Last night during my discussion with Tracy Twyman about Prince William and his darker
lineage and bloodline, there was a little bit of discussion about Barack Obama and his
bloodline especially when it comes to being a candidate for the antichrist. A caller to
the show had mentioned a few interesting things about Obama and the number 666 and
I had to giggle because I knew of all of the number combinations that people used to
prove that Obama is the prince of darkness.

For example On November 5th, 2008 on the day that Barrack Obama was elected President

the Illinois state winning Pick 3 lottery Numbers were 666. It can be written off as mere
coincidence however 666 was also drawn on three other dates 1/16/2007, 3/22/2008 and 10/23/

On 1/16/2007 Barack Obama first announced plans to be president. On 3/22/2008 Bill
Richardson put the final nail in Hillary’s Clinton’s candidacy by Backing Obama while in
Portland Oregon and on 10/23/2008 the new York times endorsed Obama for the presidency.

These particular coincidences do not make Obama a candidate for the antichrist but they are
fun little asides that make you stop a minute and think before you tip that second beer.

It also gives us a moment to pause and wonder if there truly is a realm where darker
coincidences appear and play with our heads. As we had discussed Jean Cocteau had said
that he always preferred myth to history because History consists of truths which turn into lies,
while myth consists of lies which turn into truths!”

When discussion the origins of prince William or even Barack Obama we must look to a Jungian
metaphor known as the “Dark father” The mysterious father that influenced the child or in a
Saturnalian sense devoured the child.

While thinking about the “dark father” metaphor, it helps to understand that there are two worlds
within one in this existence: the world you think you know, and the world that is. The world you
think you know is being engineered by shadowy puppeteers. You are unaware that you are
chained to this reality created by them. We have maintained that which appears to be a group of
assorted true beliefs of the “what” of things but we stop short of determining the “why” of things.
There has been a lot of talk lately about the background of our President and how he has been
influenced by many Father Figures and how he may or may not be an American Citizen.

Ironically Obama, is a by-product of a “dark father “or an absent father. Obama describes his
biological father, who died when Obama was 21, as “a “myth “both more and less than a man.”
Obama’s father figures in reality were his grandfather, who helped to raise him in Hawaii, and
his mother’s second husband, who helped to raise him in Indonesia. His back ground and
heritage is as complex as that of a Superhero like Spider man or an accidental hero like Luke


Obama is already becoming a mythological being much like his father before him. He fits the
metaphor of the chosen monomythical hero to the letter. He is a cultural Icon and has been
called the Savior of the world. George Lucas who based Star Wars on Joseph Campbell’s
“Myth of the Hero” has even commented that Obama has fulfilled the “mono-myth” where
Joseph Campbell explained that, A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a
region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is
won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on
his fellow man. There are few who fit this mold but Campbell cites mythical beings including
Buddha Moses and Christ.

Obama does share another trait of Jesus and Moses. Mysterious or “Dark fathers.” While
Christians believe in a miraculous birth for Jesus there are those who say that he was a product
of either rape or that a man named Joseph was the natural father. The real father of Moses is
not known either. It was shown in history that there were two accounts. The first Moses, was
the son of a man named Joseph. However, the Bible states that the father of Moses was not
Joseph, but Amram. There is also history that states that Akhenaten acknowledged “Imram”
to be his divine father. This has led some to believe that Moses and Akhenaten are the same

Moses was a allegedly a Hebrew. However, He had to have been indistinguishable from
Pharaoh’s other children in order for him to blend in and pass as a Kemite or Egyptian. So
could it be that Moses was a son of a racially blended family?

Tracy Twyman indicated on Ground Zero that the lineage of Jesus from Noah’s line indicates a
family of mixed races and indications are that Jesus Christ was also a man of color. Jesus’ male
ancestors trace a line from Shem. However, ethnically and racially, they were mixed Semitic
and Hamitic from the times spent in captivity in Egypt and Babylon.

Mixed races , heritage and bloodlines are obsessions by the elite. Many of our presidents are
descendents of European royalty and others have been questioned about their heritage and

Andrew Jackson was our 7th president from 1829 to 1837. The Virginia Magazine of History
Volume 29 says that Jackson was the son of a White woman from Ireland who had intermarried
with a black man. The magazine also said that his eldest brother had been sold as a slave in

Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president from 1861 to 1865. J. A. Rogers quotes Lincoln’s
mother, Nancy Hanks, as saying that Abraham Lincoln was the illegitimate son of an African
man. William Herndon, Lincoln’s law partner, said that Lincoln had very dark skin and coarse
hair and that his mother was from an Ethiopian tribe. In Herndon’s book entitled “The Hidden
Lincoln” he says that Thomas Lincoln could not have been Abraham Lincoln’s father because
he was sterile from childhood mumps and was later castrated.

