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Forever 21: New American Agenda

FOREVER 21: NEW AMERICAN AGENDA It is a fact that if anyone decides that they want to do any investigative research on Agenda 21 they will find that many environmentalist websites tend to report how it is a stupid conspiracy theory and that the notion that there will be a jackbooted green police waiting to […]

American Predator State

AMERICAN PREDATOR STATE Michael C. Ruppert appeared on Ground Zero twice and he also hosted a seminar in Portland that was sponsored by a public access television network I worked with to produce a local public affairs show called Mad as Hell TV. I remember how Ruppert always spoke of the apex or the point […]

America: Nation of Intimidation

AMERICA: NATION OF INTIMIDATION Many Americans are well aware of what it takes to annihilate a foreign enemy. We have had many years of media coverage and various documentaries that show us how a foreign enemy can be disarmed, harassed and intimidated by the use of weapons and propaganda. We do not flinch at the […]