“God Burst” The War of the Worlds

For the first time in the history of Ground Zero radio a guest left me with a cliff hanger, or a show that had no resolution and begged for more investigation.  There are times when I wish the show had another hour to explore and to question the mysteries that are brought up on the program.

Diablous Rex of the Church of Satan was my guest last week and while I could go the route of sensationalism with such a guest, I kept my objectivity and had him speak openly about satanic predictive programming and other things that were on his mind.

He spoke about a very dark force that seems to have been activated by the programming of a death culture.  He says it is a spirit that is far darker and more alien than anything else.  He related that there are demonic forces afoot in religion and Politics. Many of them are recognizable and can be controlled; however he went on to say that what we have been witnessing with the earth is something else entirely.  I had never heard Rex openly discuss an alien force before.  Not at all like this.

He was literally talking about an alien war machine presence, an extraterrestrial mechanism or entity that has the power to destroy us.  I was completely floored.

When I asked him why he came to this conclusion he says that in order to find his girlfriend who lives in Chile, he remote viewed the area after the earthquake.  What he saw and what he felt was something he could only describe as “alien” in nature.   Something from space attacked Chile.  It had intelligence and it had the power to wipe out entire civilizations.  He had told me prior to the show that what he saw was a ring of fire.  In the ring was fiery serpentine entities that he said reminded him of the Ymir from the old Si- Fi movie 20 million miles to earth.

[youtube uT8Os9dGib8]

The remarkable thing about this was his description of a fiery ring was related to me long before a Video surfaced on You Tube showing a ring of fire moving in towards Chile.

[youtube 4_iK1kG4TCo]

Rex has told me that it reminded him of the fire in the sky that was seen in the movie Independence Day.

[youtube A7fiZkXri-Q]

Now more video has surfaced during the night of the earthquake and now I am beginning to wonder what happened there.

[youtube 2wqW9Ba0eIQ]

It’s Funny how Predictive programming in movies seem to jar a memory.  When I watched the above video it reminded me of this Movie—

[youtube IO6c07v8kfM]

With all of the stories buried below the politics and the Hollywood distractions involving studies of extraterrestrial life… It is playing in my brain a bit to wonder if this is something to consider or something to reject.  Rex told me about the ring of fire long before it wound up on the internet.  So he saw the ring, he remote viewed it, and entered into it feeling its extraterrestrial power. He saw faces of dragons—serpents, seraphim.

He is not one to make things up.  He is not one to push a supernatural agenda.

So now here I am pondering –  thinking about what is happening on earth.  Times are interesting and it is situation normal in the Apocalypse. I would ask that you download the show featuring Rex and his story by going to the Ground Zero File store.  For $1.00 you can get a copy of this program and several others. Please support Ground Zero and buy a copy of this show.

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