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11/25: Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse

Global events are exciting to view from a distance, but believing you’re not going to experience any of the repercussions is premature and illogical. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis is ‘Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse‘!

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Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse

CHANGING HORSEMEN DURING AN APOCALYPSE I remember about a week ago, over lunch, I was asked a question that I wanted to avoid answering. It had to do with the Mayan calendar ‘end of the world’ theories of last year. I was sipping coffee when a colleague asked: “Clyde I know you said the world […]

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With an increase of stellar shockwaves and solar flares along with planetary alignments, magnetic shifts and the coming eclipse, many are preparing for possible outages and emergencies. Historically, the Black Sun has been a harbinger and a time of hysteria. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about BLACK ICARUS.

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IV IV IV: AN OATH TO THE ABYSS One of the biggest contradictions in biblical eschatology is that while God has said in various writings that we live in a world without end there are those who see that the world will eventually meet its finality. It is admittedly difficult to step outside of your […]

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The Dark Horseman: A Horse Of A Different Color

THE DARK HORSEMAN: A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR I know that there are many people out there who have heightened awareness and really do not know how to express the way they feel without sounding like they are having a clear psychotic break with associative or magical thinking. Lately, I have been overworked and […]

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2013: The Year Of The Serpent Government

2013: THE YEAR OF THE SERPENT GOVERNMENT In February of 2013, when the lunar New Year became the ‘Year of the Serpent’ or the ‘Year of the Snake‘, no one really could have contemplated how the serpent would quite literally be the icon for what transpired in the United States. Not only was the 13th […]

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The Oz Factor: Sensing And Feeling The Great And Powerful

THE OZ FACTOR: SENSING AND FEELING THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Have you ever felt that you are genuinely experiencing something beyond your comprehension and you just can’t nail down exactly what you are experiencing? You tell yourself that perhaps you are losing your mind until you find someone else who shares that same paranormal experience. […]

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Back in 2005 I had worked on a project with David Talbot that was going to boost the awareness of the magnetic universe. I was doing commercials and lending my voice to presentations that were mind blowing. The group I was working for was called promoting the book Thunderbolts of the Gods by David […]

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FINAL CYCLE OF CREATION: DUE DATE COMING I hardly find myself in a position where I am obsessing over demons or even the possibility that the spirit of an ancient demon has somehow manifested itself in our back yard. However I have reached that point now and I hope that eventually I can move on […]

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