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Dimensional Therianthropy

DIMENSIONAL THERIANTHROPY Recently there have been numerous reports and discoveries that indicate that there is in fact an active shadow biosphere that exists in the same time and dimension as the one we see and live in from day to day. While scientist speculate that strange organisms, that might be alien in nature exist on […]


LUCAN A 67-year-old Chinese man and another younger man began fighting over a seat in Guangzhou’s Subway. The result was a bloodbath that horrified all passengers on board. The old man attacked the younger man a proceeded to devour his ear and then other parts of his head, resulting in the young man’s face in […]

Reverse Engineered Homicide

REVERSE ENGINEERED HOMICIDE For several years we have watched the skies and even the ground because of reports stating that we are on a collision course with what is up above us. The military-industrial complex has beefed up its methods of trying to combat space threats. We hear rumors that the military is engaging in […]

Secrets In The Dysfunctional Zeitgeist

SECRETS IN THE DYSFUNCTIONAL ZEITGEIST I remember that when I was in my teens I had a girlfriend who had a Dutch grandfather who liked to put together puzzles. I was never one to actually sit down and put together a puzzle because it took up too much of my time. He once sat me […]

Grave Concerns

GRAVE CONCERNS Today, a shocking expose was being featured in Yahoo news and was first reported by the Associated Press regarding deadly experiments being carried out on the American people in the 1950’s. For the longest time I have reported that these experiments took place and that there was massive spraying of carcinogenic materials on […]

The Devil’s Breath: Breathing New Life In The Zombie Apocalypse

THE DEVILS BREATH: BREATHING NEW LIFE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE New evidence has emerged that all Guantanamo Bay detainees were drugged involuntarily with a substance that has a long history as a truth serum. Recently declassified U.S. documents revealing medical procedures have shown that scopolamine was administered to all detainees taken to the Cuban detention […]

The Other

THE OTHER There are times when callers can really make me think and wake me up to many things. I have a few regulars I look forward to speaking with, and there are first time callers and brilliant callers that reach into my head and tug on the chord that is attached to all of […]

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Drudge

WINK WINK NUDGE DRUDGE The other night I was on the air with a caller named Michael from New Jersey about a 1920 film called ‘Algol’. The movie is one of the first alien film released, It was a German film based on the story of an alien that comes from “The winking Demon Star […]

Syncretism: The Alien Cargo Cult

SYNCRETISM: THE ALIEN CARGO CULT As we move closer to that alleged cosmically catastrophic due date in December of 2012, there are a number of ideas swirling around and are encouraged in the Zeitgeist about paranormal events set to occur in. We have been hearing about these events a lot longer than we can recall. […]

UFO: A Case For War

UFO: A CASE FOR WAR There has always been a compelling argument that the military is fully aware that unidentified aerial phenomena exist and that the objects in question seem to have a connection to our oceans. Towards the end of 2011 and continuing into 2012, there were reports of anomalous sounds accompanied by equally […]