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Beating the High Cost of Mammon

Beating the High Cost of Mammon At the end of the Occupation and the hard work that was spent reporting it there were still a lot of people who were hostile to those who wanted to call attention to poverty in the world by showing how ugly it can be. The overall opinion of the […]


FUNCTIONAL INSURRECTION The Occupy movement has opened up a new chapter in history, however history is written by the victors and at the moment it is unclear as to whom the victors are. Many people will relived to know that the police will uproot the camps in Portland and there will be some people who […]

APEX 111111

APEX 111111 Today is 11/11/11 a palindrome of numbers that have a resonance with many people. Whether it is lucky or an omen the number vibrates a message and begs the question is there a future in planning for our future? How is it that we can still believe in vague objectives and guidance from […]