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Twixt Heaven And Earth

TWIXT HEAVEN AND EARTH It was late at night and after everyone was in bed, I could not sleep. I went downstairs and grabbed me a glass of orange juice. I thumbed through my Netflix list looking to see if there was a new arrival that I could watch. I was in the mood for […]

Sheer Zodiac

SHEER ZODIAC This morning I ran across a few odd stories about sacrificial killing. While the stories were from areas where superstition rules the soul, it is however shocking and one wonders if what is reported can create something known as a copycat effect. Last night when I was discussing the resurrection of the spirit […]

Mengele Mania

MENGELE MANIA Halloween is a time for parties and spooky ghost stories and the thrill of being scared out of your wits at the local commercial haunted house. These fun-filled experiences create the magic of the season and it is a prelude to the darkness that comes with the changing of the season. There is […]

Reaper: A Name for Technotronic Terror

REAPER: A NAME FOR TECHNOTRONIC TERROR We have all been assured that technology is supposed to bring the promise of a ‘brave new world’. We have been beguiled to bite into the Luciferian apple and play with the Promethean fire as we see unprecedented advances in computers, telephony, artificial intelligence, genetics neuroscience and biotech. All […]

Burn Witch, Burn

BURN WITCH, BURN Over the weekend I received a letter from a concerned listener that, in my opinion, seemed like a man whose heart was troubled over what he called a “witch hunt” being conducted by an unnamed ‘cult of public safety’. He did not know where or how he could find the leaders of […]

The Fear Business

THE FEAR BUSINESS While the media is proficient in creating real horrors every night on the news, it may or may not be interesting to know that Halloween has become big business in the United States. The holiday has now become a time for big bucks, generating an estimated $5 billion dollars in profits from […]

The Capitol S.H.I.E.L.D.: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement Leaving Death

THE CAPITOL S.H.I.E.L.D.: STRATEGIC HOMELAND INTERVENTION, ENFORCEMENT LEAVING DEATH Last week, a lot of Americans were glued to their televisions wanting to know the fate of chemistry teacher Walter White who turns into the equivalent of Scarface in ‘Breaking Bad‘. The television show that ran 5 seasons won a mountain of awards and was heralded […]

9 Bye 9 Bye 9

9 BYE 9 BYE 9 One of the advantaged to having a talk show such as Ground Zero is that you can take an audience on a remarkable ride, while in the same instance give them a reason to wonder about why their governments make their decisions and why we are subjected to certain myths […]