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EARTH IN THE BALANCE About two weeks ago I found myself awake at 3 A.M. actually having a mental struggle with mortality, the future and whether or not I should reconsider the idea that the planet’s due date for an extinction level event is on the winter Solstice of 2012. I sat and I wondered […]


THE HIDDEN ALIEN THREAT ASSESSMENT Skeptics argue that abduction cases now have a readymade template because of publications such as “Communion” by Whitley Strieber, “Fire in the sky” by Travis Walton and several X-files episodes. There is also a score of true believers in a film called “The fourth kind.” When the movie was first […]

What are they really doing at CERN?

What are they really doing at CERN? After the announcement of the discovery of the Higgs Boson at CERN there seems to be some discussion about what excatly is happening there. No one questions the super science and the Large Hadron Collider’s impact on not only the earth’s core, but with space time and whether […]