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The most recent meme being manufactured out of Hollywood is from the critically panned movie “Skyline.”  The previews, as impressive as they are apparently can’t save the film. On the screen we see large alien spaceships over the Los Angeles Skyline. The ships send down what appear to be flares that glow with the intensity of […]

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POST MORTEM: Your Emails Concerning the Edison Enigma.

It comes as no surprise that in the aftermath of our experiment with contacting the dead through the use of ITC, and a commercial radio transmitter that emails have been pouring in from listeners who have had strange experiences.  The ghostly experiments of October 31st, and November 7th 2010 have been phenomenal.  We have collected […]

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On October 31st, 2010, using a radio similar to “Frank’s Box”, a wire cable into a sound board, broadcasting 100,000 watts of power though an FM transmitter and relaying it through a computer to an AM transmitter in Wyoming blasting 50,000 watts of power, I along with Jonathan Burgess, Reed McClintock, and David John Oates […]

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  NOTE: There are many people who do not understand what I am about to do on Halloween night. While the facts surrounding this experiment can be found by clicking here, I want to talk about a little history and the reasons why I feel this experiment is important. I would like to invite everyone […]

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I was a bit baffled when I had picked up the newspaper and read that a family in New York had an unfinished painting believed to be the work of Michelangelo. I thought how you can have something that valuable hidden behind a couch for at least 3 decades before thinking. “Hey maybe I should […]

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This week I have the opportunity to have my show begin at 10 p.m. on October 10, 2010.  There are many 10’s in that entire date and time. I often have fun with numeric sequences and I try to find some meaning in dates through what I call “my dime store numerology.”  Today 10/10/10 gives […]

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THE EVENT and the Path of Least Resistance

Thursday morning wasn’t like any other morning.  I was finally hanging out at my old digs at the Ross Island Grocery having coffee.  My friend Dave Baker came by and wondered if I needed a lift into town.  I appreciated the offer and asked him to stay awhile and sip some coffee.  I was looking […]

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Once in lifetime not too far away, I dabbled in evangelical Christianity.  It was something I did because my original religious group abandoned me because I was a sinner and at the time played the stupid game of sinner, to saint much to my discouragement. Attending Pentecostal services was more entertaining than spiritual and I […]

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UN to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors

Ground Zero had reported on at least two occasions that the announcement of alien contact is imminent.  We are following closely events that are now transpiring after the Multimedia Show Plan 10 The alien apocalypse was first performed at the Kenton lodge and The Invasion of Kevin McCarthyism was unfortunately blocked from any internet listening.  […]

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I had the opportunity to appear on FATE Radio’s “The Other Side” with Denver and Lauren. One of the questions they asked me was what my favorite Science fiction movie was. I replied “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” with Kevin McCarthy. I explained that I found the film frightening on a visceral level. Even […]

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