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Over the Counter Programming

OVER THE COUNTER PROGRAMMING The paranormal idea of thoughtforms manifesting into either tulpas or egregores can be a hard concept to grasp, but it is a very powerful reality as groupthink can take a story or a concept and define it as real – even though it may not have any basis in fact. An […]

Slenderman: Proof of a Modern Tulpa

SLENDERMAN: PROOF OF A MODERN TULPA I have often presented the concept of media portrayals of various themes or events as not only programming of the mind, but even mechanical invocations of entities and ‘tulpas‘, which are actually our fears personified. The themes of the “enemy within” in the political arena have often bred suspicious […]

Walpurgis Armageddon Psychology

WALPURGIS: ARMAGEDDON PSYCHOLOGY The other day an old friend mine said he wanted to stop by to help my fiancé with her computer. He arrived late and told me that he had some things that he wanted me to see and he didn’t know if I would be interested in looking into what they were. […]

The Threat Of Western Love

THE THREAT OF WESTERN LOVE During the weekend I had a little time to contemplate how the tough words being levied by John Kerry and others about Ukraine seemed so familiar and so hollow that I wonder anymore if Americans truly hear what our appointed leaders say to us and to other countries. I have […]

War Prophets Profits

WAR PROPHETS PROFITS In the frigid political climate that exists in this country, there seems to be this silent conspiracy of plotting individuals that are more than happy to try and silence those who use the word ‘revolution’. Many of these individuals believe that anyone who uses the word ‘revolution’ obviously sees himself as a […]

Reversed Assumptions

REVERSED ASSUMPTIONS There is a big secret that isn’t discussed at parties or at the water cooler. It won’t even be said on the nightly news or told to you by your president, pope or king. Everything inter-penetrates everything, the present does have an effect on the future and not every action immediately has an […]

Married With Jesus

MARRIED WITH JESUS With all of the breaking stories and wonderful guests we have been reviewing for the show, I feel a little remiss about the fact that while I focused a bit on Passover and the tetrad prior to the event and – as we are passing into that cardinal Cross – I am […]

Boston Strung Up

BOSTON STRUNG UP Today, the Boston Marathon was held in Massachusetts. This was a milestone for many people because it was the first Boston Marathon that was held one year after two bombs went off at the marathon. This event was called a terrorist attack and since the event, we have been subjected to watching […]