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POSSEE COMATOSIS There is a frightening emotional investment that we put into things here in this country. I say that it is frightening because Nationalism never is a substitute for common sense and what we are seeing around us with the increased Military desensitization is what victimization does to logic and what mental torture does […]


I know I have a few fans out there that are very curious about Rex Church and his Ragnarok Engine. I really do not know what it is going to be used for only the name itself is a name from Norse mythology that means the end of the world. However it is not an […]


RUSSIAN ROULETTE Back in 2005 Ground Zero had reported that there was going to be a change in CIA operations. The CIA announced that they were to transfer all base operations to Denver in 2005 with many speculating their main base of operations has been placed beneath the Denver International Airport. Recently in wired Magazine […]


IT’S ALL IN THE CARDS Like a weatherman predicts storms and like doctors determine health problems with symptoms, you can see for yourself that the future is becoming designed by those who are in power. It is now difficult to determine coincidence, determinism, cognitive association and synchronicity. Many have said that Irony is dead. However […]


AMERICAN SOCIAL ASTIGMATISM All great empires and civilizations rise and collapse, history gives us an insight into such empires. If you are a historian – the collapse of America has always been predicted, however the when and how has always been a crapshoot. However, I am beginning to see a clearer picture as to how […]