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GETTING THE SHAKES ON A PLANE A pilot decides to leave the cockpit to go to the bathroom. When he finds the bathroom is occupied he decides to run up and down the aisle, yelling about terrorists. He is ranting like a lunatic about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and how the plane was going to be […]

DEBT RATTLE : The New American Coup

DEBT RATTLE : The New American Coup It was reported recently that student loan debt has now reached 1 trillion dollars. It is unfortunate that in the United States we encourage young people, or even the parents of young people to go into debt to get an education that only guarantees financial Armageddon. This does […]


CIVIL WARNING For about a week and a half, the out of control story of Trayvon Martin‘s killing at the hands of self-styled neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman has bombarded us beckoning an emotional response This has somehow galvanized much of the nation demanding justice for the slain teenager and his killer. President Obama made the […]


GLOBAL NORMAL Back in 2010 I had a conversation with Dr. Nick Begich about HAARP and several other man made marvels that would affect the ecosphere. The conversation continued and the subject of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN came up. I had been concerned about the project mainly because I watched the Stephen King […]