Iron Law: 1914 2014

Iron Law: 1914 2014

IRON LAW: 1914 2014

Last night during my show with Jerry Hoskey, I was listening to all of the various intuitive predictions of 2014 and I was struggling with the urge to once again use history as a mirror to the possible future that will transpire in 2014.

I was well aware that many shows similar to mine were either striking an esoteric impression with numerology or were also consulting the contemporary soothsayers for a glimpse into the blurry and nebulous future that is the New Year.

After Jerry left the program and the little lights on my phone were dropping because most of the people on the phone wanted to know their futures, I gave into my urge to draw from history. What I was realized is how 100 years has past from 1914-2014 and it is ample time for the powers that be to, once again, exercise the iron law of oligarchy.

I know I did the same comparisons last year, but the advantage we have is that we live in times where technology is available for us to look back 100 years and realize that it is easy for the oligarchy to push their globalist agendas because there are many people who really don’t bother to learn from history. There are others who also believe that history rarely repeats itself. I think Mark Twain said that “history rhymes.” That is a little how I see things, but I also take on the conspiratorial view of that those who forget history is very likely to repeat it.

Today there is a media that is now in place that make it a point to delete it. The failure of the fourth estate and the controls that are now in place have been crucial in creating a warped climate of nationalism, ideologically or religiously-motivated violence, politically correct speech, dismissive talking points, political and religious fanaticism, manufactured racial tension, pseudo science, and fear.

It was this type of climate that was crucial in developing resentment and anger that existed 100 years ago in the pre-World War I era.

These accepted narratives took on a life of their own and today they are efficient tools in providing the psychological excuse for a revolt.

For years we have been warned that the conditions are ripe for another world war. The climate 100 years ago was similar as the Catholic Church was warning the world that a new war was at hand. The seriousness of the warnings wore off as the church had been using the prophecy of war as a tool for congregations to get well with God, but they knew of the underlying spiritual apocalypse that was being demonstrated in the early 20th century.

Even at the passing of the new year into the 1900’s, mankind was preoccupied with apocalyptic thinking and the religious authorities had already warned that the beginning of “the war to start all wars” was at hand. It didn’t turn out to be Armageddon, but it most surely appeared to be the fulfillment of eschatological beliefs.

In the apocalyptic apostasy and the unraveling of truth, we see the repeat performance of relentless slaughter, perceived religious persecution, civil upheaval, and the Luciferian ideal of “war against all” until the purification is at hand. I know that this sounds a bit over dramatic, but the constant talk from the religious empires and the imperial cults of 100 years ago was that the “law of the jungle” prevailed. In an attempt at a globalist world order, it was crucial to keep the notion alive that mankind had fallen and that there were “others” that were totally depraved individuals and deserved to burn in the fires of righteous war.

At the turn of the 20th century it was this warped vision that permeated political, economic and even health and biological ideologies. Isn’t it a bit synchronistic that in 100 years we are focused on the healthcare issue and how we are going to take on the responsibility of caring for the aging baby boomer and the underlying fear and rumor is that the only solution is death panels and eugenics directives?

Back in 1914, eugenics directives were privately supported practices. There were health officials that secretly practiced euthanasia or even supported that idea of selective genocide.

As Paul Lombardo wrote in his essay, ‘Eugenic Sterilization Laws’:

Legally-mandated sterilization was the most radical policy supported by the American eugenics movement. A number of American physicians performed sterilizations even before the surgery was legally approved, though no reliable accounting of the practice exists prior to passage of sterilization laws.

Advocacy in favor of sterilization was one of Harry Laughlin’s first major projects at the Eugenics Record Office. In 1914, he published a Model Eugenical Sterilization Law that proposed to authorize sterilization of the “socially inadequate” – people supported in institutions or “maintained wholly or in part by public expense. The law encompassed the “feebleminded, insane, criminalistic, epileptic, inebriate, diseased, blind, deaf; deformed; and dependent” – including “orphans, ne’er-do-wells, tramps, the homeless and paupers.” By the time the Model Law was published in 1914, twelve states had enacted sterilization laws.

While these measures are considered barbaric today, there are some people that see the Affordable health care act as a well devised plan to ultimately employ some of the same types of directives.

Some of the Laughlin models were the inspiration for Hitler’s T4 programs.

Hitler’s T4 directives were aimed at euthanizing the incurably ill, physically or mentally disabled, emotionally distraught, and elderly people. There were organizations that were part of the Hitler’s health care directives and physicians were given the responsibility of determining which patients were incurable and were need of mercy killing.

It was a new government health program and bureaucracy headed by physicians that was established with a mandate to kill anyone deemed to have a “life unworthy of living.” Some physicians active in the study of eugenics who saw Nazism as “applied biology” endorsed this program without question. However, the criteria for inclusion in this program were not exclusively genetic, and it wasn’t necessarily based on infirmity.

