As we witness the slow burn of the earth in the wages of war it comes as no surprise that the reason we are all in this position now is because of how timelines were pushed and the cosmic relationship between the present and the echoes of the past have placed us in a temporal maelstrom. The images on the television of the bombing in Israel and the division of the people are in some ways mirroring the United States in a very peculiar way.

The feeling in the zeitgeist is an uneasiness that is sending a message that this may be the catalyst for a civil event, an upheaval and all out war that somehow needs to take place because of some retro causality reminding us that we have relived this moment over and over again.

We have lived through these apocalyptic themes in films. We have read about them in books, been warned that they are soon to arrive by the clergy and now in some strange way the cosmic relationship between Israel and the United States begins to parallel.
Many people have been watching the coverage of the war that has happened almost overnight in the Gaza Strip.

The most amazing thing of all is footage that shows what appear to be lights in the sky hovering over the area and then dropping down slowly to the ground causing unbelievable explosions. The scene is reminiscent of UFO movie scenes where huge mother ships drop huge fireballs that hover and then plummet to earth causing major explosions.

The fireballs seen and the rockets being fired in Gaza are a vague doppelganger as we see that for some odd reason we were seeing peculiar things happening in the United States that still have no real explanation and still continue to intrigue the few of us that are aware that something on a cosmic level has been tampered with.

In the early morning of September 13th, 2012 residents of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico – were stunned by the appearance of a vivid luminescent trail high up in the atmosphere. Reports were pouring in that a UFO was seen approaching and then breaking up in the sky. We reported that the UFO that was seen was a missile test however the test was not even scheduled by the military and was a peculiar scene in the skies that early in the morning and the sighting was seen in a very large area.

The “explosion” was reported by the Military as a normal separation of the first and second stages of the unarmed Juno ballistic missile that was fired at 6:30 a.m. MT from Fort Wingate near Gallup, New Mexico, said Drew Hamilton, a spokesman for the U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range. The expended first stage landed in a designated area of U.S. Forest Service land.

The explanation seemed a bit odd because it was reported back in 1993 that Fort Wingate was shut down. According to Wikipedia it is now designated as a storage facility.
To add more weirdness to the story – the Associated press then went on to report that the missile “test” was also an interception exercise that morning.

“The Juno missile was then targeted by advanced versions of the Patriot missile fired from White Sands, about 350 miles (560 kilometers) away, as part of a test. Two of the missiles were fired and hit the incoming Juno missile, said Dan O’Boyle, a spokesman for the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, which was in charge of the Patriots used in the test. The Patriot missiles kill incoming targets by direct strike and don’t explode.” — The Associated Press

The conspiracy sites were buzzing that it had to be a UFO or an interception of an extraterrestrial craft. We came to the conclusion that someone was testing weapons of war because there was a “war event” in the works for some future date and The United States was preparing their arsenal.

It was a frightening conclusion and it was a perfect example of what has been written before by War historian William Bramley about UFO’s being harbingers of war.
William starts his book by questioning why humans go to war. Human psychology, sociology, political leadership, economic conditions, and natural surroundings have to be taken into consideration.

“Many thinkers, however, have erroneously equated all human motives with motives found in the animal kingdom. This is a mistake because intelligence breeds complexity.” Motivation becomes more elaborate with the rise of intelligence.

“It is easy to understand the mental stimuli in two alley cats squabbling over a scrap of food, but it would be a mistake to attribute as simple a state of mind to a terrorist planting a bomb in an airport.”

War is an effective tool for political and social control over a large population. It can be used to keep a people divided as well. If a people are divided they are less likely to realize the truth. Conflicts and turmoil cover earth’s history like a rash. But very few even realize who started these wars and for what purpose simply because they are not looking at the world from the proper perspective.

Bramley postulates that war itself is an alien thought and it may very well be orchestrated by some alien intrusion.

“They came to earth millions of years ago to spread the poison of hatred, war and catastrophe. . . they are with us still…” William Bramley.

Those that have had the sense to look up are seeing UFO’s. However, now it is no longer a UFO that is being piloted by aliens. It is a UFO that flies quickly and drops a fireball or leaves behind a trail that may or may not be a lethal calling card.

In February of 2011, one of the country’s most important army bases goes on lock down. Dugway proving ground is the United States’ most secure biological and chemical weapons facility located just south west of Salt Lake City.

The commanders tell the media that the lockdown is because of a “serious concern.” Meanwhile, outside in the cold Utah night a strange occurrence is taking place. Residents in Utah County, an area 40 miles southeast of the Dugway facility are seeing
a strange UFO in the sky. Witnesses tell the local news that a massive triangular shaped UFO that has blinking red lights is releasing what appears to be a glowing orb that lowers to the ground silently.

