Dimensional Therianthropy


Recently there have been numerous reports and discoveries that indicate that there is in fact an active shadow biosphere that exists in the same time and dimension as the one we see and live in from day to day. While scientist speculate that strange organisms, that might be alien in nature exist on the planet it isn’t a very far jump to suggest that stranger life exists on the planet and that when you blow open the shadow biosphere there lurks every monster and vile thing that no one wants to ever come in contact with.

I suppose that it can be stated that by some quantum joke science can bait us with dimensional theories that point to the possibility that there are areas of the planet where the veil is thinner or that there is some extra dimensional vortex where a second d genesis occurred parallel to our own.

There are locations throughout the planet which are suggested to be the most powerful due to their position and the appropriate ritual performed by the right officiate could be the cleansing moment for the planet.

We are being warned that there are wormholes or portals that can be opened through ritual or through the auspices of super-colliders and those real entities can pass through and haunt mankind and change the direction of the future.

In the Stephen King story The Mist a project much like CERN is featured as a catalyst for this dimensional breach. Project Arrowhead creates this mist that envelops a small town and during the night large insect like creatures are seen and pterodactyl like creatures attack livestock and small pets. Eventually these creatures attack humans as well.

There was a story that I had shared with my audience that seemed to capture the imagination of a majority of people listening and that is the story of what happened in Gadianton Canyon near the ghost town of Modena, Utah in 1972.

Four girls came from a rodeo in Pioche, Nevada back to their dorm in Cedar City, which is part of Southern Utah University. They came through Highway 56 at about 10 p.m. The region is known to be haunted by phantoms that do not resemble anything of this earth. There are weird tales of demonic looking beings that appear to be like animals. They have been mostly describes as “lion people” or wolves. Some say that they may be Native American Shaman that disguise themselves and change the surroundings in order to harass anyone in the area.

While driving, the black asphalt with the white center line instantly turned into bright cement.

While trying to figure out what happened, the scenery suddenly changed. The original red canyon walls were opening up to an entirely new environment. “Instead of moonlit desert, they saw grain fields on the right and Ponderosa Pine, on the left.” which are said to not be common in that area of the state. The girls then drove to a parking lot at a tavern on the side of the road. One of the girls wanted to ask for help and another was curious if any of the men were “cute.” A few men came out of the building. But as soon as they came out, the girl screamed and told the girl driving to floor it and get out as fast as she can. Soon, the girls found themselves being chased by “tri-wheeled, egg-shaped vehicles.”

It turns out that the girl screamed because she claimed what she saw was in fact not even human. The story has evolved over the years, however when I heard about it, when I was much younger, I was told that the men looked like dogs or wolf men wearing clothing.

If these girls somehow got lost in a dimensional rift then perhaps the idea of seeing “beastly beings” may be an indication of how evolution might have been in that parallel universe. That is if you believe in such things.

People can say that there are no such things as vile beings, shape shifters, or even werewolves, however historical accounts are everywhere. In the bible, the story of the 12 spies trips through Hebron are fascinating if not downright frightening.

The spies reported to Moses that the area of Hebron near Canaan was a vile place where giant man wolves and man cats lived. They were GIANTS who, when they talked, sounded like panthers. They were large, ate human flesh, and had bones made of “iron”. They were also reported to have double rows of teeth, and to be seen eating animals women and children.

In the movie The 13th Warrior, an adaptation of the book Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922 by Michael Crichton the Persian Ambassador is captured by a group of Vikings. He is then forced to do battle with “The Mist Monsters.” They are appear to be beasts on horseback, quite menacing and kill the women and children. It is then realized that they are a clan of “skinwalkers.”

Men who wear skins of bears and by all appearances become werebears. In some American Indian legends, a skinwalker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. The ability to be a shapeshifter is usually given to the shaman or medicine man and is done through rituals and ceremonies where the skins of wolves or bears are worn and the individual changes into the beast. There have also been accounts of shaman creating a salves consisting of peyote and other natural substances that they can rub on their bodies which give them the ability to fly in this condition. The shaman usually chooses the skin of a coyote or wolf in order to make the desired change.

The skinwaker also is known as the Lucan or the Wendigo. The Wendigo has also been known to eat the flesh of the dead. This of course can be all connected to legends of the Latin American Chupacabra,or “Goat sucker” a creature that resembles a wild dog and of course the werewolf.

In the more that 17 years I have been involved with the Paranormal filed I have always heard that many of these creatures may be the result of some sort of dimensional opening and that perhaps that many reports of the supernatural are somehow part of this phenomenon. When lived in Utah there were always reports of some dimensional strangeness that would go hand in hand with UFO reports, and reports of strange creatures especially in the area of the Uintah basin. This is the area where I became acquainted with the “skin walker.”

The UFO activity in the basin turned into a Deseret news investigation into the “Sherman Ranch” – a ranch that was situated beneath a bluff or mesa in the Fort Duchesne area. Dan Sherman was a farmer who claimed that he was seeing large portals of light opening up on his ranch, UFO landings, large muscular black men roaming the area and upright walking wolves. The ranch was later called the “Skinwalker ranch” after it was purchased by Robert Bigelow of the national Institute of Discovery Science.

In 2003 I worked with Alien Dave Rosenfeld and together we created a group called Ranch Recon and went in with my friend Kevin Delullo a film editor and director to find anything we could about the skinwalker ranch. While we were there we were almost arrested when I asked a woman about the creature. She warned me that white men should not speak of the creature and then later the Ute tribal police arrived to ask why I had an interest in the ranch. I told them that I was doing the investigation for my radio show. They understood but told me that many of the locals do not like white men snooping into sacred stories of what the shaman orf the tribes were up to.

The officer told me that the Sherman ranch was cursed and that after it was sold to millionaire Robert Bigelow much of the paranormal activity there had toned down. He did say though that there have been many cases where he had found people naked walking in the vicinity of the ranch lost and wondering where they were.

He mentioned a man that had bruises on his body walking in the desert area naked. He said that he was driving his vehicle and pulled to the side of the road to help a person that seemed lost. The man told the officer that the next thing he knew he blacked out, he was stripped from his clothing and his car was never seen again.

I asked the Tribal officer if the man saw the skin walker and he told me he did not know, only he could only surmise that the man was drugged and that he was robbed of everything he had.

The conversation of the paranormal was an uncomfortable thing for the officer to talk about however he did not deny the reality of the dark magic that is used to bring forth the Skin walker and that human transformation into an animal or bird is a reality.

The ability of a man to transform or channel a being, even an animal has always been fascinating. In magical ceremonies and in séances entities have entered into human hosts and have performed all sorts of fascinating feats. There are tribesman that even describe how the medicine men or Tribal shaman can change into birds and fly.

I am not one to know much about Native American magic, all I know is what I have been told by tribal police and historians. They seem to not be into telling tall tales, only stories that under the circumstances are beyond comprehension.

They are things that cannot be dreamt of in the philosophies and pantheons of the consensus reality.