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PLEASED TO MEET YOU Ever since Rick Santorum made his statement about Satan attacking the United States I have been actually listening to a lot of my callers saying in my show that they believe that what he says his true. That our lives are being eroded in a way and the immorality is surfacing […]


CYBER SEER It wasn’t long ago but images of war were everywhere in my home city of Portland Oregon. There was a train yard in the south end of the city where a large freight train was being readied for a long journey to California. On flatbed cards in the train yard were all sorts […]

M.I.B. 97239

M.I.B. 97239 Law enforcement officials are now investigating the mailings of letters that may or may not contain pathogens. A few lawmakers, including House Speaker John Boehner, received threatening letters in the last few days with an unidentified white powdery substance and more may be on the way, say law enforcement officials.


APOCALYPTIC BLUEPRINT The world seems to be winding its way into a messianic dimension. It is a dimension that always seems to overlap in our reality, and with it comes the frightening reality of what is truly fueling the wars and the contention between Iran, Israel and the United States.