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REVERSED PHONEMES One of the toughest sells in the paranormal is the idea that we perceive all things and hear all things in forward and reverse. When I was younger I remember that I was always told that language is a set of recognizable sounds that can either be tones, chirps, barks, or even all […]


SIGNPOSTS For the past few months we have been reporting anomalous activity in the sky. There have been numerous reports of strange sounds, anomalous lights, cell phone interceptions and extraterrestrial signals at SETI. There have also been reports of what appear to be large geometric shaped objects appearing near the sun. Companion objects have also […]


THE NON LETHAL BUZZ KILL As we watched the provoking of Police and the use of nonlethal force on protesters in Oakland it may not come as a surprise that most of the new non lethal weapons used are not tested before they are used for crowd control and the apprehending of citizen’s that are […]


Nullification While the nation has been transfixed over what Newt will say next or how Romney will use his “Mitness,” The abuses of power continue in this country and the American people are at a loss to understand how it can regain control of its pursuit of life liberty and the persuit of happiness. We […]


A MONOPOLY ON DETAINMENT I want it to be clear to all of you that I have not ignored the reports of Military Homeland security activities taking place in America and how explosives are being mobilized through Military convoys around the country. There are trains and trucks moving all kinds of military ordinance all over […]


ET&T I received an e-mail the last time we had solar flare from an alarmed listener who just bought an I-phone. She informed me that periodically she gets phone calls that register as No Data Sent. Each time she turned on the phone she was horrified to hear what she calls alien gibberish. She related […]