It was based on the patient’s economic status.

It is downright peculiar to see through the looking glass of history darkly and understanding that the ‘iron law of the oligarchy‘ was just as real and unceasing in 1914 as it is in 2014.

The more things change the more they go full circle and the problems of the past need to be recognized as similar problems today and that warning signs point once again to “experimental times” where our morals will be tested for the so called New dawn of the global order.

The oligarchy in 1914 gave us what was known as the “Modern Enlightenment” and dictated ex cathedra just what “liberty and freedom” meant in the changing century.

The same applies today as we are encouraged to “wake up” to the same struggle; however, we are now being asked not to fight against the globalist overreach, but accept it as the only solution to the perils that await us in a nebulous and dangerous future.

We are asked to accept that we must be disarmed, that we must be spied upon, and we must pretend as though we are not aware that the so-called health plans proposed are being implemented in order to gradually introduce genetics directives that were plaguing the world 100 years ago.

The common theme that has been told over and over again for decades is that, even after the second world war, most government’s don’t outgrow their fondness for despotism. There will always be people that have resented the power of the state and have had a swift and violent reaction, such as by the so-called 1 %, against the priorities of the oligarchs who have seized control of the government that is no longer for the people by the people.

That is why it is a compelling notion that the same climate exists for another world war.

The details of history may be boring to the average person, but we see comparisons of the Balkan conflicts of the past with the Middle Eastern crisis. We are also hearing more and more about how aggravated people have become with regard to the Zionist controls of the world. It most certainly is a concern; however, the obsession can be overstated to the point of ignoring the evil that exists with any kind of imperialism and the expansion that was seen in 1914 with the Serbs. Israel has now shown themselves as being our modern day Serbians expanding and swallowing up occupied territories in Palestine, bombing Syria and threatening Iran with a possible nuclear strike.

I know we are all told that we have a choice in our futures, but the Iron law of the Oligarchy is fueling the tragedy of repeating the cycle of 100 years of war.

Before we all close down the notion as some cooked up conspiracy theory, it is important to understand that these sentiments are not limited to so-called conspiracy theorists and doomsayers.

Professor Nicholas Boyle of Cambridge University can be considered the first doomsayer of 2014 – except he said it back in 2010.

Boyle says that history is a harsh mistress and that when a century is in its first decade there seems to be a major turning point or event that shapes the next decade. 2014 and 2015 is the midpoint where a major world event could change the course of the world leading up to 2020.

In the Daily Mail article from June 17, 2010, ‘World could be plunged into crisis in 2014’: Cambridge expert predicts ‘a great event’ will determine course of the century, it says:

In the last 500 years there has been a cataclysmic “Great Event” of international significance at the start of each century, Boyle claims. Occurring in the middle of the second decade of each century, they include events which sparked wars, religious conflict and brought peace.

Boyle provides a few events to prove his point.

In 1517 Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of Wittenburg church, sparking the Reformation of the church and rise of Protestantism.

1618 marked the start of the 30 Years War and decades of religious conflict in Western Europe. That conflict ended with the establishment of the Hanoverians in 1715. They ruled over Great Britain and Ireland, and Hanover (in Germany).

The enlightened Congress of Vienna took place in 1815, following the defeat of Napoleon, and heralded a century of relative stability across Europe.

In 1914 the First World War broke out, a catastrophic conflict that would claim millions of lives and set the tone for international discord throughout the 21st century.

So now we ask ourselves: Will a war break out in 2014 or 2015 in order to continue the patterns of history?

The oligarchy proposes once again that the solution to world crisis is global government. The threat of war persists in the attempted repeat of the fight to stop the New World order.

The question is whether or not we are satisfied with dependence on a global oligarchy. Do we still have the spirit of independence as our constitution faces ruin in the new century?

Sadly I am seeing that people are too tired to fight the globalist overreach and have concluded that the inevitable is most certainly coming to the United States. We are now facing the reality that our republic will eventually accept being ruled under a world government, saluting a new flag and answering to one world power.

However, no world government will succeed when it is forced upon an unwilling world. Tyranny, even if it is established under the hollow excuse of the betterment of humanity, will most certainly spark a new world war.

It is a peculiar proposal that we all have to face in 2014 and that is the surrender of the national family for the benefit of a global oligarchy. The global unification and the imperialism that seems to be in the blueprint will most certainly lead to all out war and experimental methods of killing those who rebel and nurture those who submit.

Don’t expect a major global event to insure the open dialogue for New World Order to happen spontaneously. We have seen throughout history that false flag events trigger these movements toward tyranny and the surrender of human rights.

It is already being planned. You can bet on it and you should expect it.

History shows that it echoes over and over again in transit.