was watching the devastation I couldn’t help but think of how close we have edged to real nuclear war with either North Korea or Russia.

It has been clear for some time, that a large scale nuclear war involving a substantial portion of the nuclear arsenals of the United States and Russia would have devastating consequences far beyond these two countries and would constitute a truly global catastrophe.

While we are dealing with the disasters of two hurricanes and preparing for a possible third, North Korea has been testing their nuclear capabilities and in the process has made the mountainous region where the tests occur unstable, if the mountain where they have tested their hydrogen bomb collapses it would send a major radioactive plume of dust into the atmosphere.

The Punggye-ri test site at Mount Mantap is at risk of collapsing and leaking radiation into the region.

The latest test in North Korea triggered a 6.3 earthquake and sent several shockwaves across the globe after the bomb’s detonation. This is yet another possible environmental disaster brought on by excesses of military negligence, from country whose leader is a psychopathic madman who appears to be willing to conduct his own scorched Earth policy. The collapse of the mountain would release about as much radiation and devastation as a 100 kiloton bomb.

A recent study provided by Physicians for Social Responsibly has now concluded that that even a “limited” nuclear conflict, involving as few as 100 Hiroshima-sized bombs, would have global implications with regard to the global environment and its climate

The study concluded that while we are looking at North Korea and Russia as the most likely countries to start a limited conflict of this magnitude — it could surprisingly arise between India and Pakistan.

Something like the mountain collapse in North Korea or a small nuclear exchange could create a massive cooling effect on the planet, resulting in crop failure and famine.

Large quantities of food might need to be destroyed and significant areas of crop land might need to be taken out of production because of radioactive contamination. Even a modest, sudden decline in agricultural production could trigger significant increases in the prices for basic foods and hoarding on a global scale, both of which would make food inaccessible to poor people in much of the world.

While it is not possible to estimate the precise extent of the global famine that would follow a regional nuclear war, it seems reasonable to predict a total global death toll in the range of one billion from starvation alone. Famine on this scale would also lead to major epidemics of infectious diseases, and would create an even bigger potential for war and civil conflict in various countries around the world.

This is all estimation on a worst case scenario; nothing can be taken off the table.

Anxiety over a nuclear exchange between super powers seems out of place in a post-Cold War world where conflicts are usually fought within states, rather than between them. But despite the changing nature of the times, the new nuclear threats that face us now are even worse than when we worried about the bomb during the Cold War.

Stating in a tweet this week that artificial intelligence would be the most likely cause of World War III, entrepreneur and tech mogul Elon Musk added a new chapter to his crusade against unregulated AI.

Coming on the heels of Vladimir Putin’s pronouncement that the best innovator in AI technology would be the next global leader, as well as Musk’s own statement that AI is more dangerous than North Korea, the new tweet comes amid a peak of global tensions regarding nuclear ICBMs.

Musk said that “China, Russia, soon all countries with strong computer science will be in competition for AI superiority at a national level and most likely will be the cause of World war three in my opinion.”

Musk’s tweet, which was a response to Putin’s fairly obvious statement last week, made it clear that he believes the next nuclear strike is more likely to come from a preemptive AI attack than from a nation-state. With all three major superpowers — the United States, China, and Russia, pursuing militarized AI. Musk also asserted that governments, not corporations, would be the ones to control the existential risk presented by AI.

His statements triggered some recall of something that the Soviet Union had in place during the Cold War called “Dead Hand.” In fact, it is a bit of a legend that was nicknamed the “doomsday device” similar to what was mentioned in the movie, Dr. Strangelove.

The reason the Soviets decided to build the Dead Hand system at all had to do with advancements in American missile technology in the 1980s. Before these advancements, the expectation was that a nuclear war would be initially fought with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

ICBMs typically are detectable, and the target country generally has about 30 minutes of warning, just enough time for them to launch a counter-strike of their own, making the end result mutually assured destruction.

However, in the 1980s, Americans were getting better and better accuracy with their submarine-based missile launch systems, which meant that they could launch precision nuclear strikes close to the Soviet Union, cutting the warning time from when launch was detected down to about three minutes – not enough time to mount a viable counter-attack.

The Soviets needed some way to be sure destruction could be assured mutually, which is where the Dead Hand doomsday device comes in.

The Dead Hand/Perimeter system was initially just a backup system for emergency communication, but was expanded to provide a full automatic counterstrike function. The heart of the system is something known as the “commanding rocket.”

