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Dr. John Coleman/Charles W. Stone – Mind Control & Tavisstock – August 22, 2012

Clyde Lewis interviews Dr John Coleman, untill DR. Coleman decides he has a sudden severe headache and must leave early… Coincidence? Clyde then welcomed Charles W. Stone onto the show to continue the conversation about Tavisstock and mind control!

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The death of John Lennon has touched people of all ages. Lennon died when Rock and Roll was trying to pry itself from the morass of Disco. The mix of disco, rock and pop spat out New wave and Lennon and his beloved wife Yoko Ono saw it as an opportunity to create new music. […]

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We are more than halfway through 2016, and the parasitic moves by those in power are eating at the foundations of civilized society. Whatever appears to be holding us together is wearing very thin. The nice shiny veneer that is placed on everything American is evaporating. Chaos, crime and violence are all on the rise, all over the world. On today’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about RISE OF THE FLAT ARMY: IDENTIFYING THE WEAPONS OF LEARNED HELPLESSNESS.

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RUBBLE WITHOUT A CAUSE I was able to escape Earth Day without hearing the nonsensical debate about fossil fuels and renewable energy. In the meantime, the Earth is falling apart and I can promise you it has nothing to do with fossil fuels and non-renewable energy. Weather Channel founder, John Coleman spoke out about the […]

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AMERICA WILL EAT ITSELF Many people are not aware that when Barack Obama told that there would be change in the United States, we had no idea that change would be this bizarre. No one would have believed that everything America stood for 30 years ago has been tranquilized and as the Constitution hung by […]

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THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY It is funny. Lately I have been thinking about how the world seems to be so broken. We have become so dependent on having other people tell us how to react to certain situations and when we follow their lead we wind up being betrayed. It seems that putting your faith in […]

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SPUTNIK II: NEW RUSSIAN DEATH STAR Stephen King in his short story “Danse Macabre” related that when he was a child of the 1950’s he remembered that while he was attending a movie the screen suddenly went dark. The manager of the theater walked to the front of the auditorium. With an ashen face and […]

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Black Candlemass

BLACK CANDLEMASS Last week there were at least three bankers in six days that either committed suicide or have died mysteriously. The first was a 58 year old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, William Broeksmit. He was found dead on January 26 in his home after an apparent suicide in South Kensington in […]

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Zodiac Killer: Dead To Rite

ZODIAC KILLER: DEAD TO RITE At the root of all belief in life after death is the powerful human idea of immortality. I believe that it is hard for most of us to comprehend the idea of God giving us life only to erase it without the chance of even surviving to do something better. […]

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Same Old Song And Dance

SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE When I was a kid, music was made by superheroes. Many of them only appeared as stick figures in an arena but it was the music and the performance that made them larger than life. Albums were pressed on vinyl back then and there were usually added bonuses with the […]

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