The best case for Black ancestry is with Warren G. Harding, our 29th president from 1921 until

1923. Harding himself never denied his ancestry. When Republican leaders called on Harding
to deny the “Negro” history, he said, “How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors
might have jumped the fence.” William Chancellor, a White professor of economics and politics
at Wooster College in Ohio, wrote a book on the Harding family genealogy and identified Black
ancestors among both parents of President Harding. Justice Department agents allegedly
bought and destroyed all copies of this book. Chancellor also said that Harding’s only academic
credentials included education at Iberia College, which was founded in order to educate fugitive

Family traditions and the secrets of the Fathers of our leaders have been buried in the memory
hole of History. Even Thomas Jefferson and Calvin Coolidge have a black heritage that is
seldom talked about. The only difference between Obama and these former presidents is
that none of their family histories were fully acknowledged by others. So as we can see it is
common to hide “sensitive” information about Presidents. It is reasonable to hide medical
problems that a president has, but hiding “family origins” is a very complicated issue. The issue
of Obama’s “race” has now been used to illustrate a persecution complex with liberal Americans
and the demand for proof of American citizenship of Obama has become an issue in the pretext
of an election that is going to get ugly for 2012.

Ever since Homeland Security gave us their assessment of new threats from homegrown
terrorists, there seems to be an onslaught of crimes that have been conveniently exploited to
further some trumped up right wing conspiracy against The country’s “first black” president.

Most of this “racist” wall papering is being derived from white “progressives” that assume that
there is a growing group of racists that are hiding amongst 9/11 Truth seekers, conspiracy
theorists and a new group of trouble makers that the liberal left have called “The Birthers.” Or –
those who question the origins of Obama.

Some very prominent Media reporters want you to believe that the “birther” movement, those
who question Obama’s citizenship, are angry because Obama is the first black president.
But they tend to forget that other Presidents have had family traditions that include a black
heritage. This makes these so called credible media heads racially ignorant. They also say
that the birthers are part of a racist- anti Semitic, right wing conspiracy. They have said that
the “birthers” are republicans who are racially offended about having a black president and that
the birthers also hate the Jews .

This is not entirely true.

I want to once again remind everyone that the first man who brought Obama’s citizenship into
question was a left wing Jewish Democrat named Philip J. Berg. Berg actually backed Hillary
Clinton for president. Berg, a former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania actually sued the
Bush Administration charging Bush and 154 others with complicity in the 9/11 attacks . So we
have been programmed to ignore that the ordinal leader of all of the so called anti-Semitic, anti
liberal extremism is a liberal Jewish lawyer who supported Hillary Clinton. But of course the
mainstream news has avoided this information because they want to scapegoat the so called
extreme right. It looks like bigotry has been wet-wired into these so called credible journalists

Berg argues that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in 1961 to an American woman, Stanley
Ann Dunham, and a Kenyan man, Barack Hussein Obama Senior, as reportedly shown by
a birth certificate from Mombasa Maternity Hospital and witnessed by Barack’s relatives.
According to the law at that time, a parent could pass US citizenship on to a child born abroad if
the parent was at least 19 years old. Obama’s mother was only 18.

No hospital birth certificate has been produced to prove Obama was born in Hawaii, only a
certificate of birth registry after the fact, which forensics experts have denounced as a forgery.
New photos of the certificate were posted on the Internet at, which is a project of
the Annenberg Center, a longtime sponsor of the Obama administration. It is quite suspicious in
itself that the “facts” are not being “checked” by an independent source, and that only a short-
form certificate without the name of the hospital is shown. Barack’s mother could have flown
from Kenya to Hawaii right after the birth, then reported that she had the child at home, in order
to secure her son’s US citizenship. There has been no subpoena given to Hawaiian officials to
provide an original hospital report of birth.

Moreover, when Obama was six years old his mother remarried and moved with her new
husband to his country, Indonesia. Records indicate Obama was naturalized as an Indonesian
citizen. Indonesia does not allow dual nationality, so even had he been born in Hawaii, he
would have lost his citizenship then. Birthers contend that Obama’s citizenship hinges first on
whether or not he was born in the US; if he was, it then depends on whether he abandoned his
naturalized Indonesian citizenship and reaffirmed allegiance to the US between age 19 and 21.