The commanding rocket was a 15PO11 rocket with a radiation-hardened radio transmitter, instead of a nuclear warhead. The rocket would be launched from a special, very protected silo, and once in flight, the rocket’s transmitter would replace all of the presumably destroyed ground-based communications, sending commands to receiving devices on all land-based ballistic missiles, submarine-based launchers, and bomber aircraft.

The rocket’s commands to the nuclear weaponry and installations would be to launch a retaliatory strike to pre-determined targets.

Of course, all of this would only happen after it was determined that a first strike against Soviet territory had taken place. An autonomous command and control system was used to determine if the counter-attack should take place, and the entire system is only even activated if a high-ranking human decides to turn it on, ideally long before the actual nuclear strike takes place.

Now we have spoken on this program about the eerie numbers stations that broadcast codes and numbers to spies and other informants. One of the stations we have featured is UVB-76 – the Russian Buzzer that broadcasts on the frequency 4625 kHz.

It broadcasts short, monotonous buzz tones, repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, 24 hours per day. Sometimes, the buzzer signal is interrupted and a voice transmission in Russian takes place.

It has been that the voice messages are some sort of Russian military communications, and that the buzzing sound is merely a “channel marker” used to keep the frequency occupied, thereby making it unattractive for other potential users. It has also been suggested that the Buzzer is part of the Dead Hand system –where the signal is there to indicate that the rocket system is online and that if it stops a nuclear retaliatory response will happen if Russia were hit by a nuclear attack.

So what would trigger the command rocket and send all of the nuclear rockets to the United States in retaliation?

The Dead Hand system has a network of sensors to check for seismic disturbances consistent with a nuclear strike, it checks radiation levels, it monitors communications and communication intensity on military radio frequencies, and also determines if people are still alive in various command posts.

It’s a complex system, and even though there are many who will you tell you that it is a Cold War legend, the UVB-76 signal may indicate that the command rocket is still online and ready to detonate if any bombs land on Russian soil.

While Russia can be a formidable enemy in a nuclear conflict, our biggest problem in the present is North Korea, and even though we are confident we can bring down a rain of fire on them if they launch a missile against us, there is a possible dead hand scenario that could play out with a retaliation of asymmetrical warfare.

Recently, the mainstream media has finally conceded that North Korea has as its “ace in the hole “ EMP capabilities that could shut down our power grid. Now an EMP can be generated with low grade nuclear weapon – or with a sophisticated hacking of our grid system.

Sophisticated computer hackers, have the ability to generate an EMP effect on our power grid by simultaneously hacking into our power grid and in effect, can generate a localized attack that would be like an EMP. The effect would be almost as devastating in terms of the effects of such an attack on local utilities, especially for the providers of our power and water entities.

The other Dead Hand switch or alternative North Korea has is their submarines.

More than 50 submarines of North Korea’s fleet, about 70% of its total, left their pens and many of them have still have not returned. So the questions are: where are they and are they carrying small low yield nuclear weapons?

It is not likely that all are equipped with nuclear weapons, but it is almost a certainty that some are. This is a grave threat that the mainstream media avoids taking about.

Finally, in a past Ground zero show we addressed the issue of the chemical weapons threat posed by North Korea.

Though the U.S. Department of Defense released a report way back in 2014 indicating that Pyongyang indeed possessed robust biological warfare capabilities, the document did not list any suggested course of action for the United States.

All it would take is a few domestically assigned North Korean agents to carry out a dead man’s switch attack with chemical or biological weapons.

In these times where is seems that we have wars and rumors of war, we must understand that most of the truth is a casualty and that much of what we know should allowed to change and bend with the times. Adapting to new information and uncomfortable anomalies is an imperative for today’s troubled and outrageous times. I know that many of us stick with our political views because we want to believe that those who are in charge have our best interests at heart.

We have been told to keep the faith and I guess it is an attribute, but I believe that soon we will all have our faith challenged and announcements in the news, the unthinkable will be the reality and cynicism will form like a huge cloud over the consensus reality and everything we have suspected about science, religion and prophecy is about to be revealed. It will happen in such a way that we will be unconvinced because of how everything anymore is a just a fleeting dream.

Remember that what was once hypothetical or impossible will be the reality for the moment and this reality will only be an expedient band aid that will not last and will not stop the hemorrhaging apoplexy that exists in the world.