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The Prophecy of the Kosher Jesus

THE PROPHECY OF THE KOSHER JESUS We all know that the Middle East is the birthplace of some of the world’s most profound and influential religions. The fact we cannot escape is that the cradle of civilization is located in these war-torn areas of the world. These lands have always concealed untold mysteries from far […]

Nuclear Unclear

NUCLEAR UNCLEAR Over the weekend, I discussed with my fiancé the dilemma I had in revisiting the radiation stories that are coming out of Japan. I was explaining the problem I had with reporting things that I could not confirm and how everything that I am seeing has a sense of urgency that seems to […]

Ringing The Cognitive Liberty Bell

RINGING THE COGNITIVE LIBERTY BELL The excitement and the apprehension of the New Year has now passed and I am still trying to look ahead to see what trends are worthy of my attention and what information is worthy of your consideration. What I am finding is that 2014 is already becoming a time of […]

Conversion Theory

CONVERSION THEORY In the United States there is a majority of citizens that have a natural aversion to certain words and certain phrases. As I explored the topic of newspeak, I learned something as I was listening to my audience and that is they seem to be well aware of certain words and phrases that […]

Asymmetric War Of Words

ASYMMETRIC WAR OF WORDS There was a time where it was easy to point out that the Orwellian nightmare we are in the middle of. Now that the practice of implementing doublethink and newspeak has taken hold, the biggest complaint is that in this country we have become too politically correct. While I can’t deny […]

Grounds For The Baphomet

GROUNDS FOR THE BAPHOMET Looking over the various headlines today I noticed that many of the topics that we had discussed in 2013 are now part of the mainstream headlines in 2014. When this happens I wind up in a dilemma as to which stories are going to wind up getting more attention and which […]

UFO Relics

UFO RELICS It was just before Christmas when I caught a story out of Russia confirming a strange story that I had previously written off as an elaborate hoax. The state radio broadcast of ‘The Voice of Russia‘ made a strange announcement about a KGB secret file that was declassified. The file was regarding a […]


I.N.G.S.O.C.: INTERNATIONAL GLOBALIST SIGNIFICANTLY OBVIOUS CONSPIRACY When a person decides that world events are not as spontaneous as one would think, you begin to swallow the bitter pill of realizing that past idealistic views of what moral excellence consists of becomes a subjective blow to your faith. You find yourself scratching at the bizarre surface […]

Iron Law: 1914 2014

IRON LAW: 1914 2014 Last night during my show with Jerry Hoskey, I was listening to all of the various intuitive predictions of 2014 and I was struggling with the urge to once again use history as a mirror to the possible future that will transpire in 2014. I was well aware that many shows […]

2014: Fulfilling Misprophecy

2014: FULFILLING MISPROPHECY We all know just how important time is when we observe the changing of the calendar. From countdowns to calendar changes, we observe how it affects us and how after the horns are blown and the champagne is uncorked we go about our business not thinking about time. We slowly let it […]