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Drowning In Real Horror

DROWNING IN REAL HORROR I was recently reading through my new copy of Paranoia magazine and a story about mysticism used for the purpose of espionage got my attention. The magazine article was a very interesting read because it confirmed some of the suspicions I have been having about contemporary sorcery and how it appears […]

Fortean Phonics

FORTEAN PHONICS There was an e-mail I received the other day from a listener who wanted to know just what my deal was. I mean that was vague enough. Someone who wonders what my deal is seems to have some sort of agenda behind it. I could only determine that the agenda was to pin […]

Short Circuit: Burn Out Your Dead

SHORT CIRCUIT: BURN OUT YOUR DEAD Today there was a remarkably Fortean story that was actually covered by CBS News. It has been sometime since I have actually seen a contemporary story of people who literally burst into flame; however, there it was in an online exclusive story. Police believe a man may have died […]

Evil Dread

EVIL DREAD Just when you think you are going to avoid a zombie apocalypse a number of things happen that make you wonder if we live in a bad b-horror film and that what we are seeing is something that is going to wind up ending badly and leaves us with a feeling of evil […]


SKYFALL In the aftermath of Earth’s close call today, NASA officially came forward to say that the meteorite that exploded in and hit the Ural Mountains of Russia yesterday, the two bolides that exploded over Cuba and were seen in Puerto Rico and the fireball seen over Japan were not connected to Asteroid 2012 DA-14. […]

Anxiety In The Year Of The Snake

ANXIETY IN THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE In the time of Nostradamus there was a prophecy given about a space anomaly that will appear at the time the Pope leaves Rome. In Century 2:41 Nostradamus speaks of a howling storm that precedes the appearance of a space anomaly that describes as a burning star in […]

The Omen To Nations

THE OMEN TO NATIONS I often wonder if the world is unaware of how trapped we are by our own paranoia and how this cloud of uncertainty is used by the corporate media as a way to count on the selective memory of the critical mass. Things are becoming less accidental and appear to be […]

Same Old Song And Dance

SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE When I was a kid, music was made by superheroes. Many of them only appeared as stick figures in an arena but it was the music and the performance that made them larger than life. Albums were pressed on vinyl back then and there were usually added bonuses with the […]