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SATELLITE SNOOKER For the first time in a while I was asked to do some news research on the story that has been running under the mainstream about the defunct UARS satellite and its fall from the sky. NASA has been sounding the alarm about the space junk that will plummet to the earth and […]


CORPUS DELICTI As the sun sets and the night falls earlier, tales seem to spin about visitations by human-hybrid looking beings. Things that go bump in the night always bump louder when they are hovering over your bed at night beckoning you to come with them. Whether they offer you eternal life with the elixir […]


DARK BLOOD RITE For the past two shows it seems that I have had a break with the conditioned part of reality. There have been several news stories that I have been reluctant to report and put myself in the middle of because the connections are so frightening. There are many people who don’t want […]


ENCOUNTER AT COFFINBERRY LAKE There seems to be a legend about the North Oregon coast being an area where synchronicities happen. Residents have talked about strange twists of fate that occur there and many say that it defies logic. It has been described as a “Lost” moment citing that a lot of experiences there can […]