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THE RAIN OF TERROR I think most of us by now have heard the little nursery fable about Chicken Little. Chicken Little went around telling everyone that “The Sky Is Falling” and caused mass hysteria among all of the other animals. The animals all went to the king and asked if he would protect them […]


EXORACIAL DNA has become one of the most powerful forensic tools in crime-fighting history. Its evidence is powerful, concrete and extraordinarily persuasive in a court of law. How often have we read in such and such case that there is only a “one in 50 million” chance that the blood or semen found on the […]


SANG REAL One of the single most misunderstood concepts in the conspiratorial history may be the illusive tracking and passion about the various bloodlines of the Illuminati. The blood line conspiracy is allegedly all about where you belong in the power structure. The bloodline makeup is the most talked about and in some cases the […]


MOLECULAR PROFILING After Obama was elected president in 2008, and before Obamacare became the brand meme for affordable health care, he gave the okay for some $50 billion dollars in electronic medical records and law enforcement software. He claimed it would save us $10 billion in costs to consumer and create a database where records […]


AMERICA WILL EAT ITSELF Many people are not aware that when Barack Obama told that there would be change in the United States, we had no idea that change would be this bizarre. No one would have believed that everything America stood for 30 years ago has been tranquilized and as the Constitution hung by […]


DIGITAL SATAN Today, our brains are being filled with all sorts of sensory overload. We have simple perceptions of life, light, love, survival, spirituality, God, etc. Then we are exposed to media, print, television, internet, video games, telephony, and many other things that are pushing the brain further and all of that stimulus is placed […]


GRAY’S ANATOMY It wasn’t too long ago that predictive programming in science fiction would put human consciousness into the personalities of so called alien beings. It could be speculated that this is why in the past aliens have told us to save the environment, stop nuclear war, and maintain a sense of self-control. We are […]