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4/23: Asteroidal Itch

While astronauts are giving us chilling findings about potentially hazardous near-earth objects, the CFR is confirming that the United States needs to leverage its influence to prevent ‘space danger’ from occurring in the very near future. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis scratches the ‘Asteroidal Itch: Dumb Luck Or Divine Intervention?‘!

Married With Jesus

MARRIED WITH JESUS With all of the breaking stories and wonderful guests we have been reviewing for the show, I feel a little remiss about the fact that while I focused a bit on Passover and the tetrad prior to the event and – as we are passing into that cardinal Cross – I am […]

Boston Strung Up

BOSTON STRUNG UP Today, the Boston Marathon was held in Massachusetts. This was a milestone for many people because it was the first Boston Marathon that was held one year after two bombs went off at the marathon. This event was called a terrorist attack and since the event, we have been subjected to watching […]

Forever 21: New American Agenda

FOREVER 21: NEW AMERICAN AGENDA It is a fact that if anyone decides that they want to do any investigative research on Agenda 21 they will find that many environmentalist websites tend to report how it is a stupid conspiracy theory and that the notion that there will be a jackbooted green police waiting to […]

American Predator State

AMERICAN PREDATOR STATE Michael C. Ruppert appeared on Ground Zero twice and he also hosted a seminar in Portland that was sponsored by a public access television network I worked with to produce a local public affairs show called Mad as Hell TV. I remember how Ruppert always spoke of the apex or the point […]