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EXPOSING A CAMBION An Idaho man is now in custody for attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama. According to FBI investigators the man, Oscar Ortega-Hernandez believed that Obama was the antichrist. There was also a rumor that Ortega Hernandez believed that he was an angel doing work for Jesus Christ, that he was in the […]


DEMONALATRY Sometimes I wonder what it would take to convince some people that there is an evil in control of things. Demonic spirits are attaching themselves to people and we are seeing materialize what can only be called the eschaton. This is beyond the protests and the civil unrest that is becoming a part of […]

Beating the High Cost of Mammon

Beating the High Cost of Mammon At the end of the Occupation and the hard work that was spent reporting it there were still a lot of people who were hostile to those who wanted to call attention to poverty in the world by showing how ugly it can be. The overall opinion of the […]