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Ground Zero Live Shows are for Sale

Yes its true the Ground Zero Live shows are now for sale, click the link on the left for Krocks GZ File Store Check that link to purchase your copy of Ground Zero Live.

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Khalid Sheikh looks like Osama Bin Laden?

Has anyone here noticed this? More to come…

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Clyde Explains the Obama Poster

[media id=3 500 300]

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El Chupacabra in Texas?

Back in 1996 Puerto Rico reported that a strange creature called the Chupacabra was attacking farm animals.  Being Bi-lingual I was one of the first American reporters to do a story on the beast when I was doing Ground Zero. During that time I also was doing work with Rick Emerson. Emerson and I tossed […]

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Written by Clyde Lewis Today the media world has become soft. It has become malleable and unfortunately it is highly controlled. It only responds to disaster and then hires two political pundits to analyze what it means. As History unfolds it becomes quite clear that how we interpret it is based on quick glances at […]

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Why so Synchronous?

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Amazing Pic

Ground Zero has made it official to the world.  We are exposing The New World Order. It is important that everyone who comes to this site from every part of the world knows that the power elite want to control the world through a series of crises.  The dialectic of Hegel is now the status […]

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Kool AID 666

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Greetings and Welcome

Greetings and Welcome to the New Version of the Ground Zero Media Site. As Clyde Posts on here you will be able to register and comment on the many articles that are yet to come. Clyde’s most Latest Article Will be posted shortly. My Best, Max

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