The orb is described as very luminous or ultra bright. It lowers slowly from an unknown
aircraft with red lights that move around it.

Meanwhile in Israel the same incident takes place. About the same time as the UFO was seen over Utah an event allegedly took place in Jerusalem where the same type of UFO was being recorded hovering above the Dome of the Rock. The UFO incident was a doppelganger for the Utah event. It was witnessed and recorded on the Armon HaNatziv promenade, which is south of the old city of Jerusalem. The witnesses were facing north towards the Kidron valley some 20 minutes when they noticed a ball of light appearing in the restricted air zone over the Dome of the rock. It was released by a large triangular craft with red lights.

There were three different video documents of the event. One was considered a hoax and the others were being debunked as hoaxes however the people responsible for the debunking did not or would not acknowledge the Utah sighting and were trying to dismiss the event as fake.

When simultaneous events are taking place and debunkers go to great lengths to dismiss the entire event because of a possible supernatural explanation – they literally throw out the possibility that the so called UFO was military and was being used and tested for war or to be used in the battlefield.

In October of 2012 there was a strange story out of Louisiana where a major explosion took place near an Army barracks at Camp Minden. At around 11:30 pm Witnesses saw something streak across the sky. Many people were frightened when their houses shook and they heard an explosion. Just prior to the event people from Camp Minden to Shreveport Louisiana were reporting a UFO that was actually tracked by local Radar. The media had scrambled to find a logical explanation for the UFO showing up on radar.

There was even the outrageous story of a large saw blade that somehow came off of a large tree cutter that was detected flying into the sky. That story was later dismissed. It was peculiar how the media went with the story. Witnesses then reported that there was a roar that was heard around 11:15 PM and then the explosion.

The explosion was determined to be found in an underground bunker loaded with ammunition. The witnesses say that something else caused it. They believe that an unknown craft was heard and that something like a fireball was seen dropping about a mile south of Dixie Inn Louisiana.

Two nights later the same event took place in the bay area. The fireball created a loud roar and an even louder explosion. There were immediate reports that it was part of the Orionid meteor shower. However, later it was shown that the fireball had nothing to do with the Orionid shower.

On November 10th, 2012 at 11:10 PM, Indianapolis was rocked by a huge explosion. Two people were found dead in the Indianapolis subdivision where the explosion occurred. Authorities again were baffled saying that the extensive damage could not have been caused by a meth lab as some are speculating. The damage leveled two adjacent houses and seems cut a third home in half. Debris was shown to be scattered across the neighborhood. A natural gas explosion was ruled out as well.

Even though the media is suggesting a logical explanation to the situation like a gas leak or furnace explosion, residents are wondering if what happened to them had something to do with an accidental firing of a drone or an errant rocket being fired or dropped while being taken from Ft. Benjamin Harrison more than 20 miles from the incident scene.

The NTSB was called into the investigation. This would probably rule out a gas leak. The NTSB has been critical of safety issues regarding drones that patrol the borders of the United States. Could it be that we are seeing hacked or failed drones causing these explosions?

The argument is compelling and may or may not be true, however there seem to be more and more account of anomalous fireballs being seen in the sky. In the American Northwest there were recent sightings of a small plane exploding and falling down near Otis Mountain, and area near Lincoln City, Oregon. Lincoln City firefighters traveled up Forest Service Road in the Bear Creek area of Rose Lodge, trying to track down a report of a plane crash or perhaps an asteroid of some kind. Witnesses say something hit the ground and the forest caught fire. The coast guard was called out with helicopters. Crews flew over the area and noticed that the forest near Otis Mountain was on fire. There was no wreckage found.

A story recently reported in the Columbian newspaper also claims that residents of Vancouver Washington have been witnessing hovering fireballs in the area. The newspaper speculated that they are Chinese lanterns however the sightings in Lincoln City, south of the area, and another event in Denver, Colorado are also striking a strange parallel as the air force there as well as the FAA are baffled by what appeared to be small rocket like UFO’s that are flying over a residential area. News crews were called to analyze UFO footage and were stunned to find that their news crews also were able to pick up on video some amazing footage of these very small and very rapid moving UFO’s that look like they have a small propulsion system.

Are rockets being tested in Denver? Are they the latest in drone technology and is the alien UFO story a cover for a clandestine test of urban warfare tools in the United States?

Meanwhile we watch and wait in the glow of the rockets’ red glare and hope that the battle will not come to our back yard and that Gaza does not become some hybrid of Gazamerica.