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Pilgrim’s Fairy Tales

PILGRIM’S FAIRY TALES In the theaters over the weekend I checked out Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. The movie is kind of a misnomer because while Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of Lincoln is amazing, the film focuses primarily on the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. We were told that the movie focuses on the last […]

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GAZAMERICA As we witness the slow burn of the earth in the wages of war it comes as no surprise that the reason we are all in this position now is because of how timelines were pushed and the cosmic relationship between the present and the echoes of the past have placed us in a […]

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Lincoln Lore: A Scratch In The Echo

LINCOLN LORE: A SCRATCH IN THE ECHO If you thumb through historical commentary there always seems to be this three way comparison of Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Barack Obama has inspired many a comparison to John F Kennedy in fact there were some rumors around Washington that at times Obama was […]

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Keeping Up With Racial Appearances

KEEPING UP WITH RACIAL APPEARANCES Sifting through the opinions and articles in the mainstream news this week, we see the results of the recent presidential election analyzed over and over again as a pathologist would study a cadaver in an autopsy. With several states petitioning for secession from the United States, the thought of civil […]

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Coup Du Jour: Peace Is Just As Big A Threat As War

COUP DU JOUR: PEACE IS JUST AS BIG A THREAT AS WAR It is a rare occasion when I have the opportunity to tell a story to my listeners that is all-too-familiar and yet the story is timeless. It is like an intriguing tale from some politically inept Twilight Zone episode where we eventually live […]

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Call Of Duty: The Winter Of Our Discontent

CALL OF DUTY: THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT The Monday after Veteran’s Day 2012 was considered the national holiday where many people observed the free day off from most of their troubles others saw it as an opportunity to get a good place in line to buy the latest civil war video game ‘Call of […]

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The U.N. American Agenda

THE U.N. AMERICAN AGENDA A steadily growing percentage of Americans realize some form of threat does exist that actually challenges the continued existence of this Republic. At the end of an election, after the glow of the victory passes a group of Americans are lamenting the vote of Barack Obama as President of the United […]

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The Last American President

THE LAST AMERICAN PRESIDENT Today as I was preparing for the show I was reading European periodicals on the internet. As I waded through the typical post election stories there was a headline that caught my eye out of Russia. The various talk shows in Russia have been discussing American politics and Barack Obama came […]

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The Devil You Claim To Know

THE DEVIL YOU CLAIM TO KNOW There’s nothing like an election in the United States. The wall to wall coverage, the dead heat projections, the nightmare of seeing Karl Rove eat up the scenery and how it always tends to show the utter fraudulence of the democratic system. A system that is proud of its […]

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Night of the Living Dead Heat

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD HEAT In the 2012 election season, we can all agree that the media had checked out of reporting any other real news and focused its attention squarely on the election. It began as a small trickle and later the campaign seemed like an endless deluge of scandal, accusation, delusion, obfuscation, […]

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