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DARK FATHER: SEDUCED BY EXTREME DOMINANCE There seems to be a conceptual cosmic relationship with events and the collective unconscious is responding to them. It seems that in ritual and in ceremony these concepts can be activated in a form that can only be described as magic. Magic loosely meaning that there is no real […]

Opus 13

OPUS 13 I think one of the most notorious arguments I ever have is with devout Christians who tell me that simply rebuking demons in the name of Jesus Christ is the atom bomb for completely ridding a place of demonic influence. I have acknowledged many times that there are simple demonic banishings that work […]


SKUNK’D There are many things that I have reported from my radio show that have shocked me, and anymore things don’t surprise me, but to actually come right out and report that NASA has delayed the launch of their own flying saucer is amazing in many respects. As the AP reported, “ NASA hopes to […]

A Curious Aquarius

A CURIOUS AQUARIUS A few weeks ago we presented exclusive information about the Maury island incident at the McMinnville UFO festival. The Maury Island incident has been literally censored by the United States Military and it also has been called a hoax in some UFO circles. I have always wondered why this case has been […]

6/10: Knightfall

While religion will help us in trying to understand the soul, science has failed to study the soul. What western science has learned is that the soul can be stretched and challenged and pushed the breaking point. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis says it’s ‘Knightfall: Animism And The Killing Joke‘!