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Foreign Horrorspondence

FOREIGN HORRORSPONDENCE With the escalation in Ukraine, I had a keen interest in a number of accidental prophecies that happened prior to the events that are happening now. As far back as September of 2012 the European press was very concerned about the announcement that Russia was going to host the Winter Olympics in Sochi. […]

Common Corruption

COMMON CORRUPTION Every once in a while I get e-mails that make show suggestions and I am always thrilled to hear from listeners and read about what is on their minds. While I get many e-mails asking that I investigate some strange light in the sky or some paranormal anomaly, there are many people that […]

Ghosts of the SS

GHOSTS OF THE SS The fabric of American society just does not seem to be as strong as it used to be. In fact, many would argue that society is coming apart at the seams. Corruption and decay seem to be everywhere. The reaction is equally interesting and, to some degree, circumstances are becoming unbearably […]

Rocket Bye Baby

ROCKET BYE BABY I feel blessed and enriched by the audience I have and how they always get me to ponder some of their experiences and views about the future. I am not so willing to throw in the towel just yet when it comes to the future and while doom and close calls that […]

The Book of Epigenesis

THE BOOK OF EPIGENESIS The approach of a ‘Brave New World‘ in our lives will present a mountain of startling and shocking things. I have covered before on this program that ‘future shock’ and the leap into the ‘uncanny valley‘ will be very hard for the majority of people that are still caught up in […]

Radio Activities

RADIO ACTIVITIES Last Friday I was talking about the FCC and how they were considering putting monitors in news rooms so that they could have more control over content of what the press is broadcasting. It seemed that after the FCC has said that they were going to temporarily withdraw their CIN program that was […]

News Unplugged

NEWS UNPLUGGED I am turning fifty tomorrow and I have been pensive about it all. So many things have changed in the last fifty years. While mentally I still see myself as young and vibrant, I certainly don’t want to kid myself about it. My life seems the same in many ways, but I have […]

Switching Masters

SWITCHING MASTERS I know that from time to time, shows like mine talk about the New World Order. I have often pointed out that the creation of this order would probably not be noticed by most Americans. Whenever I bring up this subject, people criticize me for not being specific about when the NWO will […]

Satan’s Playthings: Acting With The Beast Intentions

SATAN’S PLAYTHINGS: ACTING WITH THE BEAST INTENTIONS The case of Miranda Barbour, the ‘Craigslist killer’, is another of many recent cases of alleged ritual murder where the person accused has plead guilty and claimed they were under the influence of some satanic power. The Associated Press reported: “In an interview with the Daily Item in […]

The Key To Omega Lock

THE KEY TO OMEGA LOCK In 1992, there was a proposal for ‘natural’ sustainable development. A comprehensive action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by the United Nations to literally use whatever means necessary to reduce the population of the planet. The plan has also been called Agenda 21 which is a 40 chapter […]