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Labels: 58 Ways To Name Your Gender

LABELS: 58 WAYS TO NAME YOUR GENDER When I was first learning the ropes as a talk show host, I was told that the tricky subjects were always based in religion and politics. Every topic that you would bring up could have an element that could be discussed without dragging in the religious or political […]

Room 641A: The All-Seeing Ear

ROOM 641A: THE ALL-SEEING EAR When we approach the very important issue of illegal spying in the United States, there are many true believers in the government and the Obama administration that will defend the practice. They will defend it even though it violates the Constitution. The slow twisting of attitudes about what is most […]

Demonstrative: Nominative Demonstratio

DEMONSTRATIVE: NOMINATIVE DEMONSTRATIO A few months ago I got an e-mail from a concerned listener that told me that she got a phone call from what sounded like some evil discarnate entity. After a few minutes of trying to communicate with this being, she told me that she decided to record the conversation. The sounds […]

Freedom’s Requiem

FREEDOM’S REQUIEM There are many times where I have read articles and insider reports that really indicate that Americans are so unaware of what awaits them. They are also unaware of what they are in the middle of and how the idea of the American illusion is more of a reality now than ever before. […]

Rings Of Steel

RINGS OF STEEL If there has been anyone that has lived in a city that has cast a bid for the Olympics then you will know that the International Olympic Committee believes that there is really no perfect place to hold the Olympic Games. When I lived in Utah bidding for the games kept Salt […]

The Perfect Storm

THE PERFECT STORM In the building where I work there are many general offices for banks and financial investment companies. Normally the building is full of people, it is noisy and people wait in long lines at the Starbucks that is in our building. Last night we had a major snowstorm and there weren’t that […]

Black Candlemass

BLACK CANDLEMASS Last week there were at least three bankers in six days that either committed suicide or have died mysteriously. The first was a 58 year old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, William Broeksmit. He was found dead on January 26 in his home after an apparent suicide in South Kensington in […]

I, Humanaut

I, HUMANAUT I have been told by many people that I remind them of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. There have been many people who had suggested that if I ever get to a point where someone wanted to make a film about my life, Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have been the perfect actor to play me. […]

The War On The Moderate

THE WAR ON THE MODERATE I read a lot of blogs on the internet and I also read the comment sections. I have noticed a trend that probably most people haven’t and that is a trend where hostility is now reserved for those who see themselves as moderate political thinkers. There is also a hostility […]

Triquetra: We Must Prepare For His Coming

TRIQUETRA: WE MUST PREPARE FOR HIS COMING A few days ago, there were many publications that were concerned about the witchy overtones of Katy Perry’s ritualistic performance of “Dark Horse” during the Grammys. While it would be easy enough to claim that only conspiracy fringe groups were seeing an Illuminati ritual, there were several other […]