What makes things difficult for the “Birthers” is that Obama has gone by several aliases in his
life. He was BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA Jr. named after his father which by default carries
the Father’s Muslim heritage. BARRY SOETORO his Indonesian name, BARRY OBAMA, The
name he adopted when he returned to America and BARACK DUNHAM the name he also
used for a short time.

Stanley Dunham, Obama’s grandfather‘s military records were destroyed in the 9/11 attack on
the Pentagon. He served with Patton’s third army and was allegedly at Ohrdruf, an alleged Nazi
nuclear weapon test site, and may have had some involvement in the American Operation
Paperclip transfer of Nazi Scientists from Germany to the U.S. after WWII.

Obama’s mother worked for the Ford Foundation and USAID, both of which are said to be
CIA fronts. Between 1947 and 1966 the Ford Foundation played a key role in the network of
US interference in Europe through the subvention of magazines, scientific programs and non-
communist left-wing organizations. The largest philanthropic organization in the world was in
fact providing a respectful facade for CIA financial and contact operations. They excelled in
propaganda and infiltration.

Deep Intelligence reports claim that Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother was known
as a CIA “cut out.” A cut-out, is an intermediary that facilitates the exchange of information
between agents. Obama’s mother Stanley was recruited by the Intel agencies in the late
1950’s with one purpose in mind. She was to infiltrate the rising black nationalist and civil rights
organizations that were rapidly forming at the time.

While the FBI was well aware of the rising tide of radical black American’s infatuation with
Communism, the federal agencies had one small problem. Due to a long history of overt racism
in their hiring practices, they had no black Americans as agents. Therefore there was no one
to infiltrate these radical black organizations. They quickly recruited black agents for the FBI
and the CIA but many agents weren’t effective in getting into these communist groups. So they
hired young white women.

The CIA realized that there was only one way to gain the intimacy necessary to gather good
intelligence, the young white women would have to have sex with these men. They had to
create a relationship with them in order to gather data.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is could have been the result of one of the sexual encounters that
Dunham had with the nationalist agents. From all outward appearances it would appear that
Stanley Anne Durham was passed around certain radical types like Communist Frank Marshall
and Barack Obama Senior. It is very likely that no one knows who the real father of Barack
Obama is. Which brings is back full circle to the “Dark Father” or the “Absence of Father.” It
also puts into question his blood lineage and his blood rite to the Oval office, he must be of the
right blood or he would be taken out. That doesn’t mean though he is of the right country of

The “Father” of our President is not the man that donated the sperm in his conception. His
“Father” Is literally the establishment of the stealth and shadowy CIA intelligence community.
His citizenship is now a matter of National Security and National Intelligence because of the
circumstances during the time in which he was conceived.

As we are now becoming aware of Obama’s background as a baby raised within the confines
of the intelligence community – conceived during a moment of intelligence gathering it can be
no real stretch to understand why his birth and citizenship are a mystery .

This is why we don’t know anything about Barack Hussein Obama. He has been wiped clean.
He is an agent that has been raised not by just one Dark Father– but by a cabal of many. His
Family is the Company. The Company is family.

I am beginning to believe that there are doubts in many people about Obama’s citizenship. His
college records and transcripts from Occidental College…have been sealed, not released.
His college records and transcripts from Harvard… sealed, not released.
His college records and transcripts from Columbia… sealed, not released
His former Client List at the Law Firm he worked for… sealed, not released.
His official birth certificate… sealed by the Governor of Hawaii, not released.

The more silence on the matter the more it looks as if Barack Obama was not born a U.S.
Citizen. It doesn’t matter though. Because his mother worked Intelligence for the CIA to
get information about Communist and nationalist groups operating against U.S. Interests.
Obama was one of 8 students selected to study Soviet studies in Columbia’s IR program under
Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the CIA’s top- ranking officers. Keeping with Family tradition
Brzezinski is then made Obama’s foreign policy chief as Obama became President.

The bottom line is all of the controversy could have been avoided with a $10 purchase, a
copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. After millions of dollars, hiring three law firms and a
Supreme Court decision to throw out the case, we still do not know about the origins and family
traditions of Barack Hussein Obama.

As I have said, Barack Obama fits the mold of Joseph Campbell’s mono-mythical hero. Many
of our heroes have had mysterious family traditions and secrets buried deep inside their
psyches. Unfortunately like Spiderman and Superman, heroes have their kryptonite. As F. Scott
Fitzgerald said,” Show me a hero, and I will write you a tragedy.”

Is it still valid to ask for the birth certificate if it is a matter of national security? Does it matter to
you that Obama may be a British citizen? Do people really put value in the natural citizenship of
a candidate? Should they change the constitution to allow foreign born people to be president?