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Forever 21: New American Agenda

FOREVER 21: NEW AMERICAN AGENDA It is a fact that if anyone decides that they want to do any investigative research on Agenda 21 they will find that many environmentalist websites tend to report how it is a stupid conspiracy theory and that the notion that there will be a jackbooted green police waiting to […]

American Predator State

AMERICAN PREDATOR STATE Michael C. Ruppert appeared on Ground Zero twice and he also hosted a seminar in Portland that was sponsored by a public access television network I worked with to produce a local public affairs show called Mad as Hell TV. I remember how Ruppert always spoke of the apex or the point […]

America: Nation of Intimidation

AMERICA: NATION OF INTIMIDATION Many Americans are well aware of what it takes to annihilate a foreign enemy. We have had many years of media coverage and various documentaries that show us how a foreign enemy can be disarmed, harassed and intimidated by the use of weapons and propaganda. We do not flinch at the […]

Leviathan Calling: Hailing Hydra’s Whisper

LEVIATHAN CALLING: HAILING HYDRA’S WHISPER Many conspiracy theorists and those who read books about the fringe know about a novelist and investigative journalist who set out to expose the truth about a fascist parasite that was taking over world governments and was gradually changing the ideologies of the United States. Danny Casolaro planned to write […]

Bearing Bitter Fruit

BEARING BITTER FRUIT It can be well argued that great American pastime is stating our various ideological conflicts. We are now in a situation where we are constantly in conflict over of what America should be, what it was, and what we truly are now. The condition of our country now is most definitely critical […]

The West Wing Dynasty

THE WEST WING DYNASTY When you immerse yourself in the news of the world and you are exposed to various news stories from outside the myopic view of the United States media stronghold, you can’t help but notice that no matter how bad it gets in America, the media and the government always seems to […]

DEFCON Puzzle II: The Final Nail

DEFCON PUZZLE II: THE FINAL NAIL One of the biggest problems facing independent media is the onslaught of “pop up” low-information conspiracy theorists that seem to have an uncanny knack for getting plenty of hits on their videos, blogs and websites. It is also interesting to note that when a newcomer makes his debut in […]

Reborn X

REBORN X The vigilant sky watchers that have been telling us that Planet X is coming may not have to tell us any more that it is coming – and critics no longer can say that it is some conspiracy fantasy. While various military groups and specialist have been searching for a missing commercial jet […]