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Wink, Wink, Nudge, Drudge

WINK WINK NUDGE DRUDGE The other night I was on the air with a caller named Michael from New Jersey about a 1920 film called ‘Algol’. The movie is one of the first alien film released, It was a German film based on the story of an alien that comes from “The winking Demon Star […]

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Syncretism: The Alien Cargo Cult

SYNCRETISM: THE ALIEN CARGO CULT As we move closer to that alleged cosmically catastrophic due date in December of 2012, there are a number of ideas swirling around and are encouraged in the Zeitgeist about paranormal events set to occur in. We have been hearing about these events a lot longer than we can recall. […]

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UFO: A Case For War

UFO: A CASE FOR WAR There has always been a compelling argument that the military is fully aware that unidentified aerial phenomena exist and that the objects in question seem to have a connection to our oceans. Towards the end of 2011 and continuing into 2012, there were reports of anomalous sounds accompanied by equally […]

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Give Me Blood, Baby

GIVE ME BLOOD, BABY Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a noted psychiatrist, claims that we are seeing mental illness increase in the world at a faster rate, and he thinks that it has nothing to do with environment. He believes it has everything to do with an unknown virus that somehow has come through and is […]

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A Harvest Of Scarcity

A HARVEST OF SCARCITY The past couple of shows have dealt with the differences we all have with regard to both the political and religious views of America. We all know that opinions differ and we all have buried deep down inside us issues of trust, questions of loyalty and unfortunately there are many people […]

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High Priests and Vatican Assassin Warlocks

High Priests and Vatican Assassin Warlocks The American people have endured many painful initiatory rituals at the hands of the power elite. As the world readies for its triumphant passing into a new paradigm, the forces of chaos will see to it that the future will be fraught with pain and suffering. Gone are the […]

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The Rise Of The Black Pope

THE RISE OF THE BLACK POPE Most western Christians today do not realize that they are programmed into the belief of a messianic leadership. This is something that is a threat to democracy. Most Christians believe that the future holds for them a messiah that will direct the affairs of the government. This type of […]

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Fighting The Good War

FIGHTING THE GOOD WAR The entire world slowly becoming a war zone with little explosions happening everywhere in the Middle East. The waves of violence are becoming widespread. According to a CBS news report, Israeli Arabs protested outside the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv following the attacks on U.S. compounds in Libya, Egypt and Yemen. […]

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Triumph Of The Shills

TRIUMPH OF THE SHILLS Today my e-mail box was flooded with all sorts of mail about what looks like a film school reject called “Innocence of Muslims.” I was unaware of the film until it was sent to me after 9/11. It is most certainly part of a psy-op and has the overall look of […]

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Blood Count: The Thaumaturgy of the Countdown Clock

BLOOD COUNT: THE THAUMATURGY OF THE COUNTDOWN CLOCK On September 9th, 2012 there were several posts to my Facebook page asking if anything significant happened on the day the Illuminati clock ran out. I know there was a lot of hype about the clock and everyone had an idea that the clock was counting down